Introducing: THE SECRET SHOP! Plus yet another BADGE DROP!

Summer Game 2012 just KEEPS GETTING BETTER! And today, we're proud to announce the opening of the AADL SUMMER GAME SECRET SHOP! Where is the SECRET SHOP? What is the SECRET SHOP? Well, it's a SECRET! But maybe this riddle will help you find where the SECRET SHOP is hidden in the AADL catalog:

Tuberculosis shares abbreviation,
and colorful pictures, like stuck animation.
M-angelo's tallest, plus one who's from Rome,
Seagoing high schoolers are found in this tome.

UPDATE: The Secret Shop has MOVED! It was in Teen Boat! by Dave Roman.

Each Friday at 6 PM for the rest of the Summer Game, a New SECRET SHOP will open. It includes very special, RARE, and highly VALUABLE items you can't find in the plain old shop! But you have to work for it! You'll need both SUMMER GAME POINTS and SECRET SHOP TOKENS to buy things from the secret shop. BUT HOW DO I GET SECRET SHOP TOKENS? Well, right now, there are 4 ways:
* Anyone who finds the Secret Shop will receive a code good for 1 Secret Shop Token.
* If you complete the ultra-hard Treasure Quest, you'll receive 1 Secret Shop Token.
* When you reach Level 5 and Level 10 in Points-o-matic Helpful Reviews Mode, you'll receive 1 Secret Shop Token.
* When you reach Level 5 and Level 10 in Points-o-matic Photomic Describorator Mode, you'll receive 1 Secret Shop Token.
* When you reach Levels 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 in Points-o-matic Textulating Recognizorator Mode, you'll receive 1 Secret Shop Token.

And more yet to come! Rest assured, the Secret Shop has many local goodies and special items yet to come each week, so SEARCH AND YE SHALL FIND untold treasures of Awesomeness!

And now, this week's BADGE DROP!

Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #7

That enough for you this week? Well watch for more Olympic-themed badges throughout next week as the GAMES GO ON! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Secret Shop Details, Button Sets restocked, and OH YEAH BADGE DROP!

GREETINGS PLAYERS! The Summer Game is just hitting its stride after 4 of 11 weeks! We're now up to 3283 active players, close to 2000 new players, and an astonishing 218,000 actions for a truly incomprensible 24.8 MILLION POINTS earned! And that's with weeks and weeks yet to go! So, first, here's this weeks badge drop! Stick around after the drop for SECRET SHOP DETAILS!
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #5

So this week we've got another player-made badge, and that's Just 4 Grams of C12H22O11, by player family shootingstar, KathyD, and gk3! And we're also happy to announce the restocking of the Classic Summer Reading Game Button Collector's Starter Set, of CSRGBCSS for short! There's 50 of them in there, and another special new button coming next week as we continue to get the truly exciting stuff ready!

AND ON THAT NOTE, we have some details for you hardcore players who are just dying to know about the upcoming SECRET SHOP and how it will work! And some answers to the all-consuming question, WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO BUY ANYTHING WITH MY POINTS-O-MATIC POINTS?!?!?

Well, the answer is, never say never. We will tell you that there are no plans to be able to buy PHYSICAL OBJECTS with points-o-matic points. But that does not mean that you will cease to find them valuable. Oh no, points-o-matic points do have a purpose that you will find out about later this summer... and we think you'll find that points-o-matic can be a precious source of secret shop tokens.... BUT WE'RE GETTING AHEAD OF OURSELVES!

THE SECRET SUMMER GAME SHOP will appear hidden in the catalog each Friday at 6 PM sharp starting July 27th. It will appear each of the remaining Fridays of the game, including 8/31, and each time it pops up, it will be loaded with a set inventory of rare, unique, and valuable SECRET ITEMS, SUPER SECRET ITEMS, and SUPER SECRET PACKAGES! The secret shop will remain where it is until it sells out, or the next friday comes along, whichever comes first. Then it will reappear in a new item in the catalog with a new inventory.

Items available in the SECRET SUMMER GAME SHOP will be obtainable with the use of both SECRET SHOP TOKENS and SUMMER GAME POINTS. All items in the SECRET SUMMER GAME SHOP will cost at least 1 Secret Shop Token and 1,000 Summer Game Points. Some will surely be much more!

How do I get these precious Secret Shop Tokens, you ask? For doing great and powerful things. We'll be talking about ways to get them in next week's posts with some Secret Shop Token-bearing badges coming in Badge Drop #6 next week!

So ask away, and hang in there for more details next week as the biggest some ever continues AT YOUR LIBRARY!

Ventriloquist Vikki Gasko returns to Ann Arbor!

Ventriloquist Vikki Gasko returns to Ann Arbor for two performances on Tuesday, July 10, 2012!
She'll be Downtown at 2:00 p.m and at the Traverwood Branch at 7:00 p.m.
If you saw her last summer, you'll want to come back and see her again. If you didn't see
her, now is your chance. She is an amazing performer!!

To learn how to become a ventriloquist yourself, click here.

It's a Kids Read Comics-flavored BADGE DROP!

Summer Game 2012 just keeps on rolling! And this weekend, we've got a very special event literally LITTERED with over 100 GAME CODES and 7 HIGHLY VALUABLE BADGES! Summer Game so far has 2700 players scoring over 23 MILLION points on 170,000 actions! THAT'S AMAZING! But do you know what' even more amazing? This week's BADGE DROP!
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #4
To get some of these, don't miss the amazing KIDS READ COMICS convention at AADL this Saturday and Sunday! Every one of the 60 artists have their own code, every one of over 50 events have their own codes! Come to KRC to CLEAN UP ON THE POINTS and just pick up a KRC BADGE GUIDE at the welcome table in the AADL Lobby!

UPDATE! If you're coming to KRC, take a look at this handy-dandy KRC Badge Guide to help you minmax your way through KRC! Copies available onsite at the welcome table.

More details coming soon about the much-alluded-to SECRET SHOP! Stay tuned and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

NOW OPEN: The 2012 Summer Game Shop!

COME ON IN! The 2012 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN, with new items, favorite items, mystery items and secrets yet to come! But first, we're proud to introduce our new standard items:

Just visit the Summer Game Shop to browse our selection of amazing AADL premia! Need points? Just Get Started playing the Summer Game to earn points you can spend in the shop by using your library ALL SUMMER LONG!

If you were around last summer, you know this is only the beginning! There are mystery items yet to be revealed, super packages waiting in the wings, and if you've been paying close attentions, constant hints about some kind of SECRET SHOP coming later this month!

You can spend any available Summer Game points in the shop, even the ones you might have left over from Summer Game 2011, and you can pay from an extra player's points if you'd like! Please note that Points-o-matic points and Treasure Quest points are not Summer Game Points and don't count towards your available shop balance, which is shown right there at the top of your player page for your reference. Shop orders are filled weekly, so watch your email or phone for a notification that your order is ready for pickup, then just ask for your order at the desk at your chosen pickup location!

Enjoy the Summer Game shop, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

It's another BADGE DROP! Plus new HINT SYSTEM!

SUPER MEGA ZOUNDS! After just two weeks, Summer Game 2012 is up to 2133 players, performing 118,306 actions for a shop-terrifying 19.5 MILLION points! And it's Friday, you know what that means... a new BADGE DROP! And here it is, including our first-ever PLAYER PICKS badge, created by dedicated and resourceful Summer Game player CherylO! Check 'em out:
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #3

Looks good, huh? So get cracking! But to help you in your cracking, based on your feedback, we've continued to add features to the badge close-up page, and as many of you may have noticed, you can now see how many of the needed codes you've got on each badge, and even click to see hints for the codes you don't have yet! Hopefully this will help players know where they are in their badge quests, let us know what you think!

So in just a few days is the opening of the Summer Game Shop, with new items, new mysteries, and all your Summer Game points available to spend! Remember, only summer game points are spendable in the Summer Game Shop. Points-o-matic points aren't Summer Game points! But no worries, they will come into play later.

One more note; if you like codes, points, and badges, DO NOT MISS KIDS READ COMICS next weekend at the downtown library! Starting off with famous Voice Actor Neil Kaplan friday night, KRC will be so loaded with codes, points, and badges, serious summer game players won't want to miss this very special event! Stay tuned for more details, keep those points coming, and check back around dinnertime monday for the grand reopening of the SUMMER GAME SHOP!

It's a BADGE DROP! And some NEW FEATURES too!

OK PLAYERS! Summer Game 2012 has had an amazing first week! With 1,412 players already, scoring for almost 60,000 actions for an ASTONISHING 14,000,000+ points, it's clear that Summer Game is back and bigger than ever! And that keeps on rolling with this week's badge drop:
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #2

You'll note that in addition to the next badge in our 10 weekly series, we've got a few event badges you should note, because if you miss the event, you might miss your chance to get the badge! First, there's MALL ROCKER, which you can only earn if you come find the AADL tent at Top of the Park during Kids Rock from 4:30-8 PM for the next 3 Sundays! Play through INGALLS QUEST, it's short and fun and gives you mega points!

Also, we've got the first of 3 GAME+WATCH Badges, for a very special new event series that starts THIS SUNDAY at the downtown library! At GAME+WATCH we show a movie so great -- or so terrible -- we can't name it in our publicity, while we play a tournament in a thematically-related videogame! There's prizes for top players and for the best related costume. This sunday is NINJA NIGHT, and we'll be watching a move about Ninjas Surfing, and playing some Naruto... You'll get a 1000 POINT BADGE just for attending this event, plus a BIG SECRET BONUS if you collect all three this summer! So don't miss GAME+WATCH: NINJA NIGHT this sunday at 1 PM, then over to Top of the Park to play Ingalls Quest!

Finally, we've got some new features you may have noticed. There's now a team leaderboard where you can see the total points of all the players on each team added up and averaged! Note, please keep your team names classy. You wouldn't want to get SNORKED, and we retain the right to SNORK your impolite team names. Fair warning!

Also, now on the Badge Page, if you click on a badge, you get a little window with a closeup of the badge, the clue for you to look at as long as you'd like, and even the number of players who have earned the badge! Lots more coming to that page, including hints, so you don't have to go digging for them.

Speaking of digging, you guys are very smart, watching the staff accounts to see what we were tagging, huh? Well we got wise, and this week we hid the tags somewhere you'll never find them! At least not until we start dribbling out clues.

And one note on points! Note that only Summer Game Points are spendable in the Summer Game Shop. Some of you may have noticed some other kind of token.... but know that points-o-matic points aren't usable in the shop. They're just points... but points-o-matic badges might count for something special, so rest assured your efforts will be rewarded...just stay tuned, and let's just say the impending July 2 opening of the Summer Game Shop isn't the only shop that will be opening this July...

So, don't miss all the OPPORTUNITY! Points are everywhere! Come see us and GET BIG POINTS!


Horses of Greenfield Village

Maybe you've been to Greenfield Village and seen the horses at work.
Or maybe that's one of the things you're planning to do this summer. Maybe you're just a big fan of horses.
Come to the Pittsfield Branch Library at 2:00 p.m on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 to see the author
and photographer talk about their book The Horses of Greenfield Village. Hear the story of these
wonderful working animals.
For all ages, kindergarten and up.

Here we go, Players, it's your first BIG BADGE DROP of the SUMMER!

OH MY WOW! Summer Game 2012 is off to a RIP-ROARING start! Here at the end of the first day, we've already have 280 players log over 5,700 actions... AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! We'll be back to talk about various new features you might or might not have noticed around the system, but for now, here's your first of TWELVE count 'em TWELVE Friday Badge Drops! Yup, all the way through August 31st, we'll be releasing new content and, once the SUMMER GAME SHOP opens on July 2, new shop items each week too! But for now, let's get to THIS WEEK'S BADGES:
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #1
Now, you'll notice if you visit the brand new Badge List, you'll see that badges you haven't earned yet are lighter, and that goes here too when you're logged in! Note that you can still earn many badges from Summer Game 2011 if you haven't already; but now that they're only worth 10% as many points as they used to be! You'll also notice that last year's earned points, however, are still in your account, worth just as much as ever, and will be available to spend when the SUMMER GAME SHOP opens on July 2! So until then, give these new badges a try and see what you can do... there's a lot more where these came from! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

SUMMER GAME 2012: It's ON! Let's PLAY!

WELCOME PLAYERS! Ann Arbor's hottest THING TO DO is back for another rollicking summer of ADVENTURE, EXCITEMENT, EXPLORATION, and most importantly.... POINTS! Summer Game 2012 has begun, so keep checking back throughout the day for updates as pieces come alive. There are some changes to the way points are scored, some opportunities new and old, and by the end of the day, the first of 12 WEEKLY BADGE DROPS to take you all the way through summer!

For now, as we're updating pages and rolling out all the AMAZING NEW STUFF, let us know as always if you have any questions by posting in the thread below or contacting us. To answer a few of your burning questions: Summer Game 2011 Shop Points DO rollover and will be available to you to spend when the Summer Game Shop opens on July 2. Also, if you missed any 2011 badges, most of them are STILL AVAILABLE to earn this summer, although they're now only worth 10% of the points. All your players are still here, we've just cleared out the gamecard numbers, so if you play the paper game, just add your new gamecard number on your player page when you pick one up!


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