1 WEEK TO GO! But still time for NEW BADGES and NEW SHOP ITEMS!

OH MY WONDERS! There's only one week left in SUMMER GAME 2013! But that doesn't mean that we're out of ideas here at Summer Game Central... in fact, we've got a great crop of new badges, and even FIVE TOTALLY NEW SHOP ITEMS! These are all limited quantity, so please share nicely with other players:

Would you just LOOK at that new stuff? And if you're waiting for the big reveal of our final packages.... just a little longer! They'll all be posted next week so hang in there! And know that all 5 of these new items can be found spread across the final packages... in case you were wondering.

So, without further ado, here are your FINAL PUZZLE BADGES of the summer! There will be a badge drop next friday, but it will consist only of MASTER BADGES for each series, so if you're missing any badges, better earn them by next Friday!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #11

Remember, SUMMER GAME 2013 ends at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY AUGUST 30th! Then, you'll have until SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th to place your orders before the shop closes. So, make these waning days of summer count, and as always....



I've had so much fun playing the game over the summer!

Yay my badge is here! For those lazy people, just searching CLAMP won't help you. They have tons of stuff that you can't take that long to look through.

this summer's game has been very enjoyable! aadl is great... :)

An another Park Explorer! We love this. Is this the last one?

Nifty! You used my Lillie Park badge!

I hope folks have as much fun completing the quest as I had scouting it out. I walk there regularly with friends and family, and owe them all thanks for their patience when I insisted on photographing every sign as we walked a couple weeks ago.

yay! new badges! planning on doing the Lillie park one......,I liked the idea of doing the aslan one :) cant wait for the packages to come out!

gnomes are always good

Help! we completed two of the new badges before they officially dropped! All the game codes are in, but the completed badge isn't showing up. Is there a way to refresh it? Thanks.

@RowanEMH, go to your player page and/or score something...maybe rate an item. It will trigger the system to evaluate the badges you have earned.

I also have game code that I'm not getting credit for on the Dog Stars badge. I've tried refreshing every way I could think of and it won't show up so I can't earn the badge.

For the dog badge, we actually had skipped the 1st code and had found the second! Go back an double check the badge in the badge page and see if it says 3/4 found. Good luck!

It does say I found 3 out of 4 but it is the 2nd code I'm not getting credit for. When I try to enter the code again it says already claimed.

I started doing the Dog Stars badge, and then without realizing it ended up jumping to the USA Kawaii one. I had to go back and finish the last two for the dog and the first one for the Kawaii. I guess that's what happens when you start these things late at night.

Summer Games was TONS of fun

Wow, I just finished the Acronyms badge...great design. (I do have a quibble about the first clue though...a fairly authoritative source I found said that acronym was pronounced with three syllables, not two.)

Anybody remember the online game from the later 90s called Acrophobia? Anyone? I loved that game!

I wish the Lillies Park badge had come sooner.... Now I don't live near there anymore...

I love the CLAMP Manga Extravaganza badge! its because I love the Cardcaptor Sakura books so much! do you summer games players give me a hint on the 3nd code? I need help. I can't wait to get this badge! it was a lot to find the 2nd code:x

did you move??????

My daughter and I went for some of the Park Explorer badges today, and had a great time - we saw what might have been a small sandhill crane or blue heron in the pond at West Park! Thank you for having summer game activities that involve going places and doing things.

There's been some discussion in the Ann Arbor Chronicle "Stopped Watched" section as to whether or not that is a bittern (not commonly seen in this area, but it seems to match juvenile bittern images).

I'm half tempted to order an Amazing AADL Pocket Logo Projector just because the description made me laugh (real photons, incoherent light sources, etc). But what I came here to say is that clicking on the photos for the new shop items [the mochi mochi ones, the embroidered badges] opens a tiny empty window instead of a larger version of the image. (Actually, the others are smaller images, but maybe that's a browser artifact.)

I wish I'd had my camera! The pictures I took on my phone didn't come out too clearly, unfortunately. The bird I saw was mostly grey to blue-grey, with darker colors on the edges of the wings, possibly, and dark brown or rusty-red on the top of the head. I don't think it was more than two or three feet tall, with about the same wingspan. Someone else thinks they've definitely seen a great blue heron at the pond - maybe there's more than one bird fishing in West Park!

Can anyone give an approximate size for the chocolate prizes?

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on three different badges and I am having trouble finding the second code word for all three. The first badge I need the second codeword for is "The Crash of the Titans" I have wikied up the article for the moon and I am still having great trouble finding the codeword. I have typed up every combination I can think of but chemistry is not my subject and I think that is what the question is asking about. The next badge I am working on that I need to find the second codeword for is the " Aslan" badge. I know I am looking for a series of books but the only one I can think of is the series of books that the lion on the badge is from. I think I know what to look for but I do not think it is a series of books but I need one more clue to help me with this badge to help me out. The last badge I am looking for the second codeword for is the " yokai" badge. I typed up in google what I think the answer is and when I went to type in the answer in the catalogue I got several options where to find the codeword so I think I either typed in the wrong word or I just did not narrow it down enough. I hope someone can help me with some more clues to help me out with these three badges.
Thanks so much for the help,

For the Aslan badge, it's a book in the same series, but the animal in the title of the one with the code isn't a lion.

For the "Crash of the Titans" badge - ethane and methane are what kind of chemicals? The keyword to search for is one word that refers to the only two elements in those molecules: h----c-----s

For the yokai badge - the shapeshifting animal is also known as a "vulpine", in the same way that a dog is a "canine". There were a lot of results when I searched for the right word. The code was not in the obvious-looking first one, but it was in the first handful of items in the search results.

This has really been fun this summer. I've enjoyed all the badges. I've learned a lot.

Lillie Park is one of our favorite parks. I am looking forward to earning this badge!

CherylO, I was a huge acrophobia fan! CherylO gmv!

jmb.mlis, the chocolates are big! 4" square and about 1/4" thick! It's a mighty hunk of chocolate.

eli, while searching for what gmv was, I got this on wikipedia:
GMV may refer to:
GMV Innovating Solutions, a diversified aerospace business headquartered in Spain
Gross Merchandise Volume, a metric used by online retailers and auction sites to track the value of transactions.
Guaranteed Minimum Value, a parameter of the datasheet of some industrial components.
Grey matter volume
Greenwich Millennium Village, a residential area on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London.
Grill Music Venue, a nightclub based in Letterkenny, Republic of Ireland.
Gram Molecular Volume, 22.4 liters, typical volume of one gram-molecular-weight of gas at Standard Temperature and Pressure
The former callsign of VTV, a TV station in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
The specimen code for the collection of the Geological Museum of China
Ground Mobility Vehicle, a Humvee variant used by Special Forces.

I believe in this context gmv = "[you've/that's] got my vote." Unless you're playing Acrophobia, in which case it means anything you want it to, the funnier the better, to help get your fellow players to vote for it. :D

Thanks for the info, Eli!

theres been way more codes around this year!

Hi, I know this is from another badge drop, and I was reprimanded from doing this last time I did it, but can anyone help me with the Torches and Orcas badge from last week? I know the animal is in the title, but haven't had any luck finding the code...

To all you summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Aslan badge and I am stuck on the third codeword. I have googled up what I think the clue is asking but I get a YouTube video that I don't think gives me the right answer for the codeword. I typed in some of the words from the previous codeword than a word from the clue and that is how I got the YouTube video which is why I think I am on the wrong track. I am hoping some of you summer gamers out there can give me another clue on where to look for the right codeword.
Thanks so much for the help,

Don't be confused by the James Earl Jones reference, that has nothing to do with this. Your best choice for movie questions is almost always imdb.com, which lists the complete cast for just about every movie ever made. Search for "Lion Witch Wardrobe" and find the 2005 version. Aslan is actually a small role, he only shows up at the end, so you'll need to ask for the full cast list to find him. Once you find the right guy, his name will make you go postal if you read it backwards. Then you can just search for the actor's name in the AADL catalog.

Just saw aadl on NBC news! Here: http://www.today.com/video/today/52839801#52839801
I like the idea of being able to borrow tools from the library (hint hint aadl) and had an idea along the same lines: for the library to maintain and lend obsolete electronics such as 8mm movie projectors, slide projectors, zip drives, etc. which people would need once when cleaning out the attic to view family heirlooms.

The summer game has been really fun, but we wish the codes at the branches would have changed more. We kept hoping new ones would arrive, but they never did! Please consider this for next year.

I love the idea of codes in the park. It would be fun if all of life was like the summer game, wouldn't it?

I know that, at a minimum, West Branch added codes over the course of the summer - I found only four or five when I went in July, but there were 12 when I stopped in over this past weekend. Maybe the other branches didn't add as many?

I think West is up to 14 now.

Who thinks that there will be branch code badges like last year?

I'm totally stumped on the Dog Stars badge 3rd clue. "Hunt for a Hollywood dog who composes more trouble than music." and the hint is "Sometimes troublemakers choose to take the 5th". Can someone help me?

The MochiMochi prizes look really cute but I think I'm waiting to see what the last week brings. Any of the prizes would be great.

I am still having trouble on the "Crash of the titans" badge. When I go to type in what I think h----c-----s means I get so many options to choose from that it is getting overwhelming I need some way to narrow down the search options because I also think I am just typing in the wrong option in the catalogue. I really hate this second clue because cemstry was not my best subject in school and this clue is just reminding me why I hated chemistry.
Thanks so much fro the help

re: prizes yet to come. Read this part of the last badge/shop posting a tad closer " And know that all 5 of these new items can be found spread across the final packages... in case you were wondering. " The final prizes will be big and specially collected combinations of the prizes we already have offered - including the Mochimochi items. Nothing more individually valuable than what has already been offered is coming - just fun packages of prizes!

I think we are to look for the codeword some where in a famous composers musical collection I know the composers name so that is where I have been looking. I hope this helps.

I just found the code word for the dog badge. When you go to the catloge to search for the answer try typing up the name of the dog by a composer and then do a tag search and you will find the codeword amongst all the options there.

I was wondering what happened to the button collection you had posted in the super prizes collection as a possible give away this year. I have been building up my points this year to get those. It has been posted up in the super prizes section for weeks now and now it is gone. Are you still going to offer that prize or is there something new in its place.

I can't believe this is the last week of the Summer Reading Game. Where has the time gone.

I don't know where your time has gone, but a good deal of mine has gone to hanging around in the AADL card catalog. Possibly one of the stranger places I've spent a summer.

I know, I can't believe it either - I feel like SG has only just started. And now it's *ending*?!?! :-( :-)

Will there be a restocking the last Friday like there was last year? Just wondering...

i think so... BUT SUMMER GAME IS ENDING!!!!!! seems like only yesterday that I was planning on making my parents take me to a pokemonday event.....
My time has all gone to moving house....

Does anyone remember how many of each of the super prizes are usually available? I noticed the latest prizes only had quantities of 33 or so. Will there be even a smaller quantity of super prizes?

Is anyone having problems earning Points-o-matic badges? I just received my level 3 helpful review badge, but have earned 0 photomic or textulating badges despite meeting the quotas described on http://play.aadl.org/summergame/badges/Points-O-Matic

Before I submit the problem to AADL, I'm just curious if I'm suppose to earn a certain number of helpful review badges before I'm allowed to earn photomic or textulating badges?

Thanks in advance!

I had trouble with new Points-O-Matic points not showing up in my shop total (which was disappointing, but oh well!)

However, I did earn another badge for textulating a few weeks ago (Aug 15th) so I'm not sure why it's not working for you. At one point you had to have a certain number of X points before being allowed to do Points-a-Matic Y, but if you're being allowed to access all modes that's probably not what's going on.

All right, completely stumped on the Dog Stars badge--how do you find the fourth code about "a little rascal with black and white spots?"

did you look at the hint? search who wrote the shortest movie reveiw in the U.S.

can't wait for the end big prizes to come-I've been saving for them

@camelsamba, Points-o-matic points (Or Treasure Quest, or Streets Quest) have never been spendable in the summer game shop. Only summer game points can be spent in the summer game shop.

@beeniepie, for the last two years, there have been 20 of the Supreme-level prizes. The number of Silver/Penultimate packages is similarly limited

The packages are generally more expensive than the items they contain would cost in the shop if purchased separately; the supreme prize badge especially is a prestige item and therefore costs extra compared to the actual physical prizes.

@Bookbird - GREAT JOB on your badge. It was my favorite of the player picks badges this year (though all were good) - and a good challenge. I guess now I'll have to read the manga.

For the airline one, I found the book but there's no code. ???

Mochimochi stuffs are really cute! Thank you.

@cherylo - oh! I somehow missed that fact about pointsomatic! I mostly do it as a mental diversion and mostly during the "off-season", but now I know why those totals weren't changing when I tested it a few week ago.

Here's an idea for a fun stat: how many dog badges earned vs how many caT badges. Kind of a pseudo-measure of whether SG players overall lean towards being cat people or dog people :-)

@lmd3577 - don't know if you still need help with Crash of the Titans, but: if you're getting a lot of results you're putting in the wrong word, definitely. I got three results.

The keyword to search for is a single word, made up of a prefix and a root word.
h**** is the prefix. It also goes with "electric" and "cortisone". Sometimes it refers to water, but in this case it's just a single element that's part of a water molecule - but only part of the name of that element. (Trivia: Canadians get so much of their electricity from h****electric that they'll refer to their "h**** bill" instead of their electric bill.)

c***** is the root word, also the name of an element. Lately you hear a lot about c***** dioxide and how it might be bad for the planet. "c***** fiber" is a very strong, lightweight material that can be used like cloth or plastic - Yo-Yo Ma has a cello made out of it.

...and then stick an s on the end to make it a plural, because you're talking about a category of things: h****c*****s - the name of the category of molecules made up of only these two elements. Gasoline and natural gas are mostly made up of this kind of molecule. (If you leave the s off, you get zero results.) If you kind of switch around the prefix and root word, you get c****h****tes, an essential component in food - but those molecules also have oxygen.

I need help with the Crash of the Titans 2nd code. I searches hydrocarbons but no code.

@echternk - Thank You! I really love CLAMP's manga, as well as their anime. I'm considering next year's CLAMP badge right now :)
And yes I am expecting everyone to read the manga :D

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the APPS in space badge and I am having trouble finding the first codeword for the badge. I have looked in several articles on WIKI to no success. I have typed in several combinations in the catalogue also to no success also so I am hoping some of you gamers can help me out with another clue on where to look for the codeword. This is my final badge I am working on this year so I hope someone can help me.
Thanks so much for the help,

Thanks cherylo for answering my question about the super prizes. I'm having a hard time trying to decide if I want to load up on more coffee and chocolate since prestige isn't as yummy to me.

I can't believe the summer game is almost over. What am I going to do at 11:30 at night when I'm suppose to be sleeping?!

Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer isn't in the catalog.

Look under the actor that is mentioned in the clue. The movie is in the catlogues but you have to look under the actors last name to find it.

@ Jacy and all,

Yup just discovered that Bachelor & the Bobby Soxer got hidden because after someone placed a hold on it we discovered we don't own it anymore. We'll get it fixed tomorrow. Sorry about that!

So sorry to see that another summer reading game is coming to an end so fast. Had great fun earning all the cool badges this year. Just got done earning my final badge for this year. Can't wait until next year fir the next summer game but until then can't wait until this years quest game.
Thanks so much for the fun and can't wait until next year,

Will there be anything in the final shop drop for secret tokens from last year?

Thank you so much for doing this AADL; we had a great summer and had lots of fun!!!

It's the day before the last day of the summer game and the super prizes are still a mystery!!! Oh the suspense! I guess I'll check back this afternoon.

Has AADL considered a summer game wrap up party? I'd love to meet some of my fellow summer gamers!

Summer Game was so much fun! Thank you aadl! And, because I was playing Summer Game, I discovered Streets Quest, which was also great. I didn't know that other games are posted during the year. How do you advertise other games? I would play them if I knew they existed.

A Summer Game wrap party would be fun.

Sadly, I'll have only a couple of the Master Badges when they come out tomorrow. I've earned barely any badges from the past three badge drops! Sad. Oh well. :-(
Can't wait for the Super Packages to be announced, and I definitely hope there will be a restocking.

What CAN we do with pointsomatic points?

pointsomatic points can be used for:
1. Bragging rights on the all games leaderboard and pointsomatic leaderboard
2. earning secretshop tokens
3. you have more badges to show off on your player page.

NEVER MIND... I JUST FOUND IT... How could I have missed it!! I will miss the summer game!

I'm down to my final clue missing on my final badge... I cannot find the first code for the I Spy Yokai badge. I know who the character is M**** but when searching the catalog I get over 100 results. I've tried all types of combos and am not having any luck. Does anyone have a clue for me!!?

I was able to figure out all of the rest of the ones for this badge by using the hint for the second code - the the first code has me stumped!


Since I have the badge I don't know what hint was given, but try a Super Mario Bros. dvd.
I need help with the 30 rock badge code 1. I have no idea how to find a mascot for that food, though i know garfield is in there somewhere

Thanks to everyone involved for providing us with such an amazing summer game! It is educational and entertaining. I especially loved the new Parks badges. I thought I had been to all of Ann Arbor's parks- it was great to discover new ones.

I was finally able to earn the Lillie Park badge today. It's amazing how many times I've walked by the signs without reading them, thanks for taking the time to create this badge.

is the ambassador black badge fixed yet?

@bookbird for the 30 rock first badge, you need to google 'hot dog stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza' - find out the name of this fictional food (also the title of many youtube videos that your search will return) - then find out the mascot for the restaurant that makes this menu item by searching for the item name and mascot. Search for the mascot's name in the catalog and you should easily find it...

Hope that Helps!!

@ Bookbird & all,

The item that was missing in order to complete the Ambassador Black/Shirley Temple badge has been fixed! Thanks for your patience!

It was nice to visit Lillie Park after a while. We will miss these Park explore.