LEGO Space Western

Difficulty: ????
Part of the SummerGame2015 Game

You will have to visit the West Branch to find this very special LEGO project and collect the gamecode. It was built and loaned to AADL by the The Wong Family: Ulysses, Kristine, James & Kaitlin - huge thanks to them! You will also spot the Star Wars terrarium mash up of Dagobah and Endor complete with Yoda, and ewoks! This terrarium was created for AADL for the 2014 Summer Game by the fabulous ladies @ Twig Terrariums in Brooklyn, NYC It will be on permanent display in the Downtown Youth Department after the summer ends.

900 SummerGame2015 point bonus when earned

This badge has been awarded to 1171 players

Game CodeDescriptionEarned On
???????(click for hint)