Summer Game is STILL GOING STRONG with new items, and NEW BADGES!

ZOUNDS! Fall is coming up fast! But Summer Game 2013 is STILL GOING STRONG with over 42 MILLION points earned, and still 3 FULL WEEKS TO GO! Yes, that's right; other Summer Activities might close up shop or take a sabbatical or something in August, but not at YOUR LIBRARY! We keep it real right up until you're shopping for school supplies. AND SPEAKING OF SHOPPING, there's a surprise new item in the Summer Game Shop! If you attended Superhero or our Joust Tent at Top of the Park, you might have gotten one; but now's your chance to ILLUMINATE your night with an AADL Logo! Find it in the Summer Game Shop for more details!

But that's not all. Of course, it's FRIDAY NIGHT, and that means your weekly delivery of entertainment, challenge, wordplay, and slightly janky graphic design that is a BADGE DROP!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #9

Would you look at that? Player picks, Domo-kun, List Mastery, and so much more; and 3 badge drops yet to come, including our final drop on the last day of the game on August 30. Yes, all good things must come to an end, and Summer Game 2013 will end sharply at midnight on Friday, August 30, 2013! No worries about that last badge drop; as it has been in years past, the final badge drop will recognize achievements you've already completed in new ways, and won't be dropping new puzzles on you with only hours to go.

Then, after scoring ends, the Summer Game Shop will stay open through Sunday, September 15th for final orders, which must then be picked up by Sunday, October 12. Don't miss your order; after Sunday October 12, orders not yet picked up will be returned to stock. BUT SHEESH, we're nearly talking about HALLOWEEN and it's not even LABOR DAY yet! So get cracking on these Fresh New Badges, find that cool new item in the shop, and stay tuned... there's still more surprises yet to come! And as always....



Hey, Badge Drop is early this week! :D

I'm pretty sure the cyclopes one is in monsters inc, but it's not there
are all the codes in place? I guess they should be, since people have already earned the badge...

Yeah a drop for lists. Time to update all my favorites.

You've got the right movie for finding the actor that will lead you to the code. Look through that actor's body of work and you'll find it.

I got the code by searching the actor and cyclops, but thanks anyways!

Hooray for Friday badge drop! :)

on to cherylo's badge: I searched the type of game and got dungeons and dragons guides, but no code.

Try another spelling of the name/phrase...sometimes there's space and sometimes there is not when referring to this type of game.

thanks! turns out what I need to do was to put a space between the R*** and the P******

new badges!!

I wonder if the secret shop tokens will come into play at all during this year's summer game?

My favorite badges this year are the Kawaii! Squee! series - so much fun, thank you, AADL!

Are the list badges working properly? When I go to the badges page and click on them they say I've earned them but they arent on my player page and they're still whited out

Ha, as soon as I posted that they all popped up at the top of the screen. Never mind then.

yes new badges!

There was no yellow message at the top of my screen for the list badges, but they appeared in my scorecard.....

I think sometimes if you move quickly on to something else, say tagging something right after rating it, then it sort of skips over displaying the yellow points thingie.

I'm finding the cyclops badge quite difficult!

Slightly off topic : check this out! The Seattle has a bike-bookmobile that goes to local markets!

(I would love to be the bike-mobile staffer/volunteer; that would be awesome.)

I remember when the aadl had a Bookmobile that would come to our neighborhood on the northwest side of town. That was probably about 35 years ago, and a lot of details are fuzzy, but I know you could go inside and check out books. There was always a line of kids waiting to go in.

I read it! Sounds amazing! Thank you cherylo, the bringer of interesting news to people who don't read newspapers much!
:D Yay! *clap clap clap clap clap*
edit: there actually used to be a bookmoblie here?

Once upon a time, long long ago......

the bookmoblie disappeared because.....

The Ypsilanti District Library still has a bookmobile (van, not bike)

Read more at:
and view a map of bookmobile stops at:

It looks like AADL sold their bookmobile in the summer of 2006:

Maybe AADL staff could tell us more?

Is there a way to code a web link in the comments?

AADL Summer Game
look at the More information about formatting options part below the comment area

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the badge "the games people play" badge and I am having trouble finding the second codeword for that badge. I have searched the catalogue for the guidebooks that I think is the anwser I thought I knew the answer also because I grew up in the decade this game was real popular but I still could not find the codeword so I am hoping you gamers out there can help me find the right codeword. I am also working on the 30rock badge and I need help finding the firs codeword for that badge. I have looked up what cat I think they are looking for and I still can't find the right codeword so I am hoping you gamers can help me with this one also.
Thanks so much for all the help,

Is there a mistake with the Mars badge? I didn't find the fourth code with the ending location but with the beginning location.

in reply to lmd3577 re Games People Play:

Look again at the Hint, and notice the part about the author ....

Thanks, Bookbird.

I think you're going to lose me until next Sunday, fellow summer game players.

GISHWHES, The Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, is rather going to consume me until it is over, next Sunday. ( If anybody wants to help out and doesn't mind submitting photos, there is an effort to break (another) world record, this time for "Largest online photo album of hugs." If you want to help, you would submit a photo of you hugging here: and reference my email address so our team gets points.

Many other weirdnesses are happening relative to this event. This evening I created a version of pong that uses two GISHWHES mascots as the paddles and the actor Misha Collin's face as the ball for this same hunt, for example. you can play it here: Press the 'play' icon and the game will be in a pop-up. Player one uses 'w' and 's' to move the paddle and player 2 uses the arrow keys.

We may be staging origami in the rain tomorrow, and there is a possibility we may cause someone in a Flash costume to be photographed at the Large Hadron Collider for another item. If you are *really* interested, please friend me on Facebook, as I may have requests or assignments for people who want to help.

My favorite day of the week!! Wheeeeeee! ^_^

i always love seeing new badges. :)

I was just wondering, how do we get to the hall of fame list on the lugnuts website? All I see is a thing to vote for the nominees

1. I looked at your link on mobile, and I was like 'wow, my dad's been trying to teach me programming and therefore I actually recognize what's on there......'
2. We will note your absence and not assume that you have been kidnaped by aliens, or any other give any other strange absence excuse.

I have earned the Super, Mega, and Giga List Master badges! :)

jsulimin, if you are at the official lugnuts web site, there is a "Lugnuts Hall of Fame" under the "Roster" menu heading.

I can't figure out the first one for the Lugnuts badge - where they came from before Lansing. The hint says there are 2 states, but if you read the history there are actually 3 states. I've tried different combos of the names and none work. Argh!

Okay, never mind on my own arghness - i tried some more combos and tracked down the right thing in the catalog.

The answer to that code word is there are only 2 states that begin with I and they are both really close to us and the Amtrack train system runs through both.

Will there be any other new prizes or combo packages added to the shop or will they just unveil the ones they have listed now? I need to plan how many points I need. :)

Actually, there are 3 states that begin with I... (and the team that is the Lugnuts have played in all 3 of them).

cannot figure out the second clue to the shirley temple bagde- any help

what does R*** P****** mean?

Try only looking up the two that the amtrack through to go to this one major city at the end of the route that comes through a2

@ camelsamba: Thanks so much for the hint!! He he I can do it too :)

badge drop yay :D

@sophas I had a hard time too! the HINT helps - search for dolls and the word in the clue that describes the age... a****** That will give you only a few books as results.

(I was searching for doll - not dolls, so that was my problem!)

i have earned about 5 of the badges from this badge drop :) working on the others

I'm stuck with the beginning of the Lugnuts badge. So, they were in three states that start with I before they arrived in Michigan. But even if I knew exactly which two are important, what do I do with them? A simple keyword search for the name of one of those states, for example, turns up 550 results, starting with I------ Jones movies. What are the two states, and what do I do with them?

Apparently that last comment earned me the first commenting badge. Woo-hoo! But still, the Lugnuts problem lingers....

Ah! Never mind. All's well. Thank you camelsamba; I hadn't figured out the "combos" thing, can you believe it? But now I got it--do a single search for the names of two states at the same time!--and, in fact, I found the code.

i really like the player badges this year, thanks to all that created them

I am completely stuck on the last code for the 30 Rock badge - I know the person's home state (like the hint says) - but a search on just the state returns OVER 1000 items! I keep looking at the clue to find another search word and am at a loss....

Any suggestions?

Search the name of the state as "subject", not "keyword," and just books, not everything. Don't be freaked out by the number of items that will get you, the code will be in one of the first twenty listed.

@Zekicmom -- THANK YOU soooo much for the HINT!!! Hooray!

Woohoo! I'm loving the badges :D

There's been a lot of new people commenting lately....

I have a general question. Does anyone know if there is a way to find out how many codes each library branch has without actually going there and asking a librarian? We just came from downtown (we were at the duct tape event, very cool) so I know they have 15, but I'm wondering if I need to try to take my kids on another tour of all the branches. Is that info on the website anywhere? I know it's tricky since they add more throughout the summer.

Can't wait for the badge drop tomorrow!

also can't wait to see the new AADL mini-flashlight once it arrives!

Has anyone received their badge code that is supposed to come with the chocolate from the summer game shop yet? If so, how did you get it?

Also, I'm still waiting to know if our leftover secret shop tokens will be worth anything, or if we get some kind of bonus for finishing Streets quest before summer game started.

Nobody from the library seems to want to answer any of these questions so far. :-(


you could use contact us, but what's the use of knowing beforehand if you are already going to all the locations?

@Zekicmom - I was wondering the same thing about the number of codes at each branch. I know Traverwood has 7 codes hidden. Does anyone else know about the other branches?

The totals my kids and I have so far are:
Downtown - 15
Mallets Creek - 8
West - 13
Traverwood - 7
Pitsfield - 8
These totals include the Individual branch codes. The truth is we only go to the branches far from where we live if there's an event or if we know we need to look for new codes. I don't want to drag everyone around town unless there's a reason to.

Thanks for sharing the info Zekicmom, now I know I missed two.

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on the 30 Rock and I need help finding the first codeword for the badge. I have look up the cat they are possibly talking about but I can't find the code word. I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me with a clue because I just can't find the anwser not even the Wiki article I have looked up about all the characters in the show. I hope some of you can help me find the first code word.
Thanks so much for the help

Remember, they didn't ask you to find the cat from the show, but a different cat who has something in common with it. If you think you know the name of the cat who likes to eat, then do a search for it in the catalog as the title for books. The code will be in one of the top twenty results. I hope this helps.....

1. Thanks for sharing the branch code info Zekimom. * Preparing to dig through my ledger to check to make sure I have everything* :)
2. ATTENTION PEOPLE WHO ORDERED CHOCOLATE! (sorry for the caps). The Chocolate Code Has Been Sent!
I just entered it in.
I thought about announcing this on the latest post, but that's currently in use to praise the new badges....or something....

Hello! Each library branch has at least 5 codes, and the West Branch has eleven! If you go to each branch and get all the codes you will have enough points for a Deluxe Messenger Bag at least! Try going for the Geocache badge as well, because you have to go all the branches to get the coordinates.

I love Domo

I've seen players reference secret shop tokens -- what are these? Do you gain points from them? Are they hidden in badges or prizes?

@beeniepie -- there hasn't been anything secret shop related this year, I don't think.

It was announced that there would be no secret shop this year, so I'm not sure that the tokens will have any purpose.

Last summer (the first summer I played, maybe also in 2011), there were occasional "secret shops" which you were give a clue to and had to find hidden in the catalog. There were very limited quantities of special prizes, usually requiring a lot of points and sometimes also secret shop tokens to buy.

Thank you for answering my question!

I think all of them required tokens, or else why place them in the secret shop....

I do too... I really like the Kawaii badges and the mochi badges:)