Operation Park Explorer: Lillie Park

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2013 Game

To prepare for your journey through Lillie Park, which is near the intersection of Platt Road and Ellsworth Road, have a paper & pencil, a camera or whatever you need to capture the codes you're looking for. In the summer, bug spray is worth considering. The paths you will be taking are all smooth paved or well-packed gravel, so bringing bicycles is an option. For each clue you find, your game code will be a word or phrase located on a sign.
Before you begin, make sure you've parked at the South Unit of Lillie Park, by the soccer fields. Check the map here (http://www.pittsfieldtwp.org/P&R_lillieparkmap.pdf). You should begin near the interpretive pavilion at the back of the big parking lot. You will walk 1.5-2 miles on relatively flat terrain.
1. Your first game code is on the “WELCOME” sign at the trail-head that lists park rules. The two-word phrase that the sign tells you to keep off is your first game code.
2. Start up the path, into the woods, and turn right onto the gravel path after you pass the interpretive pavilion. The trail will lead you through a handsome little forest and you'll soon find two signs and a picnic table on your left. The smaller sign describes a native tree whose nuts are important to chipmunks. Your second game code is the two-word name for the parts of a wagon that were made from the wood of this tree.
3. Continue along the trail until you reach an intersection. You have a choice here. Turn right for the scenic route, left for the short cut. If you take the scenic route keep left at each major intersection until you cross Turtle Rock Pond on the big bridge (which was submerged all of last year, when the water level was unusually high), then go up the hill to reach a trail intersection overlooking the pond where there is an interpretive sign about “Geology, Glaciers & Groundwater”. If you took the short cut, keep right at each intersection until you reach the same sign. Your game code is a two word phrase for what you see on the slopes before you.
4. From here, take the trail into the woods, away from Turtle Rock Pond, and keep right at each major intersection, until you reach the bench overlooking Duck Potato Pond. If it's any kind of sunny day and you haven't been terribly loud, you'll probably see dozens of turtles here. The interpretive sign here has pictures of two birds. The two-word name of the larger bird is your game code.
5. Now return the way you came back to the intersection overlooking Turtle Rock Pond. This time take the other gravel path away from the pond, the same path people taking the short cut route arrived on. When you reach the roundabout, turn right onto the paved path that leads out toward the mowed fields. On your right, you'll find a little fenced-in area with a number of small trees, each with it's own sign. Find a tree that can yield eight pounds of nectar in a single season. Its name is your final game code.
Continue along the paved path to return to the parking lot. You will receive 100 points for each game code & 500 bonus points for completing this badge. Enter all of your codes at play.aadl.org text them to 4AADL.

This badge design was contributed by Summer Game player Jan Wolter!

450 SummerGame2013 point bonus when earned

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