Detroit Map Resources Guide

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In this badge, you'll be exploring online, delving into some Detroit History...

1. From fire insurance to maps historically correct in every point of detail, this guide will serve to help you navigate your way through Detroit’s history. Find the Historic Maps tab and search for the link to “Historical Maps of Detroit.” Click on the link to find out who created the map in 1830 named “Plat of the City of Detroit as laid out by the Gov. and Judges.”

2. Aerial photos, or photos taken from a plane, can be used to make topographic maps, for land-use planning, or environmental studies. What set of photos provides a birds-eye view of Motor City’s skyline starting in 2003?

3. When “Getting Started” with Detroit Map Resources guide offered by the U-M library, there are several categories you can look into, from street maps to plat maps and fire insurance maps. What year did the Sandborn Map Company start to produce fire insurance maps? Numbers only, please.

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