Lowdown of the Day: June 10

Time for today's Lowdown! Lowdown on what, you say? The Lowdown that will lead you toward the Download of the Day for one week from now. The what? The item handpicked by AADL for exhibiting superior greatness and that should be on your device so you can read it, listen to it, watch it, whatever it. It also gets you amazing DotD points just for downloading it! Why do you want to get it a week early? To get even more of those shiny, shiny points! Bonus points are awarded if you find and download the item before the week is up AND the first person to download the item gets the most points so you've got to be quick!

Got an idea but not sure how to look for it? If you are looking for a catalog download, try doing a search in the catalog and selecting "Downloads" as your material! For podcasts, visit the AADL Podcasts page and for videos the AADL Videos page! No ideas at all? Try going to our Downloads page!

Today's Lowdown is found in the Catalog:

Check out the Book of Ecclesiastes 7:4 for the title of this Gilded Age classic. Find more daily LOTD's here!


to all the down loaders out there,
I am having a great deal of trouble finding today's download. I have plugged in just about every possible anwser to no avail. I am hoping some of you may have more clues to help me out.
Thanks so much

I would recommend you look again at Ecclesiastes 7:4 . The answer is there.

it's one of the houses

Is LOTD going to end with the start of the regular summer game?

I believe we have quite a list to keep it going for a while.

when will more summer game badges be revealed?

4pm as usual?

I can't wait untill all the badges are revield

I just earned a commenting badge. You?
Edit: COOL they changed the player page layout! you can change which player is "active". Nice job staff :)

Same - so excited for Summer Game again! :)

Thanks, Bookbird. I hope it's helpful.

glad you dig that, Bookbird, it was definitely a common request!

so excited for the summer game!

And the King James Version of Ecclesiastes might be necessary to find the right phrase!

For anyone who is looking for the last week's worth of clues, they are at this URL http://www.aadl.org/lotd
NOT at this one at play.aadl.org/
I have emailed to request consistency. (I thought the LOTD ended [see my comment above!] because clues were no longer being posted here.)

It makes sense to me to separate the lowdown posts from the summer game posts. Not all summer players will also want to play lowdown, and mixing the two types of posts under play.aadl.org might confuse or turn off new and casual players. After all there are many more lowdown posts than summer game posts each week.

If the plan is to continue the lowdown game indefinitely, perhaps it might be good to eventually give it its own subdomain like lotd.aadl.org to put it on a par with summer game. That might also take some certificate wrangling, though, so please take it as an idea for the future.

As always, thanks to aadl staff for the fantastic online games. I enjoy them so very much and appreciate the work that goes into making these experiences possible.