Olson Park

Difficulty: ????
Exploration Badge
Part of the SummerGame2017 Game

This week’s Ann Arbor Explorer badges takes you to Olson Park on the northside of town. Note that this park has a slight ambience issue since it’s very close to the highway, but it’s a lovely park and with the right mindset the traffic can be viewed as white noise. Note that the path this badge takes is not shaded, but if you choose to explore the wooded paths shade can be enjoyed.

This week’s exploration is a fully accessible with paved walkways all along the route. There are lots of other trails to explore off the paved area, but accessibility may be limited. This handy map is a great place to start start

This park has preserved existing natural features, including the wetlands and woods, the creek and pond, while providing active recreational facilities, including premium athletic fields available for use by permit, a basketball court and a rock climbing playground. The park also features mountain bicycle trails, paved pedestrian trails and an off-leash dog play area.

This week’s first code is located on a sign to the right of the bathrooms. Use the map above to locate the bathroom so you know where to start. Locate the sign that says “Hold The Rainwater” at the top. Your first game code is the bird listed on the sign - use both words - the color is part of its name!

Now head on the path over to the playground and take the path on the left. After you pass the Little Library and the grill/picnic table locate the sign that says “Michigan Natives.” Look at the plants listed and find the one in the middle. Your next game code is its two word name - including the animal!

Moving on you want to take the path until it splits and take it to the right - you are going to walk around the pond path. As you get closer to the pond you will see a path on your left that slopes down. It’s fun to go down there - if you go on the dock note that it floats and MOVES a bit. There are no game codes down there. To keep hunting keep on the main path around the pond. Keep walking until you come to another sign (at the back of the pond) marked “Wildlife at Traver Pond.” Locate the crayfish listed on the sign - it’s two word name is your next game code.

Now keep walking - there is a BONUS code to be found off the pond marking and Eagle Scout Project near the pond. This is NOT accessible to all, and will not be part of the official badge if you are unable to climb down and see they sign. If you are this game code is the full name of the Eagle Scout - including the middle initial.

Continue around the pond until you find the memorial bench for Daniel on your right. Your next game code are the three words at the bottom of the plaque.

Keep going and you will see another bench. Locate the plaque and your next game code are the 3 words on the 2nd line (minus the comma).

That’s it for the official part of this badge, but as you can see there are lots of other places to explore at Olson Park!

1000 SummerGame2017 point bonus when earned

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