The end of Summer Game 2015 is just a few short weeks away, but there's still TONS of points, badges, and prizes yet to be earned! And THIS WEEK we'll be releasing new shop items EVERY DAY! Starting with today's return of the long-awaited Mug and Beans Combo Pack! But there are many new items yet to come, so STAY TUNED ALL WEEK LONG for amazing STUFF!

And you're going to need MORE POINTS to get that stuff, right? So come to TONIGHT'S AADL BOARD MEETING, starting at 7 PM on the 4th Floor of the Downtown Library, and make a public comment at the beginning or the end of the meeting to earn the ABOVE BOARD badge, worth 1000 Points and the SATISFACTION OF TRUE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT!

Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming GAME OVER GALA at the Downtown Library on the last day of SG2015, Monday August 31st, from 6-8 PM. MORE CODES, an amazing chance to swap FRIEND CODES, and delightful REFRESHMENTS FOR ALL! Please join us, and as always.....


Badge Drop #10: Summer Game Gets FRIENDLIER THAN EVER!


Our fabulous new FRIEND CODE FEATURE just dropped a few days ago and already this week’s Summer Game has gotten so FRIENDLY it’s a little bit NUTS. Never before has the comment section seen such a CRAZY assortment of SEEMINGLY RANDOM WORDS AND NUMBERS.

So to match that running theme, here’s a SEEMINGLY RANDOM assortment of AWESOME BADGE AWESOMENESS:

2015 Badge Drop #10

This week we’ve got THREE different Gutsy Girls, THREE ever-more-exciting ARBOR EXPLORER BADGES chock full of RIVETING RIVER ART, and TWO mysterious mystery badges (because ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH) with a massive overload of FAMOUS BEARS, 90’s KID STARS, MAGICAL MAPS and everything else piled on top like a really good plate of BADGE NACHOS.

With only TWO WEEKS LEFT in the Summer Game it’s time to really GET THE LEAD OUT and EXPLORE YOUR LIBRARY like there ain’t no tomorrow!

But we wouldn’t just drop these badges and leave you to it, NO WAY. We’re also excited to announce a veritable TIDAL WAVE of AADL-LOGO COVERED THINGS that will be rolling into the Summer Game shop over the next week. So for those of you stocking up on points like it’s the END TIMES, stay tuned because there are MORE PRIZES on the way!

Until next week, FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, and of course….


What's This? A NEW FEATURE appears: FRIEND CODES!

August, AMIRITE? So sleepy, warm, and humid; everybody's out of town, nothing ever happens. BUT NOT TODAY! From the Secret Software Development Complex buried deep below Summer Game Central comes an AMAZING new feature we think you're gonna love.... FRIEND CODES!!!

BUT WHAT, you ask, IS A FRIEND CODE? Well, we are so GLAD YOU ASKED! You'll now find on your player page a randomly-generated FRIEND CODE. This is unique to each player, and you can re-generate it and get a new random code if you don't like yours. The idea is that you distribute your FRIEND CODE however you'd like; make it into a button, put it on facebook, add it to your comments... that's totally up to you. But when another player REDEEMS your Friend Code by entering it like any other Game Code... they become one of YOUR FOLLOWERS! They get 100 points, and you get 100 points too!

When YOU enter SOMEBODY ELSE'S Friend Code, you become THEIR FOLLOWER, and you get 100 points, and they get 100 points too!

When YOU follow someone WHO FOLLOWS YOU (or vice versa), you become FRIENDS and you each get another 50 point bonus! IT'S AMAZING!

You can view your lists of players you follow, players who follow you, and your friends on your player page, and their names or numbers will show up just like on the leaderboard.... which also means that your player security settings REMAIN IN EFFECT for what shows to whom.

Also, once you have given out your FRIEND CODE, and some other player has REDEEMED IT and become your FIRST FOLLOWER, your FRIEND CODE is locked and can no longer be changed. So make sure you like it before you give it out to anyone!

This feature is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL and we'll see how it goes; but we hope it is the foundation of lots of WONDERFUL NEW GAMEPLAY in SG SEASONS YET TO COME!

Questions? Bugs? Suggestions? Let's hear it! And here's my friend code to get you started: FELT373! YES! Now I'm like Tom from MySpace. ENJOY and as always....


Badge Drop #9: I-Spy, Canoes and Civic Selfies!

WHEW! This last week involved a WHOLE LOTTA LEGO! Our (little plastic yellow) heads are STILL SPINNING from all of the excitement of yesterday's 10TH ANNUAL LEGO CONTEST!

If you missed it, don't fret — this week you can get deep into the LEGO side of the Summer Game in the comfort of your VERY OWN HOME by taking a close look at your 2015 Summer Reading Game Card for Kids. The brand new I-Spybrary badge will have you rhyming your way through a careful card examination!

Speaking of SPYING, we've got a badge that involves the CIA! Well, OK, in this case CIA ACTUALLY stands for "Canoe Imagine Art" project, NOT the secret spy agency. But you have to admit that's a catchy acronym, right? Beat the heat by Galluping over to the river to see some artwork! Or, if rollin' on (or near) the river isn't quite your thing, you can still get out and about to snap a civic selfie — it's part of the Self Actualization badge!

2015 Badge Drop #9

Does early August heat have you feeling LISTLESS? We have your cure — become a Super, Mega, Giga, Ultra or SUPREME List Master! Or, if that's not really the right way to cool off, we also have FANS! OK, OK, they may not be the breezy kind, but we're willing to bet that they're still pretty cool. Know what else is cool, dawg? Find out through the 90s-lovin' HOT DAWG badge!

Hmmm... what more can we offer? Well, the AUGUST RUSH of NEW SHOP ITEMS is beginning, with TWO amazing new items today:

And next week we're planning a veritable TORRENT of amazing new shop items you've never seen before... so use your points wisely, and for now — stay hot, stay cool and as always...


Badge Drop #8: Dropping Like a Ton of Bricks

IT'S HERE, EVERYBODY! This is the week the whole summer (and Summer Game) has been BUILDING to! The pieces are finally SET! NEXT THURSDAY: THE 10th ANNUAL LEGO CONTEST!!! So to celebrate, we've got a ton of LEGO-y goodness for you in this week's badge drop:

-the opening of the Staff LEGO Exhibit in the Downtown Library, featuring a special set of codes and a badge to go with it!
-all-new LEGO exhibits at Vault of Midnight and Literati!
-the reveal of the Bannerama badge, held over until this moment because THE BANNERS ARE FINALLY UP ON THE DOWNTOWN LIBRARY!

Let's go to the badges!

2015 Badge Drop #8

In addition to all of that amazing LEGO-ness, we've got a bunch of your favorites: Berenstain Bears, Bob's Burgers, TV detectives, Norse mythology, Nancy Drew, explorers--WHEW! I'm out of breath just listing it, wait to you get to them all! What else do we have in store? Check it out:

-the final two POWER ART badges of the year! Now's your chance to walk a few BLOCKS Downtown to collect them all at once!
-the release of the Comment Master series, which earns you points just for speaking your mind on any post or page on!
-AND an AWESOME chance to see democracy in action, help collect data about election results, and make some mondo points with the Pollcat badge!

Don't get so wrapped up in all of that democracy that you forget to make a great LEGO project to submit to the LEGO Contest! Drop off for projects is 9-3 at Kensington Court with public viewing open at 6 and awards handed out at 8pm! Check out the event listing for more details and START BUILDING!!! Come show us what a STUD (or STUDette) you are!

Remember: nothing, not heat, nor CONSTRUCTION, not ANYTHING can stop the Summer Game! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Badge Drop #7: Summer Game is really HEATING UP!

It's JULY guys, and in true Summer form it's getting hotter and hotter out. Like, where's-my-sunscreen, where're-my-pool-floaties, HOLY-COW-THAT-SIDEWALK-IS-HOT sort of heat. But Summer time's got nothing on the SUMMER GAME because, we assure you, things are JUST heating up! The amount of SCORING, SEARCHING, and CODE-COLLECTING you've all been doing has really lit a fire under us!

We thought you might need PROOF, so here it is!

2015 Badge Drop #7


This week we've got LEGENDS, LORE, and LIARS--and with their on-fire-pants situation, well, it doesn't get much HOTTER than that! We also have a FANTASTIC Player's Pick badge made by Kathy D, so ENORMOUS thanks to her! Not to mention, we're dropping our REVIEW MASTER BADGES, for those of you BLAZING through the catalog and OPINIONING LIKE YOU'VE NEVER OPINIONED BEFORE.

We've also got a badge about 2 and a half MILLION gallons of HOT MOLASSES running rampant through city streets, so when that Ann Arbor humidity starts driving you NUTS, just think--it could always be worse!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We've got 2 BRAND NEW ITEMS in the Summer Game Shop... with more fabulous items yet to come! Check them out:

So, as you're wandering around HOT on the trail of Summer Game codes, BURNING the midnight oil looking through the catalog, or just sitting very still in front of a fan to keep from COMBUSTING, keep in mind that the Summer Game is braving the heat with you!


Badge Drop #6: It's Art AND it's Fair!

Hey, did you guys notice that there's some kind of thing going on downtown this week? Hello? Oh, did you all leave town? Well, whether you're running to pick up some art or practicing the art of running away, rest assured that your friendly neighborhood AADL has been busy with the FINE ART OF BADGEMAKING! And this badge drop is FILLED TO BURSTING with all kinds of handcrafted (okay, some computercrafted) goodness including 3 more amazing LEGO creations to check out around town, mashed up words, dam disasters, and wiki-goodness, PLUS two fresh new PowerArt! badges where you can get points for checking out the art that ISN'T going to pack up and leave come Sunday!

2015 Badge Drop #6

OH WAIT! You guys probably want to hear how AMAZING you are doing this Summer Game! I'd better give you your stats fix! (Or is it MY stats fix? Do you guys even care about how AMAZING you are? Or are you too busy BEING AMAZING? How many more times do you think I can use the word AMAZING?) The 4609 PLAYERS playing have gotten 31,292 BADGES and earned 33,788,242 POINTS!!! Not impressed? What about if I tell you that that's more points than were earned in the ENTIRE SUMMER GAME 2014! And we're only halfway through! Would you call that...AMAZING?!!!

Debuting this week is the super snazzy Above Board badge, your chance to get a badge and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD at an upcoming Ann Arbor District Library Board meeting! You can earn this one by attending and making a public comment at either the July 20th or the August 17th meetings, so mark those dates on your calendars!

If you weren't already going to come downtown this weekend, maybe you should think about it now that there are loads of LEGO and plenty of PowerArt! If you can't bring yourself to do that (or if you are currently holed up in your house, trying in vain to forget about $20 parking places and bowls made out of things that were not intended to be bowls), you can always check those things out later and just spend your time perusing the SUMMER GAME SHOP, purveyor of extremely tasteful items covered in the AADL logo!

Don't forget that even when tents have taken over your town, SUMMER GAME IS ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

BADGE DROP #5 Rings In A Brand New Badge MILLENNIUM!!!

We'll admit it, you guys. Badge drop days can get a little bonkers around here, and last week we were so UNBEARABLY excited to roll out those brand new badges for ya that we BLEW RIGHT PAST OUR 1,000TH BADGE WITHOUT EVEN BLINKING!

I know that's a lot of caps lock guys, but 1,000 BADGES??? That's absolutely PREPOSTEROUS! If you were to try to count that high on your fingers and toes, you'd need....ten....twenty....squared...carry the one....A LOT of fingers and toes! That's a HALF TON of badges we've dropped on you over the years, if you can believe it!

And in light of this brand new badge millennium, we've stopped to do some real soul-searching. What does it all mean? What do we do now that we've reached 1,000? What could POSSIBLY beat the absolute AWESOMENESS of making 1,000 badges??


2015 Badge Drop #5

If you didn't know, that up there is what our VICTORY DANCE looks like over in Badge Drop headquarters!

If you're trying to count on your fingers and toes, don't bother--that's 22 BADGES forging bravely ahead into this new badge era--including the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BRANCH MASTER BADGES! If you haven't made it out to the branches yet, this is CLEARLY a sign from the COSMOS that you should GET RIGHT ON IT! And in the spirit of reaching for the STARS and all that jazz, we're also dropping the first of the CONTRIBUTOR'S TROPHY BADGES for those of you who have been rating like CRAZY!

Don't forget that the SUMMER GAME SHOP has officially opened, and now ALL THOSE POINTS can easily be traded in for ALL THOSE PRIZES!!

1,000 badges would mean NOTHING without all of your EPIC ENTHUSIASM, Summer Gamers, so thanks for sticking with us to 1,000 and beyond and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

The 2015 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

OH MY WOW! All your patience has paid off... the 2015 SUMMER GAME SHOP is NOW OPEN! We've got a bunch of new items, returning favorites, and PLENTY MORE SURPRISES YET TO COME! But for now, PUT THOSE POINTS TO USE and get some USEFUL STUFF from YOUR LIBRARY! Visit the Shop NOW and see what's new!

Just in case this is your first time, you can only spend SUMMER GAME POINTS in the SUMMER GAME SHOP, although you can use points from ANY SUMMER GAME YEAR! When you place your order, be sure to let us know at which branch you'd like to pick up your order. Then, wait for a notification that your order is ready! Orders generally take at least a week to be filled, and may be longer for certain items. Once you get your notification, just go to the branch and tell them the name on the order to pick it up! Enjoy, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

It's a July 4th-tastic Badge Drop #4!

It's a great time to be citizens, patriots, and Summer Gamers! Independence Day weekend! FIREWORKS! PARADES! And what could be more American than BADGES!!

First, let's do the numbers:
Over 4000 PLAYERS playing already!
Over 16,550 BADGES earned!!
Over 26,915,459 POINTS awarded!!!

HOT DOG, THAT'S A LOT OF POINTS! So what can we do to help? More codes, more points, more badges? How about THIS: 21 shiny new badges this week, resplendent with America-riffic goodness! We've got badges about parade marchers, American heroes, early settlers, the finest American art form, and--to top it all off--4 civics-tacular CivCity badges that get you out seeing how YOUR government works! Plus: America's pastime, LEGO! (Note: LEGO is not currently America's pastime BUT IT DARN WELL SHOULD BE!) Badges, ho!

2015 Badge Drop #4

Speaking of things that couldn't possibly be more American...THE SUMMER GAME SHOP OPENS THIS TUESDAY! What will YOU spend your points on? Something AMAZING! We've got another great set of prizes this year that will thrill and surprise you, so make sure to take a look on Tuesday at all the amazing stuff you can get!

And if you can find some time this weekend between EATING HOT DOGS and WATCHING PARADES and OOHING OVER FIREWORKS, make sure to get out there and play some Summer Game!

Only in America! What a country! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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