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Election Day is August 4th! Now, the most important thing you can do to contribute to the electoral process is to vote in the Ann Arbor City Council Elections for Ward 1, Ward 3, Ward 4, or Ward 5. But the NEXT most important thing you can do is be a part of the reporting process, and help gather early election results!

Ok, the polls close at 8 p.m. So, after 8 p.m., go to a polling location. At each polling location, election workers will print out a results tape for the voting machine at that precinct. If all is going smoothly, poll workers can complete their required procedures and generate the results tape in 15-30 minutes. But PLEASE REMEMBER the workers are doing official democracy business stuff. For real. So please be respectful, do not interrupt them, and follow their instructions about where you are allowed to be. ArborWiki has a good set of guidelines on how to collect early election results appropriately.

There are 3 ways in which you can report the City Council early election results from your selected precinct. You can:

  • 1. Send an email to civcity.badges@gmail.com
  • 2. Send a text message to (734) 645-2633
  • 3. Tweet the results to @A2CivCity
In your message, include the Ward number, the precinct number, and the vote tally for each candidate. Got it? For example, if there's a dead heat in Precinct 8 of Ward 3, an example of a message could be: “Ward 3 Precinct 8 Ackerman 2,678; Kunselman 2,678.” 

Now that you are aware of this opportunity for civic superstardom, there’s one last (optional) detail. To provide greater coverage of our precincts, you result-reporters have the option to sign up to declare which polling place you plan to visit. Just add your initials to a location on this list to help us all cover more ground. If you are uncertain about doing this solo, initial a location where someone else is already signed up and make it a team effort!

Reporting early election results can earn you 1,000 points! But it must be done the day of the election - so make sure you report your findings on Aug. 4th. “Early” is only early for so long, you know? The tools for election result magic are in your hands. Be elect-cellent to each other.

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