Field Lines

Difficulty: ????
Exploration Badge
Part of the SummerGame2016 Game

Look closely at the image on this badge. There's only one park in town that has this view, and in most of the park you wouldn't even know that there's a view of Downtown at all, even though it's so close. But there's a field at this park where you can't miss this view, and if you're standing just outside that field, looking right through the tall fence at these three buildings, and you find the place where the sliver of sky between the right edge of Ashley Terrace and the left edge of Tower Plaza just disappears, you'll find the codeword, in tiny, tiny black letters against a yellow background. Good luck!

100 SummerGame2016 point bonus when earned

This badge has been awarded to 204 players

Game CodeDescriptionEarned On
???????(click for hint)