The Wonder of Learning

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This week’s explorer badge takes you to the North Campus of the University of Michigan. Specifically to the James and Anne Duderstadt Center and Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design off of Bonisteel. The Wonder of Learning exhibit is open to the public and FREE in both buildings from 12:00-5:00PM Wednesday/Friday/Saturday & Thursdays 12:00-7:00 PM. The exhibit is closed on Sundays & Mondays. The exhibit is up through Saturday, August 26, 2017. As with everything on campus parking can be a challenge. Use this link to find what works for you. It is possible to ride a UM blue bus from pickup spots on Central Campus. Use this site to plan your travel and be sure to note the SUMMER hours and make sure that if you are going during Art Fair you note changes in the schedule. This interactive map will help you locate the buildings on North Campus

This badge is 100% accessible with paved walks and interior walkways all on one level. The exhibit is a lot of panels of information, images and lots of reading! Each building has a hands-on room (called an atelier here) perfect for children and everyone else who loves to learn by doing!

In 1991, Newsweek hailed the preschools and infant-toddler centers of the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Italy as among the best in the world. International acclaim and interest followed, and "The Hundred Languages of Children" exhibition was created to inform the world about the work of the children and teachers of Reggio Emilia. For all of the details about the exhibit visit this link Wonder of Learning

Let’s get started! You may start at the Duderstadt or the Penny Stamps building, but note the directions are written for both to enter off of Bonisteel. Note that although you’re entering the Penny Stamps School you are entering the Art and Architecture Building @ 2000 Bonisteel - which is what the handy maize & blue sign out front says. Do not use the main entrance that has the TALL Lorch Column on majestic display. Keep going east a bit and use the next set of doors. Once you enter you should see a red & black sign that says “The Wonder of Learning.” Start walking and pass the windows and the blue wall (on your left) until you come to the first set of doors labeled “Work Commons.” There will be a “The Wonder of Learning” sign and the doors will be open.

This exhibit is a lot to take in and the badge takes you to a few highlights. When you enter go down to the right of the first panel and find the orange/red section that is labeled SOUND WRITING. Check out the sounds and push the buttons. Find the one in the middle called “walking sound” and find the name of the child who described the sound. Their first name is your first game code.

Keep walking until you find the clear case filled with shoes. Look above it to the photo marked “giving the gift to the stairway” and read the descriptions beneath that. Bianca said she “heard it…” This word is your second game code.

Make your way to the hands-on portion at the back in the “Natural Materials Atelier” (atelier is French for a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer) marked with a pretty leaf at each door. Once inside locate the table with the mirrors and the dried plant materials hanging on the wall above it. At this station you can learn about the “Transformation of Matter” - or the one word description for what you get to do. This word is your third game code

Now go back to the exhibit and locate the panel marked “a meeting with the carpenter” Find the drawing on that panel that one of the children drew and look closely - they indicated there would be ‘special effects with…” - the last word is your fourth game code

Okay that’s it for this part of the exhibit, but take your time and check it all out!

Now head back where you came from and cross Bonisteel to the Duderstadt Center (there will be a trusty maize & blue sign) - head towards the flag poles. Once you enter the first set of doors there will be a vestibule with several sets of doors - there will be a “The Wonder of Learning” sign - take the left set of doors - towards the Gallery. Walk down the hallway until you come to the wall of windows and the atrium area. There will be a curved set of panels to your right that describe The Wonder of Learning exhibit. Stop at these panels and take your time - you will be near the escalator. Locate the last panel in the interior curve that lists all of the credits for the exhibit. It says “The Wonder of Learning” at the top. The first long list on this panel (on the left) says CURATED BY. Now look at the list on the right that is labeled “Municipal and Affiliated Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools.” The list is alphabetical. Your fifth game code is the school listed in between ‘Panda” and “Pablo Picasso”

Okay now you want to head into the exhibit. Turn around and locate the “Wonder of Learning” sign - it will be pointing through double glass doors and a hallway with red panels hanging from the ceiling. You will come to the Gallery on your left (the sign is labeled 1019 Gallery). Before entering the gallery pivot a bit harder to your left to locate the “Ray of Light Atelier” - another hands-on opportunity! Check out all of the things to do, but locate your sixth game code at the “Overlapping Shadows” station. The last word on the sign describing this activity is your game code

Head on over to the Gallery to see the rest of the exhibit and finish up this badge! Find the panel that says “The body narrates” and take a closer look. Underneath the quote from Augusto describing how feelings come from his body your seventh and final game code is what the section below the quote is called:

That’s it for The Wonder of Learning badge for this week’s exploration, but be sure to see the exhibit and everything else the Duderstadt has to look at!

Today this exhibit travels across the world and it continues to be acclaimed as an excellent educational approach for young children, both in Italy and across the world. The exhibit has travelled to 31 countries, including 40 cities in the United States. In each location, the exhibit has contributed to an increased understanding of the transformative power of early childhood education for all children a world of learning

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