Introducing: TREASURE QUEST! And the CHRONO KEY appears!

Treasure QuestTreasure Quest

One game is over, one begins; a long and winding path
of keys and gates and codes and plates and pixels and wikis and math.
A Key appears upon each First, along with tiny clues;
Your brain, the web, our catalog: the only tools you'll use.

Find the codes for every key, they'll lead you to the gate;
combine the two to find the way to treasures that await.
(Rest assured these treasures, though exciting, cool, and grand,
Are not the type of treasures you can hold within your hand).

9 keys to find, 9 gates to clear; the start of something big.
Find the codes and earn the points as through the site you'll dig.
Quests are puzzles, and puzzles are games, and games are always fun,
And now it's time to start your quest. Ready, Player One?

~~~~~     THE CHRONO KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Chrono Key
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the CHRONO KEY appears before your eyes, you hear an English boy's voice say:

Agamemnon slew the beast; I saw the villain fall.
He swept me up upon his mount and took me to his hall.
I learned the ways of King and Court, was poised to take the throne;
My "friends" refused to let me choose this dad above my own.

Unlock the Chrono Key by solving the Key Riddle hidden in an item in the AADL Catalog!
Use your head, use the web, and remember to LOOK CLOSELY!


Note: in the thread below, Questers and sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


Cool beans! Player 1 is elk, though if you're talking about Summer Game.

What happens when you find the item in the catalog?

The first riddle is kind of hard.

I got it! But there's another riddle...


A) It's "EJK", not "ELK" and 2) I'm player id #1, not "player one". Totally different. =)

Congrats Shreeman! Just a few hours into Treasure Quest, a player has already found the Chrono Key! Will he be the first to find the Chrono Gate? Keep your eyes on the Treasure Quest Leaderboard to find out!

Wow, the points they give for the codes is huge!

Well done Shreeman! Just remember, Treasure Quest Points are not shop points! It's just a scoreboard. Points-o-matic points may someday be tradable for shop points, but that's not known yet. THANKS FOR PLAYING!

man, this is hard. I can't figure out how to unlock the gate. uggggggg!

When I click on the link for entering a key code I get the access denied error message. The URL is When I change it to, which is my player number(47) I get the regular enter game code page.

I have the same error as well.

Same here

Whoops, you're right guys, sorry that link isn't working! It's just the regular code entry form from the top of your player page, not a Treasure Quest-specific form or anything. There's no penalty for guessing... yet!


I appear to be stumped after the Gate. I suspect blaze may need capitalization, but even with that supposition I seem to be getting no where. I think I will try again tomorrow; maybe the little grey cells will figure something out overnight. :)

yea that's got me stumped too. tried many different things but got nowhere with blaze

Glad you guys are stumped, this puzzle is supposed to last the month ! =) One thing to know, game codes are space, case and punctuation insensitive. THISCODE is equal to This Code is equal to Thisc o d e. (AND THAT IS NOT A CODE)

pǝןןǝdssıɯ ǝq ʇɥbıɯ ǝzɐןq

When it says the AADL Catalog does it mean the site it gives me or, the real catalog site?

that's where im stuck, too

Thanks smv, I've fixed that link too! Gotta stop posting so late at night...

Is the code in the same place as the Summer Game codes for the catalog badges?

Good question, tree64! You'll find a Treasure Quest box right under the Where to Find It box when you find the right item. It won't contain the code, but it will give you what you need to figure out the codes, one way, or another.


9 keys and 9 gates... wow. This treasure hunt will take me a lot more effort than the badges.

Wow! These riddles are tough. While doing to "research" on trying to figure out the riddle, I'm learning actually quite a lot of (probably) unnecessary for Treasure Quest yet interesting information about world history!

how will we know if we find the right item in the catalog? What are we looking for

ompopp, glad to hear you're finding out interesting stuff, that's the idea! Jingcong, when you find an item in the catalog containing a key or gate riddle, it will be hard to miss; a big box labeled "Treasure Quest" will be in the main column on the item page, right below "Where to find it." Good Question!

are we looking for books about agamemnon or the other person?

Can you give some hints on how to unlock the Chrono Gate?

Jingcong, who said anything about a book? But agamemnon will certainly help lead the way to the chrono key. As for the gate, the gate riddle really does give you everything you need, and we do now have 2 players who have cleared the chrono gate! Some of the terminology in the riddle might be nonstandard or new to you. For example, there's a word in the gate riddle that will help you more if you add a common prefix that just so happens to be the initials of my first and last name.

-??? =)

i found the riddle, but i can't find the item no matter how i enter it

I found the riddle, but can't figure it out. Help please!
::Edit:: Found it! Thanks IMDb! Very subtle. Great work.

Umm, another hint maybe?

If the riddle is not hidden in the poem, then I've been wasting my time looking in the wrong place. :P

Hint please?

how do you find the key I need help!

Here's a few tips, guys. The boy's voice you heard when the chrono key appears tells about something that happens in the catalog item that holds the Key Riddle. You can't miss the Key Riddle when you visit the right item, there's a picture of the chrono key right in the middle of the page. The Key Riddle tells you what you need to figure out the code that unlocks the Chrono Key and gives you a clue to find the Chrono Gate! Any questions?

Logan111222, here's your hint. I'm a big bandit, and you should be like me and time travel to the riddle. Oh, and cherylo's 'nerdy classic' review is on the item. Good luck! P.S. Ditto shreeman1999. Completely stuck. P.P.S The only copy is at West. In the video section.

Hmm, finally found the item.
Looked around, and found what hoped to be what the riddle is referring to, but I can't find the actual code or whatever it is itself. I'm puzzled by the second line of the riddle, if anyone could help...thanks!

Hehehehe. It's nice to get some indirect review props. Thanks, Eli. Now if only I could take that last step myself. :)

The hints from eli, plus catalog, IMDB, and google searches let me figure it out. For the catalog, remember those summer game badges when you'd search a clue and have to click of bunch of items to find the right one? Some of that with this.

When you find the Key Riddle or the Gate Riddle, you'll need to use the web to figure out what the code is! Those codes do not appear anywhere in our catalog, but as I said, the riddle tells you everything you need to know to search the web and figure out the code. 6 players have now cleared the Chrono Gate.... will you be next?

Eli, when you say the gate riddle, do you mean the riddle that leads to the gate or the riddle you get from passing the gate, 'cause I'm stuck on the riddle leading to the gate.

Hey ompopp, if you go to the IMDb and look at the item's page, look at the quotes and the riddle as well as the answer are there. It(the answer) is some number of pixels above the riddle. Remember, a yard is 3 feet.

Ahh, thanks.

I kept typing the answer in a bunch of different ways, but I still spelled it wrong! :P

The answer is a few pixels above the tree on the quotes page for the item. No more hints for you, ompopp.

No, I've gotten it.

I just kept spelling the code wrong before, even though I had the answer.

Hey smv, excellent question! Clearing each gate will involve 5 riddles. The Riddle that drops with the Key (as above, the Key Clue), the Key Riddle to figure out the Key Code, the Gate Clue riddle that leads you to the Gate, the Gate Riddle to figure out the Gate Code, and the Treasure Clue that tells you how to figure out the code that clears the gate and unlocks the Treasure. Does that help? As for where you're stuck, smv, you shouldn't need the web to solve that one. Everything you need is in the riddle and the key item.

But how, Eli? I am searching all the videos for the gate clue because it says "that made this film so fun". Any help?

Thanks everybody for all the hints, with your help I figured out the riddles!

I'm still stuck on the last riddle (the one I get from entering the code found from the Gate riddle). I think I have the right algorithm (named for B.V.), but have gotten gibberish for all the way's I've tried to combine. I must be missing something, which I am sure is right in front of my nose. sigh.

I've got the same trouble as smv.
I'll try everything I can think of, though. :)

smv, I think you're chasing down the wrong end of the gate clue. "this film so fun" refers to the key item, and an object from the film. Try thinking about the tagline clue, it might bear fruit.

Cherylo, sounds like you've found the right tool! If you encrypt readable text with a readable key, the encrypted text probably would look like gibberish. And who said the right code wouldn't look like gibberish?

I figured out the whole thing and... Oh my god, its so awesome.

Huh. I would have sworn I'd already tried that particular code. Got it now, anyway. :)

The odd tagline? What tagline? The tagline from the movie the key clue is on? I have no idea what you mean.

Taglines are marketing slogans... they often appear near the end of comedic movie trailers. Read the part of the gate clue about the tag line and do what it says!

I did, and I got to the gate riddle. I have no idea on how to solve this. Any hints?

Aha! I've gotten to the gate to solve it. :P

Now I'm stuck on the riddle from the gate item. What do you mean by Og's toast?
::Edit:: Never mind. Just passed the gate. But what about the "cipher misattributed to blaze"? What's that?

stuck on that too...

Ah, these are getting a bit easier for me, probably since I'm realizing now the way to search the web and the catalog for items now.

Still stuck on the same thing as smv and Morgsush.

I've been expecting an email follow up, per the Treasure code paragraph/instructions. Did I miss it somehow?

Hey guys, will the codes for September's keys still be valid in October? I am hoping they are.

A hint please on the cipher misattributed to blaze?
P.S I assume I am running out of time.

did you try google? searching cipher misattributed to blaze and rereading past comments? Eli gave a couple of hints regarding blaze

I just tried google. Searched for "cipher misattributed to blaze". Found nothing that would point to a cipher or even a solver. I also found Eli's "blaze might be misspelled" clue, but had no idea what to do.

The next key is coming soon! Stay tuned, treasure hunters. A few notes: there are still some treasures coming for those of you that have cleared the gate, but you can still solve all the treasure quest puzzles all the way through the start of the next summer game. When a new key drops, you can still solve all the new keys, so no worries smv! As for the ancient cipher, I'd bet that the misattributed part will help you narrow it down more than the blaze part, especially since you know it's misspelled. You're very close!


Yes! Finally got it....very satisfying :D

Very clever, Eli. Had to make sure that the "blaze" spelling I was looking at actually was pronounced "blaze"!

I can't believe that I missed the link on the web! I was searching for a long time.....and I can't believe I skipped that one >.<

smv, since you helped me out before, here's my hint to you: Think first name, and French. If that doesn't help, then think "Zabini" from Harry Potter.

Thanks, ompopp. I still don't get the "use the key to crypt the gate" thing. I am trying the Vigenére cipher(yes, the accent over the second e is backwards, don't know how to do the other direction accent) with the key code as the key and the gate code as the plaintext.

Solved it!!! For those of you stuck on the Gate riddle, use the vigenere cipher, search "How do you use a vigenere cipher?" and click on the yahoo answers link. The "key" is the code for the key riddle, while the "gate" is the gate riddle's code.

Thanks to Morgsush, I finally figured out the code! Remember to "encode", not "decode"!

The code is gibberish. Thanks Wikipedia! This cipher is awesome. But why no new Chrono Key? Maybe I should clear the cache.

While I certainly used some of the hints in the comments, I think some of these hints are giving away the riddles and would ruin the fun for people who are still trying to do the puzzle on their own.

OK, this is really weird. No new Key in sight. Sigh. Maybe I should clear the cache again.

Wow, my bad; I posted the BOOLEAN KEY last night but missed checking the "actually show up on" button. Sorry guys, it's fixed now!

Also, I think that the conversation and hints happening in this thread are exactly the way that puzzles like this get solved on the web, but you're right, KathyD, that some of this is worthy of a spoiler warning. I'll add it to this post and the new one so people who want to try to crack the puzzles without help from other questers or hints will knownwhat they're getting into.

Happy questing!

The boolean key post or the key itself, Eli? I am having a very hard time with the key and finding it, even though the fake items(aka gates) are easy to find.

The boolean key post or the key itself, Eli? I am having a very hard time with the key and finding it, even though the fake items(aka gates) are easy to find.

I still can not find the CHRONO KEY!!!! What do you do!!!!

When you're not sure what you're looking for, it's usually helpful to start with the most unique words... there's a very unusual name in this clue. That oughta narrow it way down!


wait so i'm looking for the person that was saying the words?

try searching for the person in the aadl catalog!

nearly the end, and i still haven't got it. got the last key though :)

The first key brings back so many memories...

Like frustration, and one night when I went on a success streak and got the treasure, with other codes besides. Any grammar problems?

From the first key they were talking about RPO. Right?

Well if you Search RPO...

But that's for the last key...

Don't pull a Pendergast! *wink*
(If you got that, congratulations.)

What does pendergast mean?

That's what I was going to ask.
According to Google, it means some random dude that controlled two cities.

That doesn't make sense... Don't pull a "random dude that controls two cities"????

I don't know, check google for pendergast?