Operation Park Explorer: Mary Beth Doyle Park

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2014 Game

Have you noticed that there isn't a creek at the Malletts Creek Library? Well there is one nearby. Let's go to Mary Beth Doyle Park and see the actual Malletts Creek. It will be a bit more than a one mile walk. You won't need to leave the trails, which are mostly wide, dry and level, though some spots are too narrow for a wheelchair. You can bike.

A good map of the park is here.

Mary Beth Doyle Park is named in honor of an amazing local environmental activist. Before you go, search the internet for a special tribute to her from our previous governor. Your first code is the two-word name of a role she played in some skits performed in area schools.

We'll start our walk at the little dirt parking lot on the south side of Packard Road. It's nearly across Packard from Easy Street. If you are using a GPS to find it, the address is approximately 2834 Packard. Follow the trail from the parking lot until you find a bridge over Malletts Creek. Your second code is the name of the Minnesota city where the bridge was made, which you'll find on a plaque.

The trail divides on the far side of the bridge. We'll be following the main trail to the right, but notice the narrow boardwalk trail that goes into the woods here. It loops through one of the prettiest forests in Ann Arbor and is especially beautiful in early spring when the forest floor is carpeted in wildflowers. The boardwalk is in need of repairs, but it is worth exploring if you are nimble-footed.

Follow the main trail west, keeping Malletts Creek on your right. You'll eventually come out onto a paved path and the wetland portion of Mary Beth Doyle Park. Remember this intersection, as you'll be returning this way and the dirt path can be a bit hard to spot. Continue straight ahead, across a second bridge with a "MAXIMUM VEHICLE WEIGHT 20,000lbs" sign. Beyond the bridge look for a sign that talks about slowing the water and cleaning the creek. The weir that slows the water allows sediment to settle at the bottom of the ______ (your third code).

Proceed along the path, and turn left at the playground that looks like it was built by aliens. Take a rest on the playground bench. The two words on the bench's dedication plaque that start with "F" are your fourth code.

Continue past the basketball court and look for a weathered sign with a map of the disc golf course. Your final code is the two-word name of the course designer who is not a Calhoun. Finish the walk by completing the loop around the wetlands, and return to your car along the same trail you came on.

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