Ben Hatke Explorer

Difficulty: ????
Exploration Badge
Part of the SummerGame2017 Game

It’s time to head back to the Ben Hatke art exhibit on the third floor of the Downtown library for another exciting sleuthing badge! This time you can walk straight past all that goblin art (Nobody likes a goblin, anyways) and head to the north wall, directly across from the magazines. There you’ll find an assortment of artwork from some of Ben’s other projects, including Zita the Spacegirl and Julia’s House for Lost Creatures. You’ll earn your badge by closely examining the art along this wall! Your first code will be found in some comics Ben created about everyday life. Enter the the name of the object that Ben and Julia share in one of his comics to earn your first code.

Our next code takes us to the art from Milo’s Journey, which was featured in Comics Squad #3. After Milo lands in detention, he is able to sneak off with the help of a doppelganger Milo he finds in his desk. Your next code is the instructions Milo finds to make his dummy look more like a real student.

After escaping from the boredoms of detention Milo goes on a quest to find the Wizard at World’s End. On his journey, Milo is able to hitch a ride on a spectacular creature straight out of mythology. Your next code is the name of that creature.

The next code also features an animal companion, though you’ll find this fellow hanging out with Zita the Spacegirl. Type in the name of Zita’s mount and loyal friend!

Your last code is the favorite tool used by the little girl from the book Little Robot. You can see the tool sticking out of her bag when she’s sitting with her robot friend in the River Sunset scene.

200 SummerGame2017 point bonus when earned

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Game CodeDescriptionEarned On
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