Ann Arbor Stories Walking Tour

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Exploration Badge
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Welcome to the 2017 Ann Arbor Stories Walking Tour! The brilliant minds that bring you captivating stories from Ann Arbor's history every other week have created a guided tour through some of the downtown locations that have been featured in past podcasts. You can listen or stream Ann Arbor Stories Walking Tour #1, or you can hop right to the codes. Come on!

Code collectors will want to make a special point to visit the following locations:

  • Arbor Brewing Company at 114 E. Washington Street
  • Ann Arbor Art Center at 117 W. Liberty Street
  • Alley Bar at 112 W. Liberty Street
At Arbor Brewing Company, look for the name of the Star Theater usher/silent film narrator whose uppercut to an underclassman resulted in a memorable melee and enter it as your code.

At the Alley Bar, let your burning curiosity lead you like a moth to the name of an iconic Ann Arbor watering hole, and enter it as your code.

At the Ann Arbor Art Center, discover which president was said to have preferred Walker Brothers carriages over walking, and enter it as your code.

And congratulations! You'll have earned our first Ann Arbor Stories Walking Tour badge! Way to walk, read, and remember!

200 SummerGame2017 point bonus when earned

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