Lowdown of the Day: June 9

Time for today's Lowdown! Lowdown on what, you say? The Lowdown that will lead you toward the Download of the Day for one week from now. The what? The item handpicked by AADL for exhibiting superior greatness and that should be on your device so you can read it, listen to it, watch it, whatever it. It also gets you amazing DotD points just for downloading it! Why do you want to get it a week early? To get even more of those shiny, shiny points! Bonus points are awarded if you find and download the item before the week is up AND the first person to download the item gets the most points so you've got to be quick!

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Today's Lowdown is a Video:

Love ice cream? Love bicycles? Then check out this video of a talk given by the founder of an Ypsi ice cream company that features fresh, local ingredients and a unique delivery service! Ready, set, GO!


I love ice cream.

Who doesn't? :)

There was a good chunk of my life when I didn't like ice cream (when I was a child/teenager). I thought it was too sweet. I've gotten over that now though, for better or worse.