Yoda Dolls

Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. to make Yoda, that lovable green creature from Star Wars. We will be constructing him out of felt. This is an actual sewing project so real needles will be used.

This is for kids in grades 2 - 5 with their adults. Adults will have to stay and help their children.

All supplies will be provided.

The idea and pattern for Yoda came from this book. Many of Yoda's friends are
in this book as well.


That sounds like so much fun and my brother & sister-in-law are very into Star Wars! Too bad I'm out of the age range and have to work at that time. What a brilliant idea for a project! :) I hope everyone has a great time.

I totally want to come to this! But - I'll be at work and would have to find an age appropriate child to take :-(

This sounds really fun, and I love sewing, but I'm not in the age group.

me either

Love to join in, but i have two younger kids too.

Sounds like a great event! Too bad I'm out of the age range. Hope everybody who goes has a good time!

We don't check ages at the door. This program was specified for kids a little bit older than what we usually specify for my craft programs because we have to use sewing needles. We don't want the little ones to get hurt. Everyone is welcome.

love to join but my kids are younger for this one

We will be there!

Everybody loves Yoda!

This sounds like a really fun program!

I believe I am too old for this kind of tomfoolery.

Seems fun

Yoda dolls make! I'll probably peek in to get some ideas on making felt dolls ;)

Ugh, my toddler will be napping. I wish I could make a Yoda doll. Will you post instructions/supplies?

Love this idea

I love that a Star Wars Craft Book exists :)

i couldn't go too... too bad:(

I hope everyone had a great time at this event today, it sounds so fun!!!!!!

I couldn't go either...

if you couldn't go, why would your sister go....
While I'm not a fan of Star Wars, I wish I could have gone and watched people make thinks with felt...

My cousin loved this!

This sounds awesome and I am not even a kid. I would love to see some of the finished products.

Sometimes I go to events that my sister doesn't go to and vice versa.

Dolls look creepy

Great, now I have the Weird Al song stuck in my head.

Yo yo yo yo YO-DA!

We finished it. I can`t wait to see the book.

YODA!!!!!!!! :D

I couldn't go too... i wanted to go:(

@Gabriela Valderrama i couldn't go either; i didn't see they were having the event until the day of. :( my brothers would have loved it

Yoda is so cool

You should do something like this for adults... I want a yoda!!!

you finished the Yoda Dolls? what luck! I wanted to go!:(

I'm sure some of the attendees would like Origami Yoda - the first in a fun middle grade series: http://www.aadl.org/catalog/record/1360751

I'm sorry we missed this one.