The 2013 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

Are you playing the SUMMER GAME at your library? If so, the 2013 SUMMER GAME SHOP is now open for you to spend your points on great AADL stuff! If not, well, what are you waiting for? Players of ALL AGES can have fun earning points by reading, attending events, finding codes hidden in library buildings, and solving puzzles hidden in the AADL catalog, plus tagging, reviewing, and rating items ALL SUMMER LONG! GET STARTED today and see what all the fuss is about with Ann Arbor's most rewarding way to spend your summer! Any questions? Just Contact Us and we'll help you out! Find some codes, read some books, play some games, get some points and trade them in for great stuff like this, delivered to the branch of your choice! It's super fun all summer... DON'T MISS IT!

Chat: Summer Game Shop, Opening Super Soon!

chat logochat logoSince today's Friday, you probably already know it's a BADGE DROP DAY. Hooray!

But WAIT, there's ANOTHER reason to be excited for this evening -- tonight is the GRAND OPENING of the SUMMER GAME SHOP!

You've been racking up those Summer Game points, and soon (around 6pm tonight), you'll have a chance to see just what AWESOME AADL SWAG you can score! We've got things for indoor and outdoor adventures, stuff you can wear, and stuff you can snuggle!

In the spirit of awesome SG swag, what have some of your favorite shop premiums and prizes from past Summer Game years been? Do you have swag you still use all the time? Something that you loved to pieces?

Chime in!

UPDATE: The 2013 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN for business!

BADGE DROP: It's Friday's Fresh Batch!

Now we're REALLY going strong in the midst of the 2013 Summer Game!

Last weekend, Kids Read Comics was abuzz with activity, and it SHOWED in the amount of players who redeemed KRC codes and earned related badges. WAY TO GO!

Here we are at another Friday night... and so of course, we've got some FRESH BADGES TO DROP!
Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #3

We've got PLENTY more in store, badge-wise -- with some upcoming player picks, more codes at branches and events, follow-ups in some of your fave series, and even some special surprises for outdoor explorers!

So, HAVE FUN with this week's badges, and keep on the lookout for MORE SOON!


Chat Away: Summer Game Superfan Families!


The chat thread idea seems to be working well, so we'll be starting a new one each Friday afternoon, so you can chatter in anticipation as we get our badges ready to officially drop later in the evening (around 6pm)!

We've got something pretty exciting to post about today -- Word on the SG street is that a local filmmaker will be making a short film about the Summer Game! Yes, indeed, this filmmaker's going to attempt to capture some of the action, drama, and heartwarming success of SG13!
PRETTY COOL, right?!

Here's where YOU might come in -- we'd like to choose a family or two to be filmed -- playing the game, sharing what they love about it, and maybe even explaining the game to people who haven't played before.
Could one of these families-to-be-filmed be YOURS?

Tell us here why you think your family might make a great poster family (errr... film-family?) for the AADL Summer Game!

AADL's Summer Game Geocache

The Ann Arbor District Library is pleased to announce its Summer Game Geocache! Use a GPS-enabled devise to visit coordinates at four library locations and collect clues to calculate the final location of the geocache. A game code and a small treasure are yours if you find it. You can sign up for a free account at and learn more with their Geocaching 101 guide.

If you’re new to geocaching, we’ll also be hosting an Introduction to Geocaching event on July 13th where you can learn more about this popular activity. You can check out the geocaching resources in our collection, and kids may also be interested to learn more about geocaching through The Boxcar Children mystery, The Box That Watch Found.

Hold on to your Pupae, Summer Game Players, it's a BADGE DROP!

ONE WEEK IN to the 2013 Summer Game and you players are OFF AND RUNNING! With 1500 players scoring in just 7 days, and earning an astounding 4.2 MILLION POINTS ALREADY and over 4400 badges awards, it's clear that SUMMER GAME 2013 has leveled up... BIG TIME! And it's Friday night... you know what that means... BADGE DROP!
Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #2

But that's not all! KIDS READ COMICS is this weekend, and KRC Badges are still in production! Check back soon, early adopters, to see all the BIG BADGES and BIG POINTS you can earn at Ann Arbor's best Comics Con this weekend at the Downtown Library! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Shiny New Chat Thread!

chat thread: chatty chat chatchat thread: chatty chat chatHELLO, SUMMER GAME PLAYERS!

We're busy as bees behind the scenes, getting the next badge drop ready for your eager eyes!

The leaderboard has been blowing up as players decipher codes and rack up badges -- and everyone's effort in just this first little while is both impressive and AWESOME!

There's lots of chatter and enthusiasm on each post and comment thread! Looking through some of the dicsussion, though, we realized that it would be smart to create a new blog post/thread especially JUST for chatting.

The comments on badge drop posts are a FANTASTIC way to give newer (or just stumped!) players hints, but it can be hard to see those hints or intimidating for newer folks to feel comfortable asking questions if badge threads end up being used for more general conversation.

Sooo... we'll be opening up a weekly chat thread on Friday afternoons -- a little bit before each badge drop. That way, badge drop posts can be more specifically for badge questions, event post comments can be for questions about events, etc.

And with that, have at it! Feel free to chat away about whatever random topic you'd like in this brand-spanking-new chat thread! VOILA!

If you need a starter topic... BADGES: Which ones have been your favorites (this year or previous years), and what do you love so much about them?


Off to an AMAZING start, here's your first BADGE DROP of 2013!

WOWZERS! You guys are CRAZY! Summer Game has only been turned on for half a day, and we've already got 240 players on the leaderboard! And while our early adopters have been plugging away all afternoon, it's Friday Night, and that means it's time for a BADGE DROP!
Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #1

You might have noticed that badges now have difficulty ratings of Beginner, Advanced, or Expert; we're still filling these out for older badges so stay tuned! But for now, you know the drill; click on the badges or visit the Badge List to get the first clue for each badge and see hints and progress as you hunt through the catalog for game codes!

Also, remember that EVERY SINGLE SUMMER EVENT at YOUR LIBRARY has its own Game Code; come to the events and don't miss the code! As always, Contact Us if you have any trouble with your account or info, or just leave a comment if you're stuck and want help from other players! Don't forget our unwritten convention of badge help; give a clue, don't give the answer! Avoid badge spoilers and keep it fun for everyone. Have at it, players, and...



School is out! The weather is gorgeous! Summer Festival begins tonight! And on top, over, around and through all of it is your favorite thing to do ALL SUMMER LONG.... AADL'S SUMMER GAME at PLAY.AADL.ORG!

Get Started, Read Books, Watch Movies, Listen to Music, Go to Events, Find Codes, Solve Puzzles, Experience new things and get SUMMER GAME POINTS all along the way! And it's not just Online... you can also play the CLASSIC PAPER GAMES for Kids, Teens, or Adults, and win free new books, courtesy of the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library and the Scott and Marcy Westerman Fund, plus Temporary Tattoo sheets, mini gardening sets, coupons for free Cookies, Burritos, Bowling or AADL Zoom Lends... AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING!

On July 5th, the 2013 SUMMER GAME SHOP will open, filled with amazing new SUPER USEFUL products, including Picnic Blankets, Coolers, THE NICEST MESSENGER BAG WE'VE EVER OFFERED, and many more surprises throughout the summer! Earn points, climb the leaderboard, get stuff and have fun all summer AT YOUR LIBRARY!

The biggest new feature this year is RECRUITMENT BONUSES! On your Player Page, you can generate a Recruitment code you can give to friends and family who aren't summer game players! If a new player with a library card attached enters your code, YOU get a 500 point bonus, and THEY DO TOO! That's a big step up and it will surely be interesting to see as the summer goes on which players recruit the biggest networks! Just remember, to get the bonus, your recruit has to be a NEW PLAYER with an AADL LIBRARY CARD on their account!

We've also tweaked some other points values and will be rolling out changes during the day today. So hardcore players, stay tuned! And new players, dive in and just post a comment here for the expert players if you have any questions!


Summer Game 2013 Starts June 14th! ARE YOU READY?

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Summer is almost here, and SUMMER GAME 2013 is just around the corner! Get ready for new badges, new items, new challenges, and NEW WAYS TO EARN POINTS to keep you moving ALL SUMMER LONG! It is the triumphant return of Ann Arbor's hottest bucket of chuckles, the AADL SUMMER GAME!

You can pick up your CLASSIC paper reading log starting Friday, June 14th at any AADL location, or print one yourself, or just play online! Complete the paper game for 1000 points and the Super Summer Reader Badge, then keep playing online, earning badges, finding codes, attending events, and using your library for MORE POINTS! Then, starting July 5th, you can spend those points in the ALMOST ENTIRELY NEW AADL SUMMER GAME SHOP, filled with amazing new items you can order and pick up at your favorite library branch.

Plus, don't miss the SUMMER GAME KICKOFF CONCERT on Sunday June 16th at Top of the Park, featuring Chicago kid-friendly rockers ICE CREAM VENDORS! Come see us at the AADL tent for a special game code, and come back the next two sundays for even more, featuring crazy activities like LIFE-SIZE CANDYLAND, JOHANN SEBASTIAN JOUST, and more, including AADL's presentation of tower-sized one-of-a-kind experience SUPERHERO at TOP June 28-30!

Then, the points JUST KEEP ON COMING with AADL events, codes, points, and challenges hidden ALL OVER TOWN and new badges dropping EVERY FRIDAY! It all starts FRIDAY JUNE 14th and wraps up on FRIDAY AUGUST 30th! Stay tuned right here to PLAY.AADL.ORG to get all the latest Summer Game news and have fun at your library ALL SUMMER LONG!


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