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Parker Mill County Park

Difficulty: Advanced
Part of the SummerGame2014 Game

The Park Mill County Park is Nestled along the banks of Fleming Creek and the Huron River, this 45-acre park is a favorite of both history buffs and nature lovers. The historic grist mill is the main attraction, standing as a reminder of the region’s agricultural heritage. This park explorer badge trail walk will be roughly 1.5 miles total. The entire path is paved/boardwalks and is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Part of the trail explores riparian and wetland ecosystems; features nature viewing platforms. Bikes and dogs are not allowed on the boardwalks. Note that high water levels may make the trail impassable after rains! When collecting codes be sure that you enter them as one long word - no spaces. The park brochure, with a map can be found here [this map] When traveling to the park, be sure to use the parking lot & entrance on Geddes Rd, just east of Dixboro Rd.

1) Your exploration begins by walking towards the covered pavilion (bathrooms & picnic tables) at the end of the parking lot. Locate the sign just past the wood/metal bike rack on the right titled “Parker Mill’s Native Plant Gardens”. Your first code is the scientific name of the 2nd flower from the top on the right hand side. of the sign. Please note: you must use the spelling as listed on the sign at Parker Mill - which is actually a misspelling.

2) Now Continue traveling down the hill (following the main sign going towards the ‘Hoyt G. Post Trail) - the mill will be on your right. Near the bottom of the hill at the back of the mill, locate the bench with a memorial plaque. Your next code is the word that fills in the blank on the plaque. “In __ of W. Dale & Grace E. Parker by their children.”

3) Continue down the hill and follow the main path straight ahead - keeping the “Frontier Cozy” building to your right and Fleming Creek to your left. On your left - just before the bridge to the Sugarbush Trail there is a bench with a memorial plaque. Your code is the name found in between the two dates.

4) Continue travelling down the main path (100 yards or so) towards the “Hoyt G. Post Trail” (your next stop). The sign and the boardwalk for the “Hoyt G. Post Trail” will be on your left. You will see two wooden markers labeling the boardwalk. Travel another 100 yards or so and then look for the geometric “turn-off” area on the right with several signs explaining the landscape and natural surrounding. Your next code is found in the title of one of the signs. The ____ (Floodplain) Forest.

5) Your next code is found on the “Fleming Creek Watershed” sign in the same area. Look for the sentence that says, “the creek drops almost __ /mile in some sections.”

6) Travel along the boardwalk for a while until you come to the sign titled “Fallen Giants”. Your code is the missing word in this sentence on the sign, “The soils are so wet that trees must grow most of their roots near the surface where there is better__."

7) Continue traveling on the boardwalk for quite a while to the back forest park area. You will pass under the railroad tracks and wind your way through some wildflowers & shrubs. When the first boardwalk cuts to the left keep going straight and then take the next boardwalk path that branches off to the RIGHT. This path will lead you to your final clue - on the turn off. Locate the sign titled “Peat Domes”. Your final code is the combination of the last two words in the sentence that includes “ a mud-filled__”

That’s it for the codes, but be sure to finish the trail - especially to see the new turn-off when the path reaches the Huron River. If you continue along the boardwalk trail it loops back around and meets back up with the main trail to take you back to

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