BADGE DROP: New Badges and SWEET News!

SHAZAM! Here's a fresh batch o' badges to top off your week!

We're pleased to be dropping several Player Picks (Bluth Bonanza and an Operation Park Explorer: Bandemer badge) and continuing the fun with lots of our ongoing series -- more mythological creatures, AADL sites (two more JUMP badges), fab felines, local sports, and high-flying fun -- just to start!

Some of you have already discovered that this week's contributor badges involve commenting, and we've seen both FUN and FUNNY exchanges going on -- HEAR, HEAR!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #8

MY GOODNESS that's a sweet bunch of badges! But that's not all, faithful SG Players, after weeks of waiting, it's TIME FOR CHOCOLATE!.... and COFFEE!


Yes, yes! One of our hit prizes from last year is BACK. Whether your tastebuds prefer milk chocolate or dark, we encourage you to HOP TO IT and order quickly, as there are only 200 of each, and we won't be restocking. So, cocoa-fiends, ORDER YOURS NOW, before it's too late!

.... and that's NOT ALL! Another smash hit item from last summer's shop is back.. the COFFEE COMBO! Featuring fresh Lobster Butter Love Coffee Beans from our friends at ROOS ROAST, you can't beat this combo of fresh means and an AADL Travel Mug!

So, sweet (or wired?) players, jump in, earn your points, order your chocolate or your coffee, and as always...



Already ordered my chocolate!! So excited!1

I ordered my chocolate before they even announced its arrival in the shop!!! Lucky me.

yay for the arrival of the chocolate prizes!

I ordered it, and can't wait to taste it! Hooray for Garfield Badge!

I wonder if there will be any Secret Shops this year?

Yay for chocolate! :)

@Bookbird, I figured from your previous comments that you *might* be a fan of the Garfield badge! ; )

I'm a Garfield fan. I admit it. Thank you for reminding me that I have to find a way to convince my parents to let me check out the recent books :D Garfield is the funniest! Thanks for making a Garfield Badge!

Yay! New badges! im excited to see the geocaching one and the park explorer one! I might order the chocolate;not sure yet.....

are all the codes out in the catalog? I think some might be missing.
will there be a SG code for the coffee and chocolate?

Chocolate!!! *starts drooling* Must order now! XD

My son left for sleep away camp yesterday. Luckily he left me his user name and password because he never would have forgiven me if he didn't get the chocolate. He worked hard to build up points in hopes of having enough, and he did!

I got the milk chocolate last year - yum!

I love the chocolate and my mom loves the coffee!!

There seems to be something missing on the Jump In badge...namely the clue for, or in fact anything at all about, the second code. Very puzzling.

Also, I can't seem to find the first code in the Hollywood (Lights! Camera! Action!) badge at all, though I'm fairly certain I have looked at the right materials. Am I wrong?

Edited to add: I'm sure there are problems for both of these and it's not just me because both of these badges have been earned by 0 people as of 10 pm.

You know, with 40k points I could get earbuds, the picnic basket AND the picnic cooler and still have some left over... but I also wouldn't have any chocolate or a RAD BADGE. I think I will check out the badge and see if I like it a lot before I decide.

Can someone help me with the last code of the Totoro badge?
I'm pretty sure I have the right person E*** F******, or is it the other person, but I've tried both people and still can't find the code.

I have the same problem. I tried both people but not working
I agree on the Jump badge thing
there is also the movie person bio. there's only one book that fits the description, but no code

Is there a problem with the LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Badge? I'm pretty sure I found a book by the correct person, but there was no code.

@gxl, I got the last Totoro code...I think you have the right person, but I'm wondering if it's a catalog or search problem. I looked up the film it must be in IMDB and then searched directly for it. Maybe try finding out what you're searching for from an outside source if possible then being more direct?

I got the totoro code! it was in the book!

me too

No one has got those 2 badges yet, so it might be a mistake

Thank you for the Totoro hint, it was making me crazy. I've been having the same problem with the two badges everyone's talking about. Now I know to stop wasting my time and maybe actually get some sleep!

Thank you for the help on the Totoro badge, I was sure I had the right movie, but couldn't find it, thanks again!

I got the dark chocolate last year and it wasn't as good as I'd expected, so I'll leave it for others this year. On the other hand, my husband adores lobster butter love coffee, so I hope I hit that one before it's all gone!

Hi all,

The clue for the Totoro badge has been fixed - it was in the book but the clue said the movie. Also the JUMP badge was missing the clue - should be able to see it now if you click back on it and then you will definitely find the code. Thanks for keeping us on our toes =>

That's great @erin. How about the Lights! Camera! Action! quest? The first item to seek and find seems to be missing the code, unless several of us are way off base.

Love the chocolate!

@cherylo, sara & Bookbird, you were *right*! Thank you for the heads-up. There was something wonky with L!C!A!, but it appears to be fixed and working as intended now. I just went through and checked the Lights! Camera! Action! badge myself, just to be extra sure. ; )

There is no code in the final Shirley Temple badge clue. There is only one 1935 movie starring that man.

Thanks for fixing the badges

I've been waiting on the chocolate!

speaking of chocolate, will there be codes for buying too?

@sara, thanks for pointing out the glitch with the last Shirley code. I've fixed the tagging hiccup!

If it is the same chocolate as the one in 2012 it will be very good.

Thanks for fixing the Shirley Badge. I'm just curious, how did some people earn the badge when the code was missing?

Could there be a problem with the last Totoro clue? There were two English voicers, CC and EF. I looked at every movie either was in , and found no code.

I don't really get the second code on the Don't Mess with Mars Badge.

So glad to see the coffee again for this year's Summer Game. Local ROOS's Lobster Butter Love is super delicious!

It is a book

That last code was a topic of discussion last night. It turns out that the code is on the listing for the book that the movie EF is in is based on.

read the hint that helps

i got two of those before the badge drop.

Thanks! Got it!

now I have everything from this badge drop except for Geocatche and park badge....
Who noticed that the parks were mainly in the north?

Does anyone know if there are there going to be more wild kingdom badges? There have not been any new ones since the third badge drop

I see players getting points from something called Filled an Order, can someone tell me what that is?

Teen summer game volunteers get points for each prize order they pack, I think I heard or saw a staff member say at one point.

Oh, thanks, that must be a great advantage...

I can't get the first code for the "Jump In" badge. I don't see anything on the far right column about lexile when I click on "story times and events". What am I missing? Please help!

you have to be at least 14 to volunteer, right?

Hmm. I rarely post comments on AADL, mainly because I rarely have anything to comment about, but with this comment I am 70% of the way toward the first "comment master" badge.

How big is the GIGA CHOCOLATE bar?

Hi wulfflynn, yes! There are more to come in that series! At least one and probably two this next week, in fact! : )

Thanks! I was wondering when there were going to be more

Try searching the site for lexile measures, that might help

@wulfflynn: Thanks for the advice. Sadly, my computer won't load the AADL search page (it is a VERY old computer... I REALLY need a newer one - you know what I mean, @ZackTheCardShark? :D) so that won't work for me. Does anyone have any help for me that doesn't involve the search page, or should I just wait till I can get to the library and use one of those computers? Thanks anyway, though, @wulfflynn.

@ yaldah: I didn't use the webpage for the first code. I searched and found it on Google.

Hi all -- glad you can find the info using google, but the goal with the jump badges is to get everyone to click around on to find stuff. Try searching under "Recommended Stuff" and then seeing what is under the various lists there. Lexile information is gonna be under there.

YAY for new prizes! i check everyday :)

yay!!!! i can't wait to tackle that hockey badge!

@mwallagm - I can't wait to tackle the hockey badge, either! 58 days til hockey season!! :)

On another note, is there something wonky with the geocaching badge? If I click on it, it says I received it, but I don't see it in my badges on my player page nor do I see the bonus in my scorecard.

I'm behind in badges as I've been doing other things - namely word puzzles and logic puzzles, so I need to get busy this week!

Weird... okay, nevermind on the geocaching badge. Apparently, it was waiting for me to comment, because then it told me I received the badge and points. Hehe. :)

I've noticed that sometimes the system needs the trigger of you scoring other points to award something like a new badge that you already have the points for, or one of the contributor badges, once they go live in the system, @vlong.

its so cute! which one do you like better? dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

i don't know... maybe the size of a chocolate bar but bigger...

me too... do you like hockey?

i check when there are new things.

I found it easier to just search the site, instead of looking at recommend stuff

Is there going to be another kawii badge for another Hiyao Miyazaki movie?

i don't yet... maybe soon...

Sushimonster, stop spamming!!!!

her comment is sorta related though...

Having some difficulty with the "My Neighbor Totoro" badge.

Careful study of the clue led me immediately to the conclusion that the key witness must be the next door neighbor of some Japanese chap by the name of Hiyao Miyazaki. Drat. Japan again. I don't know why more of these quests can't be closer to home. The Furstenberg Park quest was no problem at all, but flights to Japan are expensive. I rang up my travel agent, and asked her to put me on the first flight to Japan, preferably a flying boat this time. As usual, she claims there are no flying boats flying the Pacific anymore. Absurd. I tell her that I know she is lying, and that if I am killed when my airliner makes a forced landing in the Pacific it will be her fault. She asks me why I don't buy my tickets over the Internet like everyone else. Bah! Internet! That old myth surfaces again.

I start packing. Fedora and bullwhip, or pith helmet and elephant gun? I go for the fedora. But if I keep being sent to Japan, I'm going to have to invest in some proper oriental robes and grow a Fu Manchu mustache.

A long flight. Many passengers have little glowing boxes with buttons. I avert my eyes.

In Tokyo, I meet my first hitch. I go looking for a telephone directory so I can look up the address of this Miyazaki gentleman, but there don't seem to be any telephone directories. Glowing screens everywhere, but not a phone book in sight. Obviously someone has hidden them in hopes of thwarting my quest. Probably that darned Cherylo again, here ahead of me once more. I am reduced to asking random people on the street, in hopes that someone might speak English. "Excuse me, do you know Hiyao Miyazaki?" Miraculously, the first person I ask speaks English and seems to know the man. "Studio Ghibli" he says. "Koganei." Great! "Do you know where I can get a horse?" I ask him. Instead of answering he pulls one of those little glowing boxes out of his pocket and starts poking at it. My Golly! Even in Japan!

I start to leave, but he comes running after me, trying to thrust the glowing box in my face. I pull my hat over my eyes. "Mr Cowboy," he says, "this is where you can get a horse!" I ask where, and he gives me the address. I brought a map with me. It will be a long walk.

As I walk, people keep shouting "Indiana Jones" at me. I say, "No, Michigan!" to the first few, and then give it up, Indiana, Michigan, it's probably all the same to the Japanese.

Eventually, I get myself a horse and set out for Koganei. Policemen immediately try to stop me. This always happens. Luckily I have learned a trick for this. Once in London a constable who stopped me asked me where the film crew was. I had no idea what that meant, but I found that if I said they would be here momentarily, the constabulary would leave me alone. So I told the Japanese policeman that the film crew would be here momentarily and he let me go.

After just a few hours, I arrived at Studio Ghibli. By this time I was being followed by hundreds of people on bicycles. I tried to ignore them, but they were making the horse nervous. But I didn't need Studio Ghibli. I needed their next door neighbors, which turned out to be a noodle shop. I tied up my horse to a street sign, and went in. An elderly Asian man is there. Obviously a wise oriental sage. "Honorable sir, I need help finding soot sprites, or a youth book about them!" He suggests that I might want the people next door, but I say no. "Why do you want this?" he asks. "For the Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game" I say. "Ah," he says, "you buy some noodles, and I'll go into the back room and consult the iPad." I am momentarily confused, then I understand. "Oh, you mean the 'I Ching!'" "If you say so," he says. He disappears into the back room, and I eat noodles for a while. They are very good noodles.

After a while the ancient scholar comes out and says, "I have discovered your game code." And he gives it to me. Victory!

But when I come out, my nervous horse has made a very large mess on the sidewalk, and there are some very angry policemen who arrest me in spite of the fact that the film crew will arrive momentarily. Now I am being held in custody.

Could someone please help me by wiring me 5,000 yen for bail?

@Jan, Considering that that's roughly $50, I think we can work something out.

Edited to add: Maybe we could take up a collection among summer game players. ;^)

How large are the chocolate prizes?

That was something I was wondering about.... (also about the Totoro clue; it was driving me batty over the weekend. Thanks for the help on that!)

@cherylo - Yeah, I forgot about that. This year, I've been online when a lot of the badges have come out (tagging, reviewing, etc.) and they've been awarded almost right away. Thanks for the reminder. :)

@erin: Thank you so mcuh! My problem was, I was looking under the button for the second code, thinking the hint was for the first code. Thanks again!
@Jan Wolter: I'm loving your comments! More, more! How do you do it? :-)

*laughing a lot, trying to stop*
Soon long and soooo funny! Your comment was amazing Jan!
I recently won a bet with my dad and can send some money over if you could tell me how:)

Coffee and Choc. great stuff and a perfect way to start any day. Wait maybe i should save my points in case the coffee is different in the other set, oh no, not indecision. AHH.

I just realized that I should have asked my parents to let me voluenteer to fill orders and get points this year.... I'm old enough too.
The filling orders points and getting extra points thing is confirmed here

I'm having trouble with the first code for the Bluth Bonanza badge. Is the guy's name something along the lines of "B------ B----?"

@jsulimin, it's two names. I think you are in the wrong generation; go further down on the family tree.

Thank you for making the chocolate prize available. I've already ordered it!
I'm wondering, though, why there are five cats badges, but only four dog ones. Will this be corrected?

the breakfast of champions! coffee and chocolate.

so happy to see Roos Roast coffee featured in the Summer Game again!

I ordered my chocolate YES!!

Still have to order mine...