ArborWiki Wicket

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2015 Game

Ann Arbor sure is lucky to have a resource like ArborWiki! It's a great place to find and share community information, from knowing your local government representatives, to scoring birthday deals around town, to picking the perfect park for your picnic. But a resource this full of helpful details is only as good as its updates! Sign up for an ArborWiki account and make your email viewable in the settings. Now that you're an ArborWiki user, dig around. Find a way to contribute, and make a constructive edit. When you edit a page, there's a field that says "Please describe this change." Enter "ArborWiki Wicket" there so we can spot the change and email you your code!

675 SummerGame2015 point bonus when earned

This badge has been awarded to 181 players

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???????(click for hint)