Cobblestone Farm Frolic

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2015 Game

Cobblestone Farm, located at 2781 Packard Rd, consists of a cobblestone house, a huge three story oak timber frame barn which can be rented for weddings and other occasions, an animal barn, a log cabin, and heirloom gardens. There is a map here, although you do not need it to complete the badge: Enter off Packard Road. There is a sign for Buhr Park/Cobblestone Farm. (It is very close to the Mallet’s Creek Branch.) Park in the paved lot behind the farm. It is well marked. Do not park in the gravel drive next to the house.

NOTE: Cobblestone Farm is often rented for weddings and private parties. The association recommends going on Monday-Wednesday, or early in the morning to avoid intruding on private events.

Tuesdays between 4-7 PM is an especially good time to visit. There is a farmer’s market with fresh, local food and activities for kids. (More information here: You can buy dinner there or bring a picnic. It’s very kid friendly. Also, you will be able to tour the inside of the cobblestone house free of charge. But, don’t worry if you can’t visit on Tuesday- you can still earn the badge.

To ensure that you park in the correct lot, you will find your first code there. See the 2 port-a-potties? Your first code is the 10-digit phone number for John’s Sanitation. Be sure to enter it in with no spaces and no dashes.

Now let's get going! When you enter the farm from the SE corner of the parking lot, the first structure you come to is a little log cabin. Walk around the cabin until you find a critter. The name of the critter is your next code. Make sure to see the tiny cabin for kids before you move on.

Now go to the huge barn ahead of you. The lower floor is the Customer Service Department for the A2 Park and Recreation Dept. It is open M-F from 8-5. For a bonus code, go into the lobby. There is a brass plaque on the wall dedicated to a park maintenance worker. His full name is your bonus code:

Whether the office is open or closed from there, walk up to the cobblestone house. The front door faces Packard Rd. There is a bronze plaque there designating it an Ann Arbor Historic Structure. The Name of the house and date on the plaque are the next code (be careful spelling the first name!)

This is a Michigan Historic Site. Walk past the fountain surrounded by flowers, up to the sidewalk in front to find the historic marker. Read both sides. Your next code is the 4-word name of the survey that listed the house in 1936. And, if you search this record base, you can see photos of the house taken in 1936 as well as floor plans and a map of the grounds!

Now walk around the west side of the house. Can you spot a bell on the roof? Up on the porch look through the window to see the dining room. This is the original house built before the cobblestone house. Any ripe vegetables in the kitchen garden? Keep walking past the house until you come to the animal barn (right behind a bright red corn crib.) Here you should spot a horse, goats, chickens, a rooster and a very mad goose.

Next, you will cross the road you drove in on to explore the playground. This is not part of Cobblestone Farm, but it is fun to stop by there during a visit to the farm. Cross the road at the pedestrian zebra crossing off the parking lot. Don’t turn right- that will take you to the pool. Go straight ahead on the paved path. You will see a sign on the right that says, “Rain Garden.” The top two words written on the sign below are your next code.

Next walk a bit further up the path and find a green sign holding information about the Wet Meadow. You will see some cards with the names and photos of plants found there. The common name of the plant in the lower left corner is your final code.

Make sure to check out the playground before you leave. There is a cannon and bouncy logs as well as the play structure. And, if the Farmer’s Market is on, go visit Matt at Milan Coffee Works. He may have a bonus code for you- but you have to ask him for it. Don't worry if you go during a non-Market day the badge doesn't depend on the bonus code!

This badge design was contributed by Summer Game player sara!

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