County Farm Park

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2014 Game

County Farm Park is located at the southwest corner of Washtenaw Ave. and Platt Rd. just behind the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center. There are two entrances- one off of Platt Rd. and one off of Medford Rd. We will begin at the main entrance off of Platt Road. The trails include paved, gravel, and wood chipped surfaces. There is an incline on one portion that may be a challenge with a stroller or a wheelchair. Dogs and bikes are not permissible on some portions of this park explorer badge.

You trip through the park will take you on parts of 3 different trails. There are trail maps and markers to guide you, or you can use the map here. Notice that your present location is at the top of the trail marker, and the colored arrows at the bottom point you to the next marker(s).

Park you car and walk under the red arch that says “County Farm Park” and then walk up the path to the farm-themed playground. Once there, look for the “river” running through the playground. Count the number of fish that are swimming around the rocks. That number is your next code.

Right next to the playground is the Discovery Garden. This is an accessible garden with raised beds of various heights to accommodate gardeners in wheelchairs and those with special needs. Walk around the beds until you find #26. The word carved on the sign is your next code. (Make sure you see the bronze pigs fenced in next to the garden shed before you move on.)

Walk up the hill from the gardens to the paved trail that leads you through the community gardens. This is part of the 1.4 mile exercise trail (green on the map.) You are at exercise station #1. Be sure to stop at the sign telling you about the Gardens in County Farm Park. Follow the green arrow until you come to exercise station #3 – it’s a ways down and just before you approach it you will see green marker 10 and a garbage can on your right – exercise station #3 is up ahead on your right. The name of this exercise is your next code.

The trail forks at exercise station #3. Leave the paved path, and take the gravel trail to the left. This will take you through Fox Hollow Prairie and into Britton Woods - once you enter the woods you will be on the Nature Trail instead of the Exercise Trail. When you reach exercise station #4, branch right and then immediately left. You will be on a bark-chip path (black dots on the map.) Be on the lookout for a bench in the woods. Your next code is the person’s full name that completes the sign: “In loving memory of ___________________.” [Note: If you passed the water tower, you were on the wrong nature trail. You want to go from marker 12 to marker 14 on the red trail]

Continue along the path until you come out at the lovely, red, Medford Pavilion. You will head back on the path that leads directly off the parking lot - to your left when the Pavilion is to your right. (Look at the posted map before you continue. You will be taking the blue trail to marker 7, then using the dotted brown connector trail to get to the yellow trail.) Locate the sign that lists the “park rules” and says “welcome to County Farm Park” - continue on that path. You know you are on the right path when you pass a dog waste station, and see a green marker ahead. Follow the blue arrow to marker 7. At marker 7, follow the blue arrow towards marker 10. You will not go all the way to marker 10. Travel along the trail until you reach marker 8. (It’s a blue-capped post with a yellow arrow pointing towards marker 8). Take the grassy path to your right – where the arrow points.

You will eventually come out at a gravel path. Turn left and follow the trail for a while to the yellow arrow/marker 9 (the perennial garden.) Your final code is located at the highest portion of the perennial garden. Climb into the garden and look for the metal labels on the railroad ties – your next code will be on one of these signs. Walk around the tall grasses at the top to find out what type of iris is planted there. This adjective is your next code.

That’s the last clue. You are now at the pavilion area right near the playground where you started. There are bathrooms at the pavilion too! Go play some more, or walk down some of the other trails. There is a lot more to explore!

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