Barton Nature Area

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2014 Game

There are multiple entrances to Barton Nature Area, so you'll want to be sure you're starting in the right spot! Start at the small parking lot at the southeast end of the park, immediately adjacent to W. Huron River Drive. It'll be helpful if you check out (and/or print) [this map before you go.

1. Starting your exploration, you need to be aware of some rules & regulations. For example, do not park in the handicap spot (unless properly permitted), or you'll be fined! Your first code is the amount of the fine excluding the decimal and cents.

2. Before crossing the footbridge, look for a small plaque on the bridge that lists the maximum load limit. Your next code is the weight, including unit of measure, as listed on the plaque.

3. Take a moment to admire the view from the bridge. Your code is the name of the waterbody you are crossing, which runs along the western boundary of the park. Need a hint? Just remember the name of the road you turned off of to enter the park.

4. One more sign sits on the other side of the bridge, and reminds us to "_____ ALL PETS" for the safety and well-being of the nature area's residents.

Now, you'll leave the signs behind for a while. Time to dig out the binoculars and field guides and start discovering on your own. Few man-made features will be encountered, only a bench or birdhouse, here and there. Stay right at the first fork in the trail, keeping on the woodchip portion. You'll walk about 10 minutes, at which you'll start to hear a low, rumbling noise (not the highway noise). Not too long after hearing that sound, you'll come to a larger footbridge.

5. Check the load limit here for your next code. Again, enter in both the number and the abbreviation for the unit of measurement

Enjoy the view from this bridge. The view downstream is particularly nice. Looking upstream, you'll see Barton Dam. The impoundment behind it, Barton Pond, supplies 85% of Ann Arbor's drinking water.

6. You're almost done! Head up the stairs or the steep hill and follow the crest of the hill to the left along the pond. You'll see a sign in front of a large dock. It says BARTON PARK _______ _______.

Those last two words of the name on the sign are your last game code. Hurrah! You're all done with your official badge earning duties!

However, if you wish to explore more, the gravel trail on the west side of the river takes you to either the other parking lot (left fork), or to the dam and Barton Pond (right fork).

On the return trip, look for the path that starts next to the bridge, following the river - it's longer and has more side trails to explore, but it takes you back to the first intersection you encountered at the start of the trip.

270 SummerGame2014 point bonus when earned

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