Are you missing the Summer Game? Here are two ways to help!

GREETINGS PLAYERS! Can you believe it's December? Winter is here, which means we are almost halfway to SUMMER and the exciting return of AADL's SUMMER GAME! Here at Summer Game HQ, we've got a lot of new things in the hopper, including the still-simmering and long-awaited launch of DOWNLOAD QUEST, coming in January to tide you over until June! But in the meantime, we've got 2 great ways you can fill that SUMMER GAME SHAPED VOID in your lives by helping make Summer Game -- and badging in general -- better!

First, we're working this semester with some University of Michigan Ross School of Business Undergrads from the BOND Consulting Club on a real economic model for the Summer Game to help us make some sense of this crazy planned economy we've concocted! One of the things the BOND team is looking for is some hard data on how much time players spend on different summer game actions. So, if you've got 5 minutes, please help us out by taking this survey:

BOND Summer Game Time Survey

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! As you might know, Badging is HOT HOT HOT in education right now. There's lots of attention and desire to understand why people like badges so much! So, a local researcher is doing a study on Badges and is looking for participants. If you're jonesing for more badgey goodness, this might be just the ticket! To find out more and get involved, check out this blog post at BadgeBox for more details. The deadline to get involved with the survey is December 16th, and you'll need permission from your adults if you're not one.

Hopefully that will tide you over a bit! Stay tuned for DOWNLOAD QUEST coming at last in January, and hang in there... SUMMER GAME 2014 is only SIX MORE MONTHS away!



Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

I completed the survey. I'm looking forward to Download Quest!

Greetings all,
I'm just wondering if there is an update on the status of Download Quest. I have been checking in approximately daily for th last week, looking for signs of activity. Thanks for everything!

p.s. If you happen to be taking the Gamification course on, let me know. If you are interested in how badges and points and achievements can help motivate, or kill motivation in, players, then this course is for you. I am a community TA for this session, which just started this week.

Anyone know when the Download Quest is coming? It's February and the article says it will come out in January.

Greetings summer gamers out there,
Ii have been wondering why the points we accumulate playing the "Points O Matic" game don't go towards our summer game shop totals because I think that in the off season it would be a great way to rack up some more points. And I don't know about you I am begging to wonder if download quest will happen. Hope someone can help answer my question. Thanks so much.

Hi Lmd3577,

Points-o-matic points are not and have never been summer game shop spendable points. Only summer game points are spendable in the summer game shop.

Previously points-o-matic activity could earn 'secret shop points.' All 2012 Summer Game secret shop purchases required a a secret shop point as well as some number of summer game points. (Kind of like potions and Alchemy expansion cards in Dominion.) There have been no secret shops since summer game 2012, though, and as far as I know no plans to bring them back.

Any updates on Download Quest? It was supposed to come in January, it's March, now

I've been checking occasionally and was also wondering about that.

They missed 3 March launch dates with possible tie-ins: Pi Day / Einstein's Birthday, The Ides of March, and St Patrick's. Maybe an April Fool's Day launch??

Maybe all OSG staff have fallen to some horrible evil....

Yes, an April Fools' Day launch. lol.

If April Fool's launch, then we will see a post with "The Off-Season Games have been canceled.... April Fools!" etc.

Happy April Fools!

But there's no off season game!

I would really appreciate it if a Summer Game official could confirm whether we will or will not have Download Quest. It doesn't matter if it will be or won't be happening, but just want to know either way for sure.

It's already almost time for the summer game. Will Download Quest happen in the fall instead? How soon will the summer game be starting?

Thanks Summer Game/Download Quest team! We are all looking forward to this starting.

About 2 months till SG! Maybe save the Download Quest for after Summer 2014?

I'm so excited about the 2014 summer games! I'm hoping there's either a kick-off party or a wrap party to celebrate.

So, obviously there's not Download Quest, since there's about less than a month till Summer Game 2014, but any updates on when we can expect some news on the Summer Game this year?

It is supposed to start on June 13th and run until August 24 I do believe

My dearest Hardcore Summer Gamers,


We planned and worked on Download Quest for many months, but different delays and challenges kept popping up. So, I'm very sorry, but Download Quest, as you've guessed, won't appear before Summer Game starts. However, there will be a new way to earn points this summer that was developed for Download Quest, and the idea stays valid as a possible off-season game for next summer. But, I let you guys down, and I'm very sorry. So, hopefully getting a jump on SUMMER GAME 2014 (June 13-August 31) with this SPECIAL CODE just for you TRUE BELIEVERS will help:


That's the very first game code of what is sure to be the biggest summer yet! Watch for a new post soon with some new details, and again, my apologies for stringing you guys on all off-season long. I really thought all along that it would come together in time, and then it just didn't. I hope you'll stick with us this summer!



Thanks Eli! I'm looking forward to the 2014 game! :-)

Thanks Eli! We forgive you, and everyone do your best with the SG2014!
(Staff, don't worry too much on the Download Quest now, just focus on the Summer Game)

It's fine, just happy that Summer Game 2014 is starting soon!

Thanks for the code, and don't worry too much about Download Quest not working out - it's not that big a deal. Can't wait for June 13!!!! :) :)

pretty good!