How to Earn Summer Game Badges

It's Summer Game and Summer Game means lots of great badges to earn and lots of great points to go along with them! But how do you earn these hundreds of badges? LIKE THIS:

1. TAKE A LOOK AT THE BADGE LIST! Badges for this year's Summer Game will be at the top, but you can still earn badges from past years; you just have to scroll down! If a badge image is lighter in color and it gets darker when you move your mouse over it, it means it's a badge you haven't yet earned. So let's go for it!

2. CLICK ON A BADGE IMAGE! This will give you a pop up:

This gives you the badge title, difficulty, point value, first clue, and how many people have beaten you to it. Read your first clue and see if you can find where it should go and what you should look for. If you need a little help, try clicking the "click for hint" link next to the first set of ?????? for a hint:

3. GO SEARCHING! Most badges will ask you to look for things in the catalog, though some send you other places, so read your clue carefully! Many badges will require you to go out and figure things out; remember that Google and Wikipedia are a badge hunter's best friend. Once you've figured out what to search for, go to the catalog and search for it!

But wait! This clue tells us more than just what to search for! It also tells us what kind of thing we are searching for, a youth book. How does that help? Because with facets we can narrow our results. Look to the right sidebar of your results page. Clicking the plus will give you options for refining your search to give you just the things you want. We'll select "Book" under "by Format" and "Youth" under "by Age Group" so we don't waste time looking through items that we know can't be right.

4. HUNT DOWN THAT CODE! Now that you have a list of items that code might be in, go into the item records (by clicking on titles) and look for a Game Code on the lefthand side:

5. REDEEM THAT CODE! Once you've found it, you've found it! Just click on the code itself and it will take you here:

The code will already be filled in for you, so just click "Submit"! You'll get a box at the top of your page that looks like this:

This box includes any points you've earned for your code as well as a message that will include your next clue!

6. REPEAT! Now that you've got a new clue to follow, do just the same! And don't worry about keeping that little message box up someplace: if you go back on click on the badge you are working on, you'll see all of the codes you've found filled in along with their messages:

Once you've found your last code, your message box will also tell you about the badge you've earned and the points you got for them. Time to move on to another badge!