ArborWiki Placemaster

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2015 Game

Let's master place pages! To become an ArborWiki Placemaster, you must add a few helpful components to pages about places around town. You must add: a bus route tag, a map, and a descriptive fact, such as a photo, timeline bullet point, or description to any place page. All three elements do not need to be added to the same place - just keep your eyes peeled for these element gaps and fill 'em in. Remember that ArborWiki is only as good and accurate as its users make it! To receive your code, add the name of the badge in the "Please describe this change" field on ArborWiki, and we'll email your code to you. If your email isn't publicly viewable, send an email with your username and the badge you are seeking to so they can check your edits and email your code.

225 SummerGame2015 point bonus when earned

This badge has been awarded to 59 players

Game CodeDescriptionEarned On
???????(click for hint)