Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

ATTENTION SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS! Due to popular demand, we've restocked some of our most popular items, including Milk and Dark Chocolate Logos, The Roos Roast Coffee Bundle, and the super-popular COLLAPSIBLE SNACK BOX! But that's NOT ALL! We've also restocked some items from past years, including the AADL Logo Projector Flashlight, the 2013 AADL Baseball Cap, and the AADL Red Logo Tuque! While we won't be able to restock the Colored Pencil Sets, we do have one more new item along those lines yet to come. We're getting close to the end of the game, so act fast.... all items are only available while supplies last! Happy shopping, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Badge Drop #10: Stop Feeling List-less! Try These New Badges!


We've got some goodies to give you, and those goodies are, of course, SHINY NEW BADGES!

Feeling list-less? MAKE SOME LISTS and earn the latest contribution badges! Want to get out and EXPLORE? We've got a badge in ANN ARBOR'S BIGGEST PARK! Need more animal adventures? LIONS, AND SERPENTS AND AARDVARKS, OH MY!

From constellations to creatures to a player pick (Thanks, SG Player Olivia!), we've got LOTS for you to do with this set of badges.

2014 Badge Drop #10

So, lace up your hiking shoes, dig into the story of our 7th president, don your bat-cape, and look to the sky this week! And don't forget there's still some time to catch up on any of this summer's previous badges, too!


NEW STUFF! Chocolates and a Tablet Sleeve!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

It's Another SHOP UPDATE! For your SUMMER GAME SHOPPING pleasure, we've got an ALL-NEW Fuzzy Tablet Sleeve, an ALL-NEW design for our FAMOUS AADL Chocolate Logos, and limited availability of the last remaining sizes of AADL Summer Shirts! Super Packages yet to come... and maybe a surprise or two yet to be posted... so stay tuned, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Badge Drop #9: Comments & MORE to EXPLORE!

Oh, hi there! Did we totally OVERWHELM YOU with the SERIOUS AMOUNT OF BADGE-NESS we dropped last week? Or are you taking it all in stride? From what we've seen, we're guessing Option #2, since we can see you've been out and about to EXPLORE terrariums, branches and parks GALORE!

So, just to keep the spirit of exploration going, we've got MORE EXPLORER badges for you this time around — badges that might help you get to know the WONDERS of the U-M LIBRARIES (yep, you can go there, even if you're not a student or staff member): two for in-person hunting, and another that takes you deeper into Detroit history via some of U-M's online collections. Cool, huh? We hope you like 'em!

This week's badges reward you for commenting, so help out other players in each thread, ask questions, and join in on conversation about library events. And so far, we've seen you getting (out in the) WILD, as well as SNAPPING SHELFIES, which — we admit — are our favorite kind of selfies. Keep those coming!

2014 Badge Drop #9

We've still got a few more weeks of SUPER SUMMER FUN, so keep up the AWESOME GAME-PLAY, chime in to let us know which badges you LOVE THE MOST, and as always...


AADL's Summer Game Geocache for 2014!

Lets end the summer with a BANG! The Ann Arbor District Library is pleased to announce that its Summer Game Geocache has returned for a second year! Use a GPS-enabled device to visit coordinates around town for FOUR virtual caches and ONE physical real-life cache! A game code (POINTS!) and a small treasure (COOL!) is all yours if you chose to find it. You can sign up for a free account at and learn more with their Geocaching 101 guide. You can also check out geocaching resources here in our own collection.


Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

OHHHHHH WOW! It's a moment you've been waiting for... NEW SHOP ITEMS! While there are still surprises left to come, tonight we've added to the shop a NEW Messenger bag, a NEW lunchbox, an AMAZING NEW iPhone Case, and the RETURN of the ROOS ROAST COFFEE BUNDLE! Still to come are a NEW CHOCOLATE, a few more new items, some old favorites and packages.... so STAY TUNED and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Badge Drop #8: Get Outside!

Alright, Summer Gamers, it's August! August means hot, sunny days just begging you to GET OUTSIDE! How can the AADL Summer Game help YOU to get outside? Surely this is a game all about sitting in front of a computer? NO!! It's Badge Drop #8, the get-out-of-your-houseinest badge drop in Summer Game history! What are you going to do when you are out and around town?
-Finally get all of those Operation: Park Explorer badges done, including the all-new County Farm Park badge!
-Visit all of the AADL locations to track down all of the codes and earn all of the BRANCH EXPLORER badges!
-Get around downtown Ann Arbor to find all of the TWIG TERRARIUMS at various businesses!
-Take your picture at any AADL location and show us on Instagram or Twitter to earn the AADL SHELFIES badge!
-Take a picture of AADL materials out in the world (maybe even you USING them) and show us on Instagram or Twitter to earn the AADL IN THE WILD badge!
-Beat down your friends' doors to make them sign-up for the Summer Game so you can get a 500 POINT REFERRAL BONUS and work towards your RECRUITMENT MASTER badges!

Oh, and did I mention that this is the BIGGEST BADGE DROP OF SUMMER GAME 2014? Let's get to it!

2014 Badge Drop #8

So what are you waiting for? The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The codes are waiting. GET OUTSIDE!! And...


Chat: What Have Been Your Favorite 2014 Badges?

Hey Gamers, so you know how you guys are CRUSHING the Summer Game this year? Record numbers of players, of badges, of codes, of points, of EVERYTHINGS? Since you seem to be so enjoying the Summer Game so much, we thought this would be a good time to ask you a little about what you ARE liking so much!

The AADL Summer Game crew got to talking about badges and we were wondering what YOUR favorite badges have been this year. What did you like about them? Clever clues? Interesting things you learned? Great game codes?

What about your families? What about your friends? What badges are THEY loving this year? WHY?

Ready to sate our curiousity? GO!

Super SEVENTH Badge Drop: Art, Angry Birds, & a Player Pick!

WOWZA! You're still GOING GANGBUSTERS on the Summer Game! You've earned 33,138,070 POINTS, and 34,028 badges! Might we make it to 35,000 badges earned this year?! I think it's possible!

And your ranks are GROWING! What do I mean? Well, over the past week we passed the FOUR THOUSAND PLAYER milestone. WHOA. So, obviously, you're not only busy READING, LISTENING, WATCHING and PLAYING the game, but also SPREADING THE WORD about all the fun to be had! Thank you! And... WATCH OUT if you're feeling competitive on that leaderboard, 'cause we've got some NEW SUPER-ENTHUSIASTIC PLAYERS — and that means you'll have to work hard to stay one step ahead!

Speaking of steps - thanks for all the feedback on your wanderings and adventures with the PARK EXPLORER series. We've gotten SUCH positive response that we've also decided to expand it to some other REALLY FUN PLACES to explore that are free (or suggested-donation) around town. Check out the UMMA EXPLORER this week!

For those of you loving park exploration, don't worry, you'll have plenty more badges in the great outdoors, but it IS nice to have some options for rainy (or too-hot/in-need-of-AC) days too! And if you're looking for something a little more WILD-AND-ACTIVE, we've got just the ticket with LIFE-SIZED ANGRY BIRDS this Monday. Of course, there's a BIG badge for that one!

2014 Badge Drop #7

We're excited to be dropping a PLAYER PICK badge too! Veteran player KathyD helped put a little spin on Bunny Hop featuring hoppy critters who are NOT SO CUDDLY. Eeeks! But, rest assured, there are still plenty of WARM FUZZY badges, both in this drop, and yet to come! So keep at it, and...


Special Badge Opportunity: 2500 points for Monday Night's Board Meeting!

Public Comment MasterPublic Comment Master

PUBLIC, ENGAGE! We have a ONE-TIME Badge Opportunity for you tonight at the monthly meeting of the AADL Board of Trustees! They're elected by the public, and they work for you to set policy and strategy for your library! AND TONIGHT ONLY, July 21st at 7 PM, we have a special badge, PUBLIC COMMENT MASTER, that you can only earn by making a public comment to the Library Board during their meeting! There's a 500 point code for attending the meeting, a 1000 point code for commenting, and a 1000 point badge for doing both! That's 2500 POINTS and all you have to do is tell the Library Board what you think!

Arrive just before 7 PM tonight to the 4th floor meeting room at the Downtown Library and sign up to comment. If you miss that, there is another opportunity to comment at the end of the meeting. You'll find one code on the wall near the entrance, and the special commenting code on the podium! This is your chance, no matter how old you are, to tell the Library Board what you think... and GET POINTS IN THE PROCESS! It's as civically engaged as you can get, and it's a great chance to see how YOUR library is governed! Don't miss this opportunity! Hope to see you there, and as always,


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