Classic Summer Reading Game Button Collector Starter Set *RESTOCKED FOR 2012*

OH MY WOW! It's a whole NEW WING of the Summer Game Shop, and this item is the key!

Yes, for years there have been libraries, and where there are libraries there are summer reading programs, and where there are summer reading programs.... there will be BUTTONS. Everyone loves a button! They're much better than badges. Ever hear anyone say, "cute as a badge"? I don't think so. But still, badges are pretty cool... and nobody ever said, "as cool as a button." What if the COOLNESS of Summer Game Badges could somehow be combined with the CUTENESS and the ACTUALLY BEING A REAL THINGNESS of a classic promotional library button from the ages?


So, here it is! The CLASSIC SUMMER READING GAME BUTTON COLLECTOR STARTER SET, to start you on yet another Summer Game adventure, as you attempt to obtain the rarest, weirdest, most amazing buttons from AADL's promotional past... even from back when it was the AAPL! But it all starts with this Starter Set, featuring the promotional buttons from 7 relatively recent past AADL Summer Reading Games, including the all-new LAUGH OUT LOUD badge!

The Classic Summer Reading Game Button Collector Starter set includes these Classic AADL Summer Reading Game Buttons:

- Reading on the River
- Discover New Trails
- Book a Summer Symphony
- Catch a Desert Dream
- Have Your CAKE and READ It Too!

Yes, these are real objects that you will receive, not just tiny magnetic bits of metal flipping in some server rack somewhere! REAL OBJECTS! And they also come with the code for the UNREAL OBJECT that makes the right bits on the right server flip the right way for your to have the LAUGH OUT LOUD BADGE!

Then, keep checking back in the SUMMER GAME BUTTON SHOP, as we've got more buttons to be released in these dwindling days of Summer Game 2011... some of which will be very RARE and VALUABLE indeed!

Our CLASSIC SUMMER READING GAME BUTTON COLLECTOR STARTER SET is available for only 8,000 Summer Game points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, these items were generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

8,000 SG Points