Super SEVENTH Badge Drop: Art, Angry Birds, & a Player Pick!

WOWZA! You're still GOING GANGBUSTERS on the Summer Game! You've earned 33,138,070 POINTS, and 34,028 badges! Might we make it to 35,000 badges earned this year?! I think it's possible!

And your ranks are GROWING! What do I mean? Well, over the past week we passed the FOUR THOUSAND PLAYER milestone. WHOA. So, obviously, you're not only busy READING, LISTENING, WATCHING and PLAYING the game, but also SPREADING THE WORD about all the fun to be had! Thank you! And... WATCH OUT if you're feeling competitive on that leaderboard, 'cause we've got some NEW SUPER-ENTHUSIASTIC PLAYERS — and that means you'll have to work hard to stay one step ahead!

Speaking of steps - thanks for all the feedback on your wanderings and adventures with the PARK EXPLORER series. We've gotten SUCH positive response that we've also decided to expand it to some other REALLY FUN PLACES to explore that are free (or suggested-donation) around town. Check out the UMMA EXPLORER this week!

For those of you loving park exploration, don't worry, you'll have plenty more badges in the great outdoors, but it IS nice to have some options for rainy (or too-hot/in-need-of-AC) days too! And if you're looking for something a little more WILD-AND-ACTIVE, we've got just the ticket with LIFE-SIZED ANGRY BIRDS this Monday. Of course, there's a BIG badge for that one!

2014 Badge Drop #7

We're excited to be dropping a PLAYER PICK badge too! Veteran player KathyD helped put a little spin on Bunny Hop featuring hoppy critters who are NOT SO CUDDLY. Eeeks! But, rest assured, there are still plenty of WARM FUZZY badges, both in this drop, and yet to come! So keep at it, and...


Twig Terrariums Presents: a Terrarium Building Workshop for Teens & Adults

We're all excited about the hotly anticipated Twig Terrariums workshops this Sunday!

Please note that due to limited space and supplies as well as the detailed nature of the project we will be limiting the attendance to Teens in grades 6-12 and Adults. We rarely enforce our age limits for events, but this is a very special circumstance. However, this is just the beginning of the TWIG fun! Starting Tuesday next week all summer game players will be able to check out the Twig Terrarium's display in the Downtown Library's Youth Department case, the window at 826MI and terrariums will be at three other shops in downtown - with lots of codes and points! Keep your eyes peeled for the Twig Terrarium badges to be released next week and get ready to start your search! Literati Bookstore will be selling their book which anyone can buy and of course you can also check out a library copy.

There will be two workshops on Sunday: From 12:30-2:30 PM and from 3:30-5:30PM. If the first workshop fills up we will be handing out tickets for the second workshop.

This event was originally scheduled for the Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room and has been relocated to the 4th floor of the Downtown Library.

Head Downtown to Check Out Lawn Games For The Weekend

Today is a great day to visit the Downtown Library and check our recently expanded Games collection. We've got giant garden checkers and dominoes, disc golf kits and colorful scoop ball sets, giant tumble towers, metal detectors & more. Also, we highly recommend that you get your Scandinavian lawn games fix with a set of Kubb (pronounced coob) the ancient viking lawn game of chance and skill. Most games circulate for one week and some can be requested, but most are offered on a first-available basis.

Special Badge Opportunity: 2500 points for Monday Night's Board Meeting!

Public Comment MasterPublic Comment Master

PUBLIC, ENGAGE! We have a ONE-TIME Badge Opportunity for you tonight at the monthly meeting of the AADL Board of Trustees! They're elected by the public, and they work for you to set policy and strategy for your library! AND TONIGHT ONLY, July 21st at 7 PM, we have a special badge, PUBLIC COMMENT MASTER, that you can only earn by making a public comment to the Library Board during their meeting! There's a 500 point code for attending the meeting, a 1000 point code for commenting, and a 1000 point badge for doing both! That's 2500 POINTS and all you have to do is tell the Library Board what you think!

Arrive just before 7 PM tonight to the 4th floor meeting room at the Downtown Library and sign up to comment. If you miss that, there is another opportunity to comment at the end of the meeting. You'll find one code on the wall near the entrance, and the special commenting code on the podium! This is your chance, no matter how old you are, to tell the Library Board what you think... and GET POINTS IN THE PROCESS! It's as civically engaged as you can get, and it's a great chance to see how YOUR library is governed! Don't miss this opportunity! Hope to see you there, and as always,


Thank Goodness It's Badge Drop!

Okay okay okay, time for Badge Drop #6! How could we possibly be at #6? Because #5 happened last week! And I'm freaking amazing at math, so I feel pretty sure this must be #6 (you should probably check me on that, I'm not really that great at math). But before we get to the badges, let's take a look at what you've done so far this Summer Game: you (this is the plural you, not you, personally) have gotten 29,117 badges, you've entered 160,421 codes, and you've earned 28,462,407 points! If that doesn't blow you away, here's a bonus stat for you: in all of Summer Game 2013, 12,043,920 points were earned. What does that mean? It means YOU'VE ALREADY MORE THAN DOUBLED THE POINTS YOU EARNED LAST YEAR!!! Take that, 2013 you! And there's so much left to do--like this week's badges, including a special 2500 point PUBLIC COMMENT MASTER badge, only available by making a public comment at the AADL Library Board Meeting at 7 PM on Monday July 21st at the Downtown Library!

2014 Badge Drop #6

But Badge Drop #6 means something else, something that will make you sit up and take notice, something that may shake you to your very core: this is the midway point of the Summer Game. This badge drop makes the game officially half over! "Say it ain't so!" you are all shouting at your computer screens where I luckily can't hear you. BUT...that also means we've got TWICE as many badges to earn as we've had so far, TWICE as many codes to get as we've gotten so far, and TWICE as many tagsreviewsratingscommentswhatevers to put on than we have so far! So there's lots of great Summer Game to come! And if you're desparate for shop news, you'll find some mystery items posted today, not yet available for order but giving you a hint about shop items yet to come! Stay tuned, and as always....


Fabulous Prizes Galore! Here's the Scoop!

Have you been reading intently, studiously filling out your paper Summer Game (SG) Reading Log, eagerly anticipating FAME, FORTUNE and PRIZES when you turn that lovely card in to AADL staff?

Well, we can't promise you the FAME and FORTUNE part of things — though that coupon for fine forgiveness might help you with your budget — but we CAN deliver you some FABULOUS prizes!

Coupons from our AMAZING, GENEROUS SUMMER GAME SPONSORS are arriving at the Downtown Library and Branches — and everyone (adults, teens and kids) gets to choose one when they turn in their game card!

This year we've been working to give you CHOICES GALORE! After completing the your SG Reading Log, you can claim one coupon.

Choices are:

1. AADL Fine Forgiveness
2. Zoom Lends DVD rental
3. A coupon from one of many local businesses, on a first-come-first-serve basis

Currently the Downtown Library and branches have coupons from Barry Bagels, Bivouac, Moosejaw ,Neopapalis, Nicola's Books and Zingerman's.

WATCH THIS SPACE — We will keep you posted on any new donors!

And of course, any kid or teen who completes their Reading Log still gets a FANTASTIC, NEW BOOK thanks to the support of The Friends of the AADL and the Scott and Mary Westerman Fund.

Be sure to stop in to those six local shops who've donated prizes and look for a Summer Game code to earn more points... and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!


It's the FIFTH Badge Drop!

WHEW! You SUMMER GAMERS ARE DEDICATED! Even with a holiday weekend, you kept on EARNING BADGES, coming out to SUPER-FUN EVENTS, and LOGGING PLENTY OF POINTS for reading, listening and watching. We're happy to keep the badge train a'rolling just to keep up with y'all!

This week kicks off the first five in our Contributor's Trophies series. For those who don't recall, this is the first opportunity you'll have to see just how you're stacking up in STARRING items that you love (or don't love)... Are YOU are SUPER star master, or SUPREME? The difference is just in the magnitude of your STAR-GIVING STREAK, so get in there and rate up a storm!

2014 Badge Drop #5

We're also happy to be dropping PLENTY of badges in various series that you've already been loving - from HOT DOGS to HORNED CONSTELLATIONS, from PICKLES to POP MUSIC, we've got FUN TO UNLEASH. So, have at it, get in there, and EARN THOSE BADGES, RACK UP THOSE POINTS, and save up for TOTALLY SWEET SUMMER GAME SHOP SWAG!

Ready, GO!

And as always...

SHOPPERS ARE GO!!!! The 2014 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

The SUMMER GAME is the biggest game in town! And now, the 2014 SUMMER GAME SHOP is now open for you to spend your Summer Game Points on great AADL stuff! We've got Binoculars, Markers, Sunglasses, Pint Glasses, Bags, Frisbees, Gardening Pouches, and MUCH MORE! Check out this year's Opening Day Collection and come back every Friday for the rest of the summer for more! Contact us if you have any troubles or questions, Get started if you're not playing already, and have fun exploring your town and your library ALL SUMMER LONG! Have fun and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

It's the FOURTH Badge Drop!

OH MY WOW! Summer Game is BIGGER THAN EVER! The ever-growing momentum is such that NOT EVEN A FEDERAL HOLIDAY CAN STOP IT! Let's make like Kai Ryssdahl and do the numbers, which reveals an ASTOUNDING 3,265 players, scoring almost 23 MILLION POINTS and earning 17,500 BADGES! Can you even wrap your BRAIN around this? We're only a quarter of the way through summer, and we sure can't!

And even though it's Independence Day, we know that our most hardcore players are ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on these Friday Badge Drops, and we certainly wouldn't leave you hanging all weekend with only week-old content to entertain you. SO LET'S GET TO IT!

2014 Badge Drop #4

If you missed any of our Kids Rock Concerts over the past three Sundays, it's too late now to earn TOP MASTER, but it's not too late to play TOPOPOLY for fun and BIG POINTS! Come to the Library on the Lawn tent at Top of the Park THIS SUNDAY JULY 6 from 4-8 PM to play TOPOPOLY, it's fun and challenging! And mark your calendars for Monday, July 21st; there will be a BIG BADGE associated with that night's Library Board meeting, so stay tuned for details in next friday's badge drop.

But of course, you're just here to see if we drop any hints about the long-awaited return of the SUMMER GAME SHOP, now only a few days away! Well, we'll tell you there are a TON of cool new items in the shop, and it will be opening for your SUMMER GAME SHOPPING pleasure sometime Monday Night! We've got plenty of supply to go around so no worries about missing out! (and if you're really desparate for a peek at summer game shop items past, present, and future, well, you might need to find a web geek, or at least look where one would look, to find a hidden clue in this post.)

SO, stay tuned, players, SUMMER GAME 2014 is just getting warmed up! Hang on tight with these new badges for your Holiday weekend, and come back Monday Night for the triumphant return of the SUMMER GAME SHOP!


Badge Drop! Badge Drop! Badge Drop!

You guys are BLOWING US AWAY! The numbers are ASTOUNDING! STAGGERING! WE'RE A LITTLE BIT SCARED! 16,430,863 points earned this year. 63,918 game codes entered. 11,764 badges earned. And 2,789 players. The game started two weeks ago. Scaring us, guys...BUT IN THE BEST WAY!

Since we're so frightened by you and your INCREDIBLE SUMMER GAME PLAYING's a badge drop! Don't hurt us!

2014 Badge Drop #3

We already KNOW you are going to find all of those codes and get all of those badges. So what are you going to do after you've done that? How about coming to some amazing concerts? This Sunday is the final concert in AADL's Kids Rock @ TOP concert series featuring the awesomely dance-to-able music of Aaron Nigel Smith! And next Thursday at the Downtown Library, the wizard/bookish/nerdy/GREAT music of Tonks & the Aurors!

So get hunting for those badge codes and get on your dancing shoes, Summer Gamers! AND THANKS FOR PLAYING!
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