Goblin Explorer

Difficulty: ????
Exploration Badge
Part of the SummerGame2017 Game

You’ll need to take a bit of a field trip for this badge, so put on your sneakers and equip your best gear! Don’t forget to assemble a group of brave adventurers for this art-filled badge. Face the dangers of Ann Arbor to travel up to the third floor of the Downtown branch, where you’ll find an enchanting art display by none other than Ben Hatke! You won’t see Zita the Spacegirl or Mighty Jack in the first part of this art installation, but you’ll find plenty of original works from Nobody Likes A Goblin. It’s time to get to know this art, so pull out your magnifying glass. Goblin’s adventures all start when a group of errant adventurers storm his dungeon and take its Very Best Friend, Skeleton. Find the picture where Goblin and Skeleton are first reunited on top of a treasure-filled cart. Your first task is to find this picture, and then identify the fowl in the cage.

Your next clue will take you back to when it was just Skeleton and Goblin playing games in the treasure room. Man, that chamber has some mighty fine things inside of it. There’s a unique shield next to some old armor in the treasure chamber. Your next clue is the creature on the shield!

Do you know what this story could use? More Goblins! Goblin is just too cute to be the only goblin running around. Find the picture where its strange-looking goblin friends first appear. Your next clue is the total number of goblins hiding in the cave.

It’s time for the goblins to fight back and show those adventurers that it’s not nice to break into people’s homes! Your next clue can be found as the goblins chase away the elves and the farmer. Just find the goblin’s speech bubble and type in the word it's yelling.

It’s time for these unlikely heroes to celebrate with a feast. Everything on that table sure looks tasty… except for one thing, that is. And that one thing is your next clue. What on that feasting table doesn’t look like something a human would want to eat?

200 SummerGame2017 point bonus when earned

This badge has been awarded to 628 players

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