It's the all-new, never-ending, POINTS-O-MATIC CLICK-O-TRON! It's an exciting and almost mind-numbing yet consistently fulfilling way to earn POINTS-O-MATIC points and try to show up on the Points-O-Matic Leaderboards!

The Points-o-matic Click-o-tron is but our first step into a larger world of amazing POINTMAKING OPPORTUNITY! It launches with two modes, Best Reviews Mode and Helpful Reviews Mode. They're pretty self-explanatory, so give them a try and you can earn BIG POINTS making the catalog an EVEN BETTER PLACE!

Let us know what you think and what your ideas are for the Points-o-matic Click-o-tron, and stay tuned for MORE MODES to earn points with no end in sight!



What about when both (or all) reviews are equally bad? I wish there were a "none of the above" option (or even a "skip" option).

Hey camelsamba, there's an "I'm not sure, give me another" link at the bottom of each Best Reviews page, that's what you're looking for when none are worthy of recognition! Thanks for trying the POINTS-O-MATIC CLICK-O-TRON!


Oh wait, I just saw "I'm not sure, give me another to try again". I guess I overlooked that at first!

Clearly I'm spending too much time points-o-maticking this morning, but: when we get the same title and series of reviews again, are we expected to choose the same one? (For some books, there are multiple good options so I don't mind spreading around my votes.) Also, it seems like the reviews appear in the same order each time - that might lead to a case where the top listed one gets more votes just due to lazy clicking habits. Perhaps the order could change each time it is presented?

Excellent, both good suggestions! We'll add a tweak to review order. There are only about 3000 titles that have more than 1 review so there will be some repeats for enthusiastic players; another future enhancement will prevent players from being presented with repeats. For now, you can either vote for another good review, vote again for the same review, or just skip. We'll be handling and implementing changes based on this data in aggregate later so no worries about duplicate votes.

Found another bug-like issue. If you read a review and think "wow! sounds like a great book/dvd/whatever, I should read it!" and then click on the linked title, it will load the book record into a window. For example, However, you can't use the "request this" popup menu, or the "add to other list". "Add to wishlist" (which isn't a popup) works as expected.

Ooh, good one. Thanks camelsamba!

Do the ratings actually show on the book's page in the catalog?

Not immediately. We are collecting all the ratings and will be using them to influence the display in the catalog a bit down the road. Best reviews will be at the top of the list and highlighted, and unhelpful reviews will be buried further down, etc. These also won't affect scores already earned for these reviews, but next summer, we'll have both going at once, and players will lose points if their reviews are voted down, etc.

Looking at leaders... the speed they click at kinda makes me want to ask, "who will rate the raters?"

I was just procrastinating (i mean, improving my 21st century media literacy skills!) by clicking in the "helpful" mode. I was presented with 2 of my own reviews. Of course, i found them immensely helpful (since I never wrote "cool!" as a complete review :^), but this begs the question: since we're logged in, couldn't you block us from rating our own reviews? At least in the "helpful" mode, not sure you would want to restrict them in the "best" mode...

I had the same situation pop up for me as well; but I don't deny that some of my reviews were not the best of the ones that came up because some of the reviews were two huge (and I mean HUGE) and detailed paragraphs long. As for other situations, many of my reviews appeared detailed and helpful compared to the reviews that were the one-word reviews.

I completely agree with you, camelsamba, but currently I guess it's just on honesty and your willingness to help make a better website for everyone, versus your own reviews having top ratings. I had a situation during the summer when I was helping out at a youth summer camp, and the instructor needed a leader to 'manage' the group during a task, and asked the campers to vote for someone who they thought would be a good leader. The only thing was that you could vote for yourself if you thought you would be a good candidate, not just for the point of voting for yourself, because, you're yourself :P Did that make sense? :D

I suppose it's relatively the same thought process.

Sorry for droning on. :)

I must say that camelsaba and ompopp are right about the honesty and the 'only vote for yourself if you're actually better' stuff. Although my reviews never popped up(or I didn't notice them) I definitely do want to preserve the solidity(if that) of the system. Like, if they can link the SRG accounts to the online accounts to the library cards to deliver the AARFIDs then they should be able to link the SRG accounts to the online accounts to block reviews. Sorry in advance about the mouthful. :-)

Just to clarify my own statement, I think it would be okay for users to choose the "best review" from amongst a set that included their own. Especially if they are the kind of person to write one- or two-word reviews, they might get a sense of the value of added detail by seeing others in context. I'm just not sure it is a good idea to present them in "helpful" mode.

This is a great discussion, and I think we'll make a tweak going forward to supress your own reviews from helpful mode. This is still very rough and your feedback helps us immensely! Thanks for playing!

Would aadl consider not just lowering the rank of all those one word "great!" reviews but actually removing them if they are so low rated? Same question about the ones that are a paragraph long but are just a series of disconnected words. Clearly, there were some point hounds this summer that didn't mind cluttering up the site if they could get their points. For those playing the click-o-tron, let's all do our part to make the website a place of helpful reviews!

Hey guys, I just had an idea. How about discontinuing "helpful review" mode and instead put on all of the reviews an "is this review helpful yes/no" button accessible to anyone on the site, not just registered users. This feature could only be used once per review per person. This would make the feature a way to get input on reviews without having an online library account or a summer game account. :-)

P.S. Nice one, pk!

You should give extra review points to people whose reviews are chosen as the best.

Another thought for "best review" mode: add a button for "none of these is any good". Right now we can choose a "best review" or click "I'm not sure, give me another". And sometimes it's not that I'm not sure, I'm completely sure that I can't choose a review as "best" if every review shown says some variation of "loved it!" or "awesome" (or worst yet, "my daughter likes to read") as the entire review.

Points-o-matic is very fun (and addicting)!

Not as addicting as summer game and reading.

True, very true...

I totally agree with you, j.carbon06.

There should be a badges for helpful reviews.

Yeah, I hate it when people just have one-comment reviews.

Ugh... My comment got duplicated again...

Me too.

Never comment on a slow computer, because it will get duplicated, unfortunately.

I don't see it.

see what?

Re: Bookbird

I think the duplicated comment. Right??

Oh, that's because I edited it.

It is so hard thinking of things to write in replacement (plus it is embarrassing to have people see two of the same comments).

It is embarrassing for a bunch of people two see two of the same comments and think you spammed.

I know and it is so difficult changing it into something that corresponds with the things other players are talking about since you put basically all you were going to type into that one comment.

It is difficult. I usually just say something about the shop(AADL).

....... Or any random thing that goes into my mind.

Or I just edit the second one and say, "Edit: I hate duplicated comments..."

Possible. yeah it was on duplicated comments. now I know why you commented twice in a row sometimes.

Uh-huh. I'm not very patient with the "Save" button, if you haven't noticed.

It is hard when you have a computer that takes 30 minutes to load and by the time it is done loading, the computer would already be out of energy. Then it would just shut down, I would turn it on again, and then the process would be repeated.

I think you may be over exaggerating a LITTLE bit.

A LITTLE bit. My computer is really bad, and it takes like 10 minutes to load, and like 5 minutes to get started. 30 minutes is a LITTLE to much.

My computer can be slow at times, but sometimes it's pretty fast.

I am not really exaggerating. My computer literally uses all of it's energy just to open op a browser. It's not even funny.



Hahahaha... It is funny.

It's not if you have to use that to go online.

Then just go to the library for their computers.

my (family's) computer(s) work pretty fast.
problem with library computers, they block sites.

I doubt they would block, though...

That would be really weird....

why dont the points o matic points go into your summer game points? This is what it says for me
Game Points
Points-O-Matic 1338
SummerGame2012 1265
Shop Balance 1265

Because (I think) you use Points-O-Matic to buy secretshop tokens.

Here's what it says on the post:


Well, the answer is, never say never. We will tell you that there are no plans to be able to buy PHYSICAL OBJECTS with points-o-matic points. But that does not mean that you will cease to find them valuable. Oh no, points-o-matic points do have a purpose that you will find out about later this summer... and we think you'll find that points-o-matic can be a precious source of secret shop tokens.... BUT WE'RE GETTING AHEAD OF OURSELVES!

So you'll probably be able to get secret shop tokens with Points-O-Matic points...

Stop coping.


You copied

Well, the answer is, never say never. We will tell you that there are no plans to be able to buy PHYSICAL OBJECTS with points-o-matic points. But that does not mean that you will cease to find them valuable. Oh no, points-o-matic points do have a purpose that you will find out about later this summer... and we think you'll find that points-o-matic can be a precious source of secret shop tokens.... BUT WE'RE GETTING AHEAD OF OURSELVES! "

from badge drop 5.

I'm just reminding you guys of what eli said about Points-O-Matic points and the Secret shop.

Oh. :)

I really need to get more points!! I really want a lot of secret shop tokens!!!

Maybe you could finish the rest of the badges? *hinthint*

The treasure quest badges??


Oh yeah. That would be a good idea. When should I start?

Today? NOW?

I thought Smiles finished Treasure Quest

I think she did..

then why the treasure quest badge thing?


No, I mean the actual Summer Game badges. She hasn't started on them yet...

Too bad best reviews is gone now.....

But TR is good, too.


Me too!

maybe another TR soon, then more tokens!

Yays! :D

I just noticed (after it was mentioned) that best review is gone...