Treasure Quest heats up: The BOOLEAN KEY appears!

Treasure Quest is rolling, with 17 players who successfully completed the challenges of the Chrono Key! But it's not too late; these codes won't expire anytime soon. Keep searching, and see if you're up to this next key! Remember, if you've got questions, or you're stuck, talk to the other Questers here in this thread or ask a question, you never know what might help!

~~~~~     THE BOOLEAN KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the BOOLEAN KEY appears before your eyes, you hear an Earl say:

Athenians in modern Greece have something for your shelf;
It's half about a brilliant man, and half about itself.
Comics help you find the way, but only when misspelled
Rustle up this complex set of theories built and felled.

Note: in the thread below, Questers and sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


What's the "set of everything"?

Awesome! Another great riddle!

We're looking for another item, right?

I accidentally found the gate before the key.

Stuck stuck and stuck

any hints regarding the gate and the key?

Funny how this correlates exactly to what we're learning in school :)

These are fun! Unfortunately, I got excited and completed the entire now I don't have any more to do until November.

so any hints on how to combine key and gate?
who's not learning it in school and cant figure out javascript

No, I mean in the math related and programming stance, not the history. Well, technically both.

Hint: Just look up Javascript *** (* stand for the three letters). You should be able to find a program.

am i right in thinking this is in the catalogue?

Yup, the first riddle can be found in the catalog, and then proceeds just like the other one (another riddle at the key, and then the gate item, and then a riddle to find the last gate code).

I found the gate item earlier today, but didn't have time to figure it out, and now I can't get back to it. I swear I'm doing all the same searches I did earlier, but I can't find it. Anybody else having problems?

I know what you mean, even though I didn't have that problem.
Just tried my search from before for entertainment purposes (looking at the item) and now it's not working..I can't even find the gate either.
That's weird.

Oh good. That means the fact that I can't find the gate isn't my fault at all, right? :D

Hey ompopp! What do you mean by the three letters?
::Edit:: Whoops! I bashed my heads together, looked at some public player pages, and found I was acting on the wrong hint. No JavaScript yet.

Hey guys, sorry about that, the gate disappeared for a while! Wish I could say it was a mysterious and intriguing new layer to the puzzle, but it was just an indexing error. The gate is back, so if you can't find it, you that's your problem again!

To answer some questions, the key is again hidden in a real item in our catalog, and the gate is again hidden in a fake item in our catalog. And you won't have to read or write any JavaScript to solve this puzzle.

3 Players have already cleared the Boolean Gate! WILL YOU BE NEXT?

just a confused player thinking they had to learn Javascript to solve the cod

so we search javascript in aadl catalogue?or was it a greek person

Argh, so frustrated. I know who Bertie is, I have tried three versions of the name of the item in question, with and without definite articles, and no love. ::banging head on desk some more::

Cherylo, four words: no articles.

Jingcong, you'll know the clue that involves JavaScript when you see it. Don't get ahead of yourself!

Seriously, this is killing me. I remember the name of the gate (fake item in catalog), the description, the search I did to find it originally, but I cannot get back to it. Are you sure it's working?

Yup, I tried it, and it works.
Do you remember the name of the item? Try typing that in the search.
Wish there was more of these every month! These are so fun!!

eli, you did mean *that* when you said: Jingcong, you'll know the clue at involves JavaScript when you see it. Don't get ahead of yourself!
Am i right?

Yes, Jingcong, I meant that! I've edited that post, thanks!

Anyone know how to get the key, people? I'm stuck. Big time. No find key for me yet.
::Edit:: Wait a minute! Is there even a Boolean Key item? I found the gate, but relentless searching on Google for material on brought up nothing related to the Key.

Cherylo, I bet you're thinking about the Universe, like I was at first, but there is another name.

Eli, is something wrong if I'm 0 for 2 on the promised emails?

Smv, there is a Boolean Key....look at the actual picture of the key (the JPEG) and see if you can find any obvious hints.

Same with me, I haven't received any emails (which I am supposedly supposed to receive two) yet either.

Treasure emails will be coming by the end of the week, thanks for your patience questers! And smv, as always, when you're really stuck remember to LOOK CLOSELY!

Thanks for the hints. I was thinking of Universe and variants thereon. Still not getting it yet, but I'll keep trying.

Also, I am currently listening to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline read by Wil Wheaton. Thanks, Eli, for getting me interested in it via this contest/puzzle program. It is fantastic!

Edit: it's the infamous post-and-solve method. Gate, here I come.

Found the key item, and accidentally found the gate too. Solved the gate code which was very easy but stuck on key code. I have been trying variations of universe like many here. I am going to keep trying some more but can use some hints.

You guys are thinking too big! The riddle tells you in exactly which domain you should be thinking; the thing that got the holes poked in it... within that context there is a very standard phrase to describe the everythingness you're getting stuck on.


Hmmm.....maybe a well-known paradox relating to set theory might help. Or at least, it helped me.

Any hints on how to combine the two codes? I got the key, I got the gate, but how do I use Javascript?

I found the creator of the paradox, but no sign of a key item here. Maybe I should work backwards from the gate item, which I already found.

Smv, try thinking of the paradox and parts about the "naive set theory"...hope that helps. And I think you might be thinking too's a simple answer, not strange vocabulary.

wzhang1, try a Javascript program....don't make it yourself, just find one. The clue about the hexadigits and 4 sets of 4 should be straightforward.

Post-and-solve, again. This time without the post involved. Key item took a little fooling around on Google to find(not the top hit at all) and the riddle with it was easy. At least the riddle with the gate item is clear.

It's really a lot easier to find the items searching rather than Google. Google is more useful when it's time to solve the riddles that lead to codes.

Hey guys, the record of the Boolean Gate item is saying "This Record is Suppressed". Any idea why? Does this mean anything for Treasure Quest?

It's not important to the quest. It just means you can't check it out.

Actually, suppressed items are things we don't have anymore, and the gate is not supposed to be suppressed, which means it won't show up in search results. We're fixing that right now, thanks for bringing it to our attention!


It's fixed, Eli. I just looked at it. You know what would be funny to me? If someone stumbles across and looks at the catalog, and realizes there are all of these codes and riddles and fake stuff , and it might be a bit confusing.

I'm stuck on the Gate riddle. I found a program online but I'm not sure on how to combine the codes and what the XOR key is.

Ditto shreeman1999. Except I have no idea how to find this program.

Should be simple enough if you found the right program. There should be a place where you can enter the "key", and then the thing to be encrypted. Then just press encrypt and whabam, should be there (but you should figure out the 'the code's ten hexydigits, and that's the 4 sets of 4' to know what part of the actual encrypted code to type in as the gate code).

I can't wait until November

Is there going to be any new stuff for Teen Read Week? That's what it said in the Axis teen event catalog.

Yup, we've got a new Points-o-matic mode, just for teen read week, coming shortly; stay tuned!


counting down until the next puzzle just days away

So I'm coming into this game late...and I don't even know how to start this one. Anyone up for giving me a beginning hint? :)

Start by zooming in super far on the image of the key. Then start searching in the catalog for the item.

Thanks! Zoomed in...not sure what I'm seeing on the left, but I know the image on the right. I'm going to start searching...

The image on the left is art from a Graphic Novel. If I were you, I'd think more about the words on the key than the image of the teapot.

Found the Key..randomly found the Gate. Reading anything I can find on Bertie to figure out what the code is. :) Thanks for your help!

This is so frustrating! I can't figure out which 10 digits to put in for the treasure code. I've got the two other codes, I encrypted them, but now what? I'm new to all this and am really baffled at this point...

Sorry you're frustrated, pk! Here's a big hint. The clue says "10 hexy digits, so the first 4 sets of 4." If you're not sure what 10 hexy (hexidecimal) means, well, that's why the second half of the clue is there!


I figured that = tried both 10(dec) and 4 of 4, just in case - and also tried the encryption in both orders(keygate and gatekey). The encrypt tool provides a hex encryption - yes?

edit: I even tried two different encryptors - one that encrypts to a text string, one that encrypts to a numeric (hex) code

finally got it. If you're solving this one late (like I did), keep in mind there is more than one tool (more than two tools, too) out there. If one isn't working, try a different tool!

thanks for the russell comment. that at least gave me somewhere to start, and the thing about it being simple. thing is, these codes can be wrong if even a letter is missing or wrong. i saw a set theory(i'm on the key code) on the wiki page, but i don't think the code has set theory anywhere in it.

i think this key is the hardest because math that is not homework makes me want to sleep, that boring. have to fight urge to simply scan page instead of actually reading it

not working. looked at the wiki pages, entered everything that i thought might be it, still nothing. seeing no phrase that describes the 'everythingness your stuck on'

On one wikipage, if you scroll down, it gives you the general meaning of "universe".

thanks. it is very simple. still on Russel page/ the axio____ set page. click every link. look at bottom. find universe

Months later.... Still not get it.

Here's a very big hint. It's ___ of all ___s (the ___ is the same word, only the second time it's plural, hence the "s").

thanks.:) I feel a little pathetic. It was sooooo simple, like the crystal key. I would say i owe you one, but I already owe you a lot, for all those hints. lets say you have my eternal gratitude.

You are very welcome. :)

Are you sure the gate is still in the catalog? I want to look at the picture to see if I missed anything needed for the treasure code but I can't find it anymore. The item is called ** *** Gate, right?

Yeah, it's called that. I tried looking for it too... I think someone removed it.

Wow, thanks Questers, the Boolean gate is indeed missing! We'll figure out why it's not coming up in searches and get that fixed. For those of you who can't wait, you'll find the gate in the catalog if you remove the first zero from the binary version of the first capital.

Hopefully not too many people got confused.

Err... First capital? Binary version? I feel lost...

Ditto, Morgsush. Well, the important thing is that we finished Treasure Quest already and we don't need to worry about what that means.

Yeah! :D

But I kind of feel sorry for the new Questers...

gate's back

Yup! I contacted Eli and he said he fixed it. :)

i think the 'look closely' thing is a red herring. i mean when you look closely, you think you have the answer. I tried entering what was carved, didn't work. should I search the symbol?

Just try searching the name of the gate on Wikipedia.

got it. not sure on encryption. *** key is 10, the rest,first 4 sets of 4 is.....?

If you have four baskets of apples with four apples in each basket, how many total apples do you have (4 sets of 4= how many total symbols)?

I found the key and gate but I can't get the treasure.

I've looked through the comments, got the program, still not sure one encryption and gate code.

For the treasure you need to use a certain cipher.

any help?

With what?!?

Nothing, i was trying to get 100,000 points for the super package. i only needed a couple hundred, so i was just commenting to get there.
all the badges i had left, i had no idea

i swear, i have seen the same comment on a few other posts, too

Why don't you do something useful to get points? Like review things & write meaningful reviews or rate things you've actually seen instead of spamming each Treasure Quest post?

Or earn badges?

I meant, I found XOR, but not sure on what to encrypt, and don't know if I should change the XOR key

I'm really stumped on the XOR code, I can't seem to find a generator that will encrypt what I need to encrypt. Anyone have a helpful link?

just search Japascript XOR

Google JavaScript XOR!

So I searched Javascript xor, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for - an encryption device, an encoder? Who knows! Javascript seems like a language that I need to learn. When I finally found what I thought would be a good encoder, it asks me for a 'key code'. HELP