Happy Summer! It's time for the 8th Annual LEGO Contest!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 8, 2013! Preschoolers, Kids, Teens & Adults are all invited to enter this year's LEGO contest. The top winners receive custom made LEGO Trophies, medals and Target GIft Cards. Like in 2012 the contest will be at the Kensington Court Hotel (@ Briarwood Mall). Everyone is invited to come and view the entries between 6:00-8:00PM. For all the details and full guidelines for participants see the 2013 LEGO Contest Guidelines. If you're planning to enter and have your eyes on the prize here's a tip: look closely at the photos of projects that have won in past years - what did they do that caught the judge's eye? Good luck!

We've reached the END! Final Badge Drop, Final Restockening, Final Secret Shop: THANKS FOR PLAYING!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Summer is over! When did that happen? Well, it happened while you were madly earning badges, tagging items, making lists, earning tokens, attending events, and just having a TOTALLY AMAZING TIME all Summer long! And now we're at an end. Yes, Summer Game 2012 will end tonight, Friday August 31st, at Midnight. After that you can earn no more Summer Game 2012 points, other than through codes that come with items in the shop. The Summer Game Shop will close for the season on Monday, September 17th, so get your final orders in! Any points or tokens you have left will be spendable when the Summer Game Shop reopens next July! However, any shop orders not picked up by Monday, October 8th will be canceled and returned to inventory. But, we've still got ONE LAST GASP of Summer Game 2012 goodness here in the waning hours of summer, and it starts with a JAM-PACKED SECRET SHOP, with over 45 amazing items for you Secret Shop Token Holders! Here's a clue to help you find the secret shop hidden in the AADL Catalog:

What you're looking for today is different and unique.
There's lots of others waiting just to take a starry peek.
It's not a book, it's not a map, it's not a DVD;
The hunter with his 3-star belt is here to help you see.

If you know what's going on at the Library, this should be a quick find! But that's not all our shop news; thanks to some last-minute haggling, we were able to restock some super-popular items one last time, including Umbrellas, Backpacks, both coffee sets, flashlights and more! But this time we really mean it; there will be no more restocking until the Summer Game Shop reopens next July! So act fast, these items won't last long! And finally, we are happy to offer the Summer's final BADGE DROP:
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #12

Now note that none of these final Summer Game Badges are new quests; these are all based on things you've either achieved so far, or you haven't; if you want to earn 'em, you've got a few hours left to do it before all the codes expire at Midnight tonight! (note: shop codes, or codes that come with items, don't expire until October 31st, so you've got plenty of time on those.)

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! You know we wouldn't ramp you up all Summer and then leave you hanging until next June! No way! In addition to ongoing Points-o-matic modes and more feature to come, a TOTALLY NEW GAME in the vein of last year's Treasure Quest will launch, right here, sometime on Tuesday 9/4! So keep your eyes glued to http://play.aadl.org FOREVER so you'll be sure not to miss anything awesome, including our detailed SUMMER GAME STATS WRAPUP, your opportunity to influence the course of next Summer's Game, and much more! Summer Game: it's not just for Summer anymore! Except it sorta is. Anyway, we all had a blast putting together SUMMER GAME 2012 for you guys, and we hope you had fun playing! Stick around until the next game starts next week, and as always....


NEWS FLASH: More Coffee, Umbrellas, Backpacks coming Friday at 6 PM!

Only a few days left in Summer Game 2012! With all the flurry of activity in the Summer Game Shop (over 500 orders this week!) We wanted to give you players who missed some of our hottest items a heads up: We will be restocking a limited number of both coffee sets, the umbrellas, and the Super Sol Backpack set this friday at 6 PM! So clear your calendars, cancel your vacations, and pool your points (just contactus if you need a transfer) to get ready for the very final Secret Shop (with over 45 items!) and these very last restocks this Friday!

Remember, scoring for Summer Game 2012 (except for codes from shop items) ends this Friday at midnight; the shop closes on Monday, September 16, and all orders must be picked up no later than October 8th. Any orders left awaiting pickup at the end of the day on October 8th will be canceled, refunded, and returned to inventory.

Stay tuned, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

THE END is in SIGHT! But first, a new SECRET SHOP, tons of NEW BADGES and the final RESTOCKENING!

ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO! Yes, Summer Game 2012 is drawing to close, but we are going out BIG this year! First, all the mystery items in the shop have been revealed:

Would you get a load of all that stuff! And most sold-out items have been restocked, although some are already sold out again! We won't be getting any more items in the Summer Game Shop this year, so make your points count! Now, for those of you looking for the Secret Shop, here's your riddle:

Let's look for a film that was frequently panned,
with Michael Bluth, Padmé, and Rain Man's last stand.
They'd all like to distance themselves from this flop,
but you can get closer to this secret shop.

UPDATE: The Secret Shop has SOLD OUT and Disappeared! Come back Friday for 6 PM for the final Secret Shop of the Summer!

And with just ONE WEEK LEFT in Summer Game 2012, in addition to a nice full shop and a nearly-bursting badge drop, here are a few quick reminders:

Summer Game 2012 Scoring ends at Midnight on Friday, August 31.
The Summer Game Shop closes on Monday, September 17.
Any orders not picked up by Monday, October 8 will be canceled and returned to inventory.

All your summer game points and secret shop tokens will be available next year, so no worries there! And here's this week's astounding BADGE DROP:

Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #11

Now that is a veritable TON of badges! So get cracking and stay tuned for the FINAL BADGE DROP and SUMMER GAME WRAP UP coming next Friday 8/31! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Print Extravaganza... Make A GLOWSTER!

Sunday, August 19 | 1-3pm | Multi-Purpose Room | Downtown | All Ages

Join us for a day of print making! You’ll get a chance to screen print a glow-in-the-dark dino poster- a GLOWSTER! While that’s happening we’ll also have pre-carved blocks, paints, and assorted paper for you to do some stamped prints of your own. All the fun happens in the multi-purpose room at the Downtown branch this Sunday. See you there!


WHAT IS UP! Summer Game 2012 is ROARING towards its exciting conclusion with many secrets YET TO BE REVEALED! With over 5000 players amassing an ADJECTIVELY-OVERWHELMING 62 MILLION POINTS earned across an UTTERLY BEFUDDLING 352,000 scoring actions, you guys are just TEARING UP THE HOME STRETCH! And it's 6 PM Friday, so you know what that means... a new SECRET SHOP has appeared, hidden somewhere in the AADL catalog, loaded with RARE and LIMITED EDITION stuff! Here's a riddle to help you find it:

Grad Students, Questions, and Going to Bars,
It's set in our town but they blow up no cars,
The world of Pub Trivia lurking beneath,
It could be the director's dad cleans your teeth.

A tough one this time! You might have to actually know a little bit about films shot around here to get the right track! But, that's not all for this week, we've got yet another EXCITING BADGE DROP for you guys:

Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #10
For you hardcore, a few more badges coming later tonight, and we hope to reveal ALL REMAINING MYSTERY ITEMS next week! So, stay tuned, keep playing, and remember, Summer Game 2012 ends at Midnight on Friday, August 31st! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Family Camp-in at Pittsfield!

Haven't had a chance to camp yet this summer? Join us at the Pittsfield Branch
on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 from 7 - 8 p.m. as we have our annual camping night.
This year we'll feature moose. They can be very funny, those mooses.
We'll have a campfire that we'll gather around. We'll have Sara Keller lead us in
some camp songs, hear a couple of moose stories, eat s'mores and make
moose antlers to wear. What a fun night for the whole family!

BIG SHOP NEWS! Both Chocolates Restocked, New Mystery Items posted, and a MONDAY BADGE DROP!

What is going on here? Well, with only Three weeks before the end of SUMMER GAME 2012, things are HEATING UP AGAIN! First, we've added EVEN MORE CHOCOLATE to the Summer Game Shop, because you guys snatched up the first 60 over the weekend, so there's 60 more! Don't eat it all at once, you'll get a tummyache! But that's not all... if you look through the Summer Game Shop carefully, you'll see some NEW mystery items that weren't there before! These will all be revealed before the end of the game on 8/31, so stay tuned to make sure you don't miss anything!

And just so everyone's on the same page, here's the endgame plan:

Summer Game 2012 Scoring ends at Midnight on Friday, August 31st.
The Summer Game Shop will close on Monday, September 17th.
All Summer Game Shop Orders not picked up by Monday, October 8th will be canceled and returned to inventory.

And yes, all your unspent points and tokens will still be available to spend NEXT SUMMER when the Summer Game returns! Any questions? Ask away! Plus, here are 5 new badges for you hardcore badge hunters:
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #9.5


MY GOODNESS! So much is going on this week, we wanted to get the Secret Shop out right on time for you guys. So here's the riddle to help you find Secret Shop #3:

The Annie in Autumn, in 8 millimeter.
These charming vignettes couldn't be any sweeter.
Just hitchhike to Saginaw, this brings you back;
This old DVD is still on the right track.

See if you can find this week's SECRET SHOP hidden in the catalog, and look for new items in the regular shop too, including the reveal of some mystery items, the return of the GIGA CHOCOLATE VICTORY PACKAGE (now in both Milk and Dark Chocolate) and, what you've all been waiting for, RESTOCKED MESSENGER BAGS! Here's your badge drop; More coming later tonight! THANKS FOR PLAYING!
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #9

Four Weeks to Go! And an all-new SECRET SHOP!

OH MY WOW! So many great things going at your library this summer, how do you find the time to do them all! Summer Game 2012 is going strong with a beautifully weird 4,444 players as of this moment! And those 4,444 players have earned a SHOCKING 47 MILLION POINTS on over 379,000 scoring events! I mean CAN YOU GET BEHIND IT? It's amazing. You guys are amazing. THIS IS AWESOME! So, now the moment you've all been waiting for, the riddle that will lead you to SECRET SHOP #2!

Look for a CD by 5 local guys,
with matching white dress shirts but 5 different ties.
Liberty Square is the place one would see 'em;
The disc takes its name from a strip-mall museum.

The Secret Shop can be found in the AADL catalog by solving this riddle! And again, the Secret Shop will stay where it is until it is sold out, or until next friday at 6 PM, whichever comes first!

And now for this week's BADGE DROP!
Summer Game 2012 Badge Drop #8

You may have noticed something COMPLETELY NEW; an all-new, very rewarding Points-o-matic Click-o-Tron mode: TEXTULATING RECOGNIZORATOR! First, you need 1000 Points-o-matic points to even unlock this mode, but it's worth your while, because in TEXTULATING RECOGNIZORATOR mode, you'll level up every 250 entries, and you'll receive a SECRET SHOP TOKEN at levels 2,4,6,8 and 10! YOU CAN CLEAN UP!

A few quick tips about this new mode; just type what is in the highlighted box. If there is punctuation inside the box, include it, and if only half a word is inside the box, only type the part of the word in the box. If it's not a word, just click "I'm not sure, give me another". The mode is loaded with the August 3rd, 1887 edition of the Ann Arbor Courier, and you can see the whole thing right here. Let us know what you think and if you run into any trouble, and stay tuned for a fun challenge using this mode next friday!

And now, some long awaited SHOP NEWS! We have some very special items yet to come in the shop, starting with the TRIUMPHANT RETURN of the Messenger Bag next friday! Plus the unveiling of not 1, not 2, but 3 MYSTERY ITEMS next friday! Summer Game 2012 scoring will end at Midnight on Friday August 31st, with a final Secret Shop and a final Badge Drop that night! Don't worry though, that last badge drop will be for badges you either earned, or you didn't, you won't have to go hunting madly. THEN, the Summer Game Shop will stay open until Monday, September 17th for you to get in your last orders until next Summer! Can you believe we're in the HOME STRETCH?

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