Are you missing the Summer Game? Here are two ways to help!

GREETINGS PLAYERS! Can you believe it's December? Winter is here, which means we are almost halfway to SUMMER and the exciting return of AADL's SUMMER GAME! Here at Summer Game HQ, we've got a lot of new things in the hopper, including the still-simmering and long-awaited launch of DOWNLOAD QUEST, coming in January to tide you over until June! But in the meantime, we've got 2 great ways you can fill that SUMMER GAME SHAPED VOID in your lives by helping make Summer Game -- and badging in general -- better!

First, we're working this semester with some University of Michigan Ross School of Business Undergrads from the BOND Consulting Club on a real economic model for the Summer Game to help us make some sense of this crazy planned economy we've concocted! One of the things the BOND team is looking for is some hard data on how much time players spend on different summer game actions. So, if you've got 5 minutes, please help us out by taking this survey:

BOND Summer Game Time Survey

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! As you might know, Badging is HOT HOT HOT in education right now. There's lots of attention and desire to understand why people like badges so much! So, a local researcher is doing a study on Badges and is looking for participants. If you're jonesing for more badgey goodness, this might be just the ticket! To find out more and get involved, check out this blog post at BadgeBox for more details. The deadline to get involved with the survey is December 16th, and you'll need permission from your adults if you're not one.

Hopefully that will tide you over a bit! Stay tuned for DOWNLOAD QUEST coming at last in January, and hang in there... SUMMER GAME 2014 is only SIX MORE MONTHS away!


SUMMER GAME 2013: Game Over!

game over!game over!

TIME IS UP PLAYERS! Summer Game has been turned off for 2013 and will be back on June 13th, 2014.

The SUMMER GAME SHOP will stay open for orders through SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th, and any unused Summer Game points will roll over to next Summer's Summet Game Shop. Orders will be held for you until OCTOBER 11, 2013, after which they'll be returned to stock if not picked up.

If you have any questions, comments, or need any help transferring points or last-minute mishaps, just contact us and we'll get you set.

For now, Team Summer Game is going to take a little break, then stay tuned for some new features for Points-o-matic, and keep checking for the upcoming off-season game DOWNLOAD QUEST!

To all our amazing players, with all our hearts....



It's the LAST DAY OF SUMMER! Well, the last weekday, anyway. And the equinox is still a few weeks away. BUT STILL! SUMMER GAME 2013 ends tonight at midnight, when we uncheck one tiny little box, and ALL FUN DISAPPEARS FROM THE EARTH UNTIL JUNE 2014! Maybe we're just too close to it at the moment. BUT REGARDLESS! Summer Game 2013 has been AMAZING, with 56 MILLION points earned, 50,000 badges awarded, and an astounding 194,000 redemptions of over 800 different Game Codes! And while it all ends tonight at midnight, the Summer Game Shop will stay open through Sunday, September 15, for you to spend your points. And don't worry; if you don't spend them all, they'll still be right there in your account next year when the Summer Game begins again... on FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014... and that's only 287 days away! But for now, here's your final BADGE DROP of SUMMER GAME 2013!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #12

Let us also direct your attention to the Super Packages Section of the Summer Game Shop, where this year's FINAL PACKAGES have FINALLY BEEN ADDED!

And that's it for this year's badges... an even 200! You've got just a few hours left, until Midnight tonight, to earn those last few points; then stay tuned over the next few weeks for our new off-season games and your chance to help shape SUMMER GAME 2014!

Happy trails, players, and as always......


BE A MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (or at least Summer Game)!

chat: chat iconchat: chat iconSummer Gamers! We're getting close to the end of the 2013 game. Close, but not quite done yet. You'll have until MIDNIGHT tonight to wrap things up, enter in any more read/watch/listen points, and yes... the EARN MORE BADGES!

We'll have a wrap-up post later today, but wanted to give all of you die-hard players a heads-up that we now have the MASTER BADGES up and running (and on the Badge Page). Yessir (or ma'am!), as before, if you've completed EVERY badge in a particular series, you'll automatically be dubbed a MASTER and awarded a badge befitting your mastery!

So if you're close to scoring a particular master badge, get in there and earn those remaining badges! By this evening you could be a LEGENDARY MASTER, a WILD KINGDOM MASTER, even a SQUEE! MASTER!

When ELSE will you be able to claim such FANTASTIC titles?!?

Get to it, help each other out, and see how MASTERFUL you can really be!

1 WEEK TO GO! But still time for NEW BADGES and NEW SHOP ITEMS!

OH MY WONDERS! There's only one week left in SUMMER GAME 2013! But that doesn't mean that we're out of ideas here at Summer Game Central... in fact, we've got a great crop of new badges, and even FIVE TOTALLY NEW SHOP ITEMS! These are all limited quantity, so please share nicely with other players:

Would you just LOOK at that new stuff? And if you're waiting for the big reveal of our final packages.... just a little longer! They'll all be posted next week so hang in there! And know that all 5 of these new items can be found spread across the final packages... in case you were wondering.

So, without further ado, here are your FINAL PUZZLE BADGES of the summer! There will be a badge drop next friday, but it will consist only of MASTER BADGES for each series, so if you're missing any badges, better earn them by next Friday!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #11

Remember, SUMMER GAME 2013 ends at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY AUGUST 30th! Then, you'll have until SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th to place your orders before the shop closes. So, make these waning days of summer count, and as always....


Winners of the 8th Annual LEGO contest! Congrats to all of them!

Once again our annual LEGO contest was hotly anticipated and the entries were bigger and better! All ages from Preschoolers through Adults participated in the event. There were a total of 188 entries and the contest was held on Thursday, August 8 at the Kensington Court Hotel. There were six age categories and winners were chosen within each age group. The top three finishers and the People's Choice winners received custom LEGO trophies. The top three finishers also got medals and gift cards to Target. Please congratulate the winners! Photos of the winning entries will be added to this post on to our gallery soon.To see the contest guidelines and start planning for next summer click here.

Preschool Winners:

1st Place - Lucas Long
Runner-Up - Iris Brabbs
Honorable Mention - Steve Samuel
People's Choice - Lucas Long

Best Motorized Project - Vicky Kotsis
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Becca Van Lent
Coolest Robot = Sanchia Gupta
Best Vehicle - Scarlett Williams
Most Creative - Eliza Farr
Most Sophisticated - Sarra El-Tawil
Best Local Interest - Kevin Chen
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Owen TenBroeck


GEE WHILLIKERS PLAYERS! Summer is drawing to a lovely, sunny close, but SUMMER GAME 2013 keeps on rolling for 2 MORE WEEKS! Yup, you've got until MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, AUGUST 30 to earn your points, and to keep your minds fresh and interested we've got yet another exciting BADGE DROP! Now, sharp eyed players might recognize a familiar badge in this drop, it's the SUPER PUBLIC SPEAKER BADGE that first dropped back in July!

Well, we have another AADL board meeting this coming Monday, August 19th, at 7 PM on the 4th floor of the Downtown Library, giving you ANOTHER CHANCE to earn the big points and big badge that only comes with that WARM FEELING of CIVIC ENGAGEMENT that you can only get by MAKING A PUBLIC COMMENT! Get there a little early, as comments happen right at the beginning of the meeting, and sign up to address the Library Board, and tell them what you think! And in the meantime, here's a bunch of new badges to work on:

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #10

Our final shop reveals are just around the corner; so stay tuned, and as always....


Summer Game is STILL GOING STRONG with new items, and NEW BADGES!

ZOUNDS! Fall is coming up fast! But Summer Game 2013 is STILL GOING STRONG with over 42 MILLION points earned, and still 3 FULL WEEKS TO GO! Yes, that's right; other Summer Activities might close up shop or take a sabbatical or something in August, but not at YOUR LIBRARY! We keep it real right up until you're shopping for school supplies. AND SPEAKING OF SHOPPING, there's a surprise new item in the Summer Game Shop! If you attended Superhero or our Joust Tent at Top of the Park, you might have gotten one; but now's your chance to ILLUMINATE your night with an AADL Logo! Find it in the Summer Game Shop for more details!

But that's not all. Of course, it's FRIDAY NIGHT, and that means your weekly delivery of entertainment, challenge, wordplay, and slightly janky graphic design that is a BADGE DROP!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #9

Would you look at that? Player picks, Domo-kun, List Mastery, and so much more; and 3 badge drops yet to come, including our final drop on the last day of the game on August 30. Yes, all good things must come to an end, and Summer Game 2013 will end sharply at midnight on Friday, August 30, 2013! No worries about that last badge drop; as it has been in years past, the final badge drop will recognize achievements you've already completed in new ways, and won't be dropping new puzzles on you with only hours to go.

Then, after scoring ends, the Summer Game Shop will stay open through Sunday, September 15th for final orders, which must then be picked up by Sunday, October 12. Don't miss your order; after Sunday October 12, orders not yet picked up will be returned to stock. BUT SHEESH, we're nearly talking about HALLOWEEN and it's not even LABOR DAY yet! So get cracking on these Fresh New Badges, find that cool new item in the shop, and stay tuned... there's still more surprises yet to come! And as always....


Yoda Dolls

Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. to make Yoda, that lovable green creature from Star Wars. We will be constructing him out of felt. This is an actual sewing project so real needles will be used.

This is for kids in grades 2 - 5 with their adults. Adults will have to stay and help their children.

All supplies will be provided.

The idea and pattern for Yoda came from this book. Many of Yoda's friends are
in this book as well.

BADGE DROP: New Badges and SWEET News!

SHAZAM! Here's a fresh batch o' badges to top off your week!

We're pleased to be dropping several Player Picks (Bluth Bonanza and an Operation Park Explorer: Bandemer badge) and continuing the fun with lots of our ongoing series -- more mythological creatures, AADL sites (two more JUMP badges), fab felines, local sports, and high-flying fun -- just to start!

Some of you have already discovered that this week's contributor badges involve commenting, and we've seen both FUN and FUNNY exchanges going on -- HEAR, HEAR!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #8

MY GOODNESS that's a sweet bunch of badges! But that's not all, faithful SG Players, after weeks of waiting, it's TIME FOR CHOCOLATE!.... and COFFEE!


Yes, yes! One of our hit prizes from last year is BACK. Whether your tastebuds prefer milk chocolate or dark, we encourage you to HOP TO IT and order quickly, as there are only 200 of each, and we won't be restocking. So, cocoa-fiends, ORDER YOURS NOW, before it's too late!

.... and that's NOT ALL! Another smash hit item from last summer's shop is back.. the COFFEE COMBO! Featuring fresh Lobster Butter Love Coffee Beans from our friends at ROOS ROAST, you can't beat this combo of fresh means and an AADL Travel Mug!

So, sweet (or wired?) players, jump in, earn your points, order your chocolate or your coffee, and as always...

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