Ponder Barton Dam

Difficulty: ????
Exploration Badge
Part of the SummerGame2017 Game

Our first Arbor Explorer badge takes us to a unique part of the Barton Nature Area. It’s a lovely spot to walk, launch a boat and get a close up view of the dam in all of its hydroelectric glory! The City of Ann Arbor purchased the dam from Detroit Edison in the 1960s, and restarted hydroelectric generation in the 1980s. The facility has a 900-kilowatt turbine that generates 4.2 million kWh per year. Now you know what all the buildings behind the fences there are for!

This badge is not 100% accessible - the paths are unpaved, gravel and uneven. It also includes an inclined walk on gravel up a hill to the pond. And is always the case in the summer there is CONSTRUCTION seemingly everywhere - so keep this in mind before heading out. This handy site may be of some assistance: http://www.a2gov.org/departments/engineering/traffic/pages/road-and-lane-closure.aspx

This spot is also where you would start from if you did the city’s 2.5 hour boat trip down to Gallup Pond map

To get started use this brochure and map and be sure to use the parking lot at the top of the map - near Bird road and Barton Dam.

This a small, but hydrolovely adventure that starts on the main gravel path that comes off the parking lot. Follow it around the bend until you see the water and then follow it to the left and then up on the wood chipped path just to the mouth of the bridge that crosses the river. Stop here and look for the sign about not swimming or diving. Your first game code is the 3 words on the other sign that tells you what to do with the cat and snake you might have with you:

Okay we are NOT crossing the bridge - after you read the signs continue along the woodchip trail (keeping the water to your right) and look for the sign near the water about bass fishing. Your second game code is the combination of the two months listed as a the beginning and end of the time period that bass reproduce and that we DO NOT KEEP BASS:

Now keep walking until you come upon the dam. There’s a large sign right in the middle that’s red, white and yellow that starts with DANGER. Your third game code is the last two words on the sign after ‘when horn sounds’

Walk a bit more and look for the next cut out near the water with a sign labeled Barton Portage. Your fourth game code is the one word name of the lake that is 52.8 miles away from where you’re standing.

Keep walking up the path to the left of the dam and look for the sign on the boat slide. The boat slides is an ingenious way get your boat up to the pond. Your fifth game code is the combination of the two first names of the family who sponsored the boat slide:

Now climb on up to the pond and look for the three new benches that face the pond. One of them has a plaque indicating that the DTE Energy Foundation donated these moments - your sixth and final game code is the 4th word at the top of the plaque - a gift from DTE:

300 SummerGame2017 point bonus when earned

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