Summer Game 2017 - Let's-a Go!

Okey-dokey, here we go! Time for SUMMER GAME 2017!!!

Time for codes and badges and points and reading and exploring and all around LIBRARYING EVERY WHICH WAY YOU CAN! This year's Summer Game is HOT-HOT-HOT with more things to do than ever! Wondering how you can get going? How about:

-Visit every AADL location and collect the copious codes! Westgate, Malletts Creek, Pittsfield, and Traverwood all have 10 codes hidden around the building, Downtown has 15 codes PLUS every building has a BIG code on the banner outside (all banners are going up as we speak)!

-Head to the AADL catalog and get tagging, rating, and reviewing everything you can think of!

-Leave a comment on any post on (this one included)!

-Read books, watch movies, listen to music, anything at all! Remember, you get up to 1000 points a day for every minute/page you read, watch, or listen to! It all counts!

-Start getting started by starting with our GETTING STARTED series!

Getting Started

Ready to go? WAHOO!! If not--if you don't even have a clue what this Summer Game biz even Summer Game iz--don't worry! Head over to the Get Started page to learn how YOU can join in on the fun and start earning points to spend on AMAZING PRIZES in the Summer Game Shop opens in July!

Let's do this! Do your best to top the leaderboard! Number one! Hoho!

(By the way, this post has at least 8 quotes from a certain video game hero. If you're looking for another place to start your Summer Game, try searching the catalog for the solo outing he has coming out later this year!)

Thanks for playing! Way to GO!


Most excellent! Can't wait to get started; this is one of the best parts about moving back to Ann Arbor!

Woohoo! Excited for a busy and fun Summer Game summer!

Go go gooooooo!

When are the other badges going to come out?

Badge drop will be around 5 pm or so each Friday through August! Stay tuned!

OK thanks. Is the Star Giver badge gone for this year?

Thank you for the best Summer Games program, I can't wait to see what badges you have come up with this year. I always learn new things by searching for answers to the clues. Fun, summer and learning in one game. You rock!

Hooray for Summer Game!

One of my favorite things to do over the summer. Thanks AADL.

I'm new to Ann Arbor and I've heard the Summer Game is the mostest bestest!

Summer game fun has started!


Nope, it's still a thing! I had a typo in my code. Thanks for the heads up!

can't wait for the summer game shop to open!

Is the bus code out yet?

Can't wait to get started!

So excited we can start earning points while we wait for the badges to drop!

Ann Arbor summer fest is a blast and art fair is butt.

Ann Arbor Library Summer game is THE reason to read this summer

YESSS YESSS YESSS! I WANT MORE BADGES!!!!!!! hope theres some interesting stuff on the shop this year!!!

Yay, this is a highlight of the summer.

also, friend codes of this family are:

I love it !

Yes!! Been waiting all year!

I'm so glad the summer game has started. GASP666

Yay! I love Summer Game! So excited!!!

Can't wait until tonight to see the rest of this weeks badges

STAR469 Add me!


First Badges! Love The Idea Of Motivating Kids To Read For Free Stuff! Keep It Up AADL!

yayayayaya! the summer game is so fun!

Thanks once again to the awesome Summer Game staff team who put all this great stuff together!

Valerie - STEP967

So excited!

This is my first summer game at the AADL, and I am very excited to play!

So glad the summer game is starting again!

The summer game is the best!

Summer is officially here – bring on the GAME!!


AADL Summer Game rocks!

Thanks librarians for making the summer game each summer! Glad to be here!

If Friend Codes are back, mine is LIVE979.

Yay! We love the summer library game at our house. I found codes at Westgate and Pittsfield earlier today. Woot!

And just when I thought adulthood after college was going to be dull, this arrives!

So excited the game has started. My son and I are so happy!

Summer game is always a lot of fun!

Souped excited

I've been looking forward to the summer game for months! I'm so glad it's here.

That long, long wait has ended. Let the Game Begin!

(see you at the library)

Yah new badges

And glad the school year is over!

Very excited for this year's game!

My code is children946

First time participating in the Summer Games, I can't wait to get started!

Summer came so fast

Yay! So excited

So excited to start!

Thanks for this great program, AADL!

Did all 3, friend this one back :)

Awesome! So excited. Are school asked us if we are going to read this summer. Ha! Am I going to read. Let's do this thing!

Any chance that list making will be a badge again? I love making and reading other people's book lists - the more esoteric the topic, the better.

Any please - new t-shirts! i love all my old ones. Wear them proudly all over (even to other libraries). And buttons. Moar buttons.

Nothing like being a grown up and feeling just as excited as a five year old running around shouting "its time, its time, its time!!!"

Okay, ready go!!!

Can't wait to rack these points

YAY!! The badges look super cute too!

Don't forget to create a friend code and post it in the comments so we can add you.



Glad to have you back Summer Game. Helps distract from actual summer.....

I agree. I am in love with this activity

It seems like everybody is commenting on this

I can't wait to start!

No, it's there


And so it begins. No more free time for me.

Can't wait!!!


Brand new, never-before-seen friend code: IMMEDIATELY949

I love the Summer Game!


Cant wait to go see how much badges I can get!!!


@echternk: "Nothing like being a grown up and feeling just as excited as a five year old running around shouting "its time, its time, its time!!!" Okay, ready go!!!"

LOL - this is TOTALLY how I've been feeling today!!! I've worked here even before the current version of the Summer Game began back in 2011 and I still am super excited for it to start every year! :) :) I LOVE playing. :)

My friend code: STEP967
My Mom's Code: DREAM734 (I'm trying to help her get points thru friend codes since she doesn't get a chance to play much!)

I never would've thought I'd have this much fun participating in a summer reading program! :D Thank you, AADL!!

New badges get released every week! I can't wait!

I love the summer game at AADL! I'm so glad it's that time of year again.

I wait all year just for this moment!! Can't wait for the summer adventure

When are the other badges coming out today

Yay! So excited!

Here's my friend code: TYPE773

Can't wait for all the great badges and prizes!

Back for the summer, college is a pain. But I'm back for the 6th annual...this.
I still have 310000+ points in my bank, So I'm hoping for some good stuff here.

Meanwhile, perhaps some can add me, if we're still doing that.


Is the clode missing for the second clue in the GO badge?


I think the second code of the GO badge is missing.

Shoutout to all the adults playing! You are not alone :-)

We love the summer game! Thanks aadl for all you do! Keeps the family looking out for badges!

So excited to have the Summer Game start!