Riverside River Art

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2015 Game

Inside|Out brings reproductions of masterpieces from the DIA’s collection to the parks of Ann Arbor! To view this masterpiece, A Day in June by George Wesley Bellows, head on over to Riverside Park (located off Wall Street just behind the Kellogg Eye Center and bordering the Huron River). An accessible asphalt walk connects this park along the river to Broadway.
You'll find this painting next to the river, just south of the softball diamond. Look for the information sign that is attached to the frame. For the first part of the code, answer this question: This image depicts people enjoying the lush greenery of which famous park? For the second part of the code fill in the blanks from the info you read on the sign: “George Bellows was among the first American artists to paint ________ ___________.” These four words combined without spaces are your code.

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