2012 Summer Game Amazing One-Piece Puzzle *FINAL STOCK*

OK, we're really sorry about the silly putty. Rest assured, whatever long-chained, non-newtonian fluids wound up smushed into your carpets, vehicles, pets, or offspring last summer, Team Summer Game at AADL shared your pain and fruitless attempts at long-chained, non-newtonian fluid removal. AND SO WE ATONE! This year, we wanted the midpoint prizes to be things that were marginally more compatible with upholstery and clean living spaces! So when we found this gem, well, it was a perfect fit.

JUST LIKE that feeling of perfect fit that you'll experience when assembling our TOTALLY UNIQUE Classic Summer Reading Game mid-point prize, the AMAZING AADL SUMMER GAME 2012 ONE-PIECE PUZZLE! Sure, you're thinking, a puzzle that's only one piece? You mean a picture, right? SO RIGHT, and yet SO WRONG! What this is the amazing artwork of Summer Game 2012 Artist Kill Taupe printed on to a soft, rubbery, slightly-outgassing material that is ALMOST but not completely UNLIKE A MOUSE PAD! What's a mouse pad, you ask? Just check with your parents, they'll tell you of the dark days when mice had, well, back before optical sensors, we'll leave it at that.

BUT THIS ISN'T JUST ANY COASTER / MOUSEPAD - LIKE PRINTED OBJECT! Oh no, this is also cunningly DIE-CUT in such a way that it comes apart into a slightly challenging and altogether satisfying puzzle, but -- and here's the kicker -- wait for it -- it's a puzzle that consists of but a SINGLE, SERPENTINE PIECE! It's amazing! Think of the literally TENS of pounds of force that must have been required to cut through this rubbery wonder! ALL FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT!

So, if your interest is piqued, and you want to know more about the puzzle, mouse pads, or outgassing... just plunk down the 2000 points for this very special item TODAY!

The Amazing AADL Summer Game 2012 One-Piece Puzzle is available for 2000 Summer Game points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, this item is generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

2,000 SG Points