Summer Game GRAND PRIZE Drawing coming soon: are you ready?

As Summer Game 2011 draws to a close, and the end of points scoring AS YOU KNOW IT comes ever nearer, there's another outstanding SUMMER GAME OPPORTUNITY headed your way for which you need to prepare! And that's our SUMMER GAME GRAND PRIZE DRAWING! Yes, in addition to all the amazing wonders of the Summer Game Shop, we have 3 amazing digital devices and YOU can earn a chance to win one of them!

After Friday, 8/26, all players who have earned the SUMMER READER badge by completing one of our Classic Paper Games will be entered in a drawing for an iPad2, an iPod Touch, and a Nintendo 3DS! All you have to do to be qualfied for the SUMMER GAME GRAND PRIZE DRAWING is earn that SUMMER READER badge! Take your completed log to an AADL desk, and they'll mark you off as completing the classic game, which nets you 1000 points and the all-important SUMMER READER badge! Check your badge page, and if it's missing, you know what to do! There's still time! Squeeze those last few points out of your summer and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Awesome! I always do the Classic Paper Summer Reading Game and did it at the beginning of the summer.

Wait...I thought only the teen players were in the drawing? Are adults and youth also entered?

yup, one of the great things about this Summer's game has been players of
all ages playing together, so the drawing is open to all players who earn the summer reader badge!

It will be sad when the summer reading game ends. :(

How can I complete a Classic Paper Game?

Slsk, you can find the printable teen and adult games on the earn points page or get a kids game at any aadl location; just complete the actions listed on the form and write them
down (you can count things you've done for points) and return it to a desk to receive the summer reader badge! just contact us if you run into any trouble or have any questions. Thanks for playing!

So excited!!!

I'm so excited about the drawing but so sad at the thought of the game ending. Don't know what I'll do all day when there are no more codeds to track down.

Has the end date for the paper summer game been extended to August 26 just like the online game? The paper reading logs originally said the end date was this weekend.

I had thought the classic paper games were just for kids, not teens or adults. I'm glad to hear that everyone is included in the drawing.
Also, it looks like the Adult and Teen paper games can be found in the "Get Started" page, not the "Earn Points" page.

I always do the summer reading paper game at the begining of the summer!

So there are two drawings? One for just teens who complete the paper game regardless of online play, and one for online players who complete the paper game?

My younger daughter started her online game *after* she turned in her paper game. I guess I need to talk to someone about making sure she gets credit on her online account.

**edit: I called and talked to a very helpful youth dept person and her summer game credit online is all taken care of. I love you guys! Also, from what the gentleman I talked to said, there is just one drawing and everyone who qualifies by completing the paper game and getting the badge is entered. This elicited a cry of "aaawwwwwwww!" from my teen-game-playing older daughter 'cause she felt like her odds just dropped precipitously.**

me to!

Wow. More? This is the first summer game my kids and I have participated in and it has been fun. Thank you to all of the AADL employees who worked so hard to make this such a successful and enjoyable reading program.

If it's all just one drawing I'm picturing a four year old win the iPad.

Yes, I agree, that seems funny, though I suppose it would quite entertain him or her! :P

I'm glad that everyone's chance will be the same even though it may be unfair to teens.

Well, we've got many more prizes than ever before, and with 3 major prizes plus all the stuff that's been had from the store, I'd say that everybody wins this summer at the library! So yes, there is just one drawing, with 3 major prizes, and anyone who's earned the Summer Reader badge is eligible. We're still experimenting as always with what works best, and we welcome your feedback as always! But the biggest thing about the online Summer Game has been how many families are all playing together, and how much better it works as 1 game than 3. Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks as always for playing!


I'm playing from my mom's tablet. Hope to win the iPad and play on that next year. The summer game here is AWESOME!

I agree that this has been a neat family activity. We had a ball doing all the library scavenger hunts for codes and visiting the caterpillars last weekend and walked around downtown to collect the history ones. Wouldn't have done that otherwise! One question for Eli...any chance the kids' size medium shirts will come back in stock before the end? And, again, THANK YOU to all who made this happen. Can't wait to see what you cook up for next year!

I understand that everyone is in the same drawing, which I think is a great idea (it really has been a great family/multi-age game), but will there be one winner of all three items or three different winnners? (Hopefully the latter!)

Adimarzo, the three grand prizes will go to three different winners, so no worries there! And Juliette, there never was a Kid's Medium Shirt this summer, as the Kids small and kids large are not that far apart in size. Hope that helps! Thanks again to all our amazing players and hang on tight for the fast approaching endgame!

So, I understand that the game ends on 8/26, but when is the last day we can order from the Summer Game Shop? My daughter and I have had a great time with the game this summer. We've been competing with one another to see who can collect the clues the fastest. I love these scavenger hunts and it is great to learn more about Ann Arbor in the process. You guys (and gals) at AADL have done a tremendous job with getting the public involved in the library! I never knew there were so many resources! I am definitely going to explore AADL's site much more thoroughly from now on! Thanks so much!!

You're very welcome, Kgolden65, we're so glad to hear how you've enjoyed the Summer Game! The Summer Game Shop will stay open all the way until 9/18 to give you time to spend your points. Also, leftover points balance will still be available to spend on next summer's premiums! Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for playing!


Wow, that is so AWESOME I wish we would get stuff.

It's kind of sad that the summer game is ending, but I suppose that's the pont of the summer game- it's during the summer.

Drawings are always exciting, even if I never win anything!

Are there going to be 20 badges altogether? I saw the numbers on the badges, and it seems that they are in increasing order of will there be 20 badges in increasing order of price?

ompopp, if there are any more buttons, they better be rolled out soon. Scoring ends 8/26.

Cool! Thanks!

I reallly want to win the drawing but I don't think I will

So we can roll over unused points for next year's game -- good to know!!

Super awesome' AADL rocks.

Say I have points left over from this year's game after 9/18? Will my leaderboard or shop points still be there next year if I use the same online account?

I hope next years Summer Reading Game is as good as this one!

Awesome, thanks so much AADL and friends of the Ann Arbor District Library!

this summer reading game should be nominated for something - it's really awesome for everyone!

Awesome, AADL rocks..

I still have my old retro pink fish AADL button (circa '95) somewhere

My kids are so excited!

when will the raffle be announced i wonder when it is

I so want to win!

I know that the drawing is today, but when will the winners be announced and where?

Oooh, I'm thrilled to hear that points carry over to next year. I love all the stuff I've gotten from the library (except the coffee mug - the rim makes it a bit hard to drink out of), but it's nice to know that even my leftover points will be useful. Plus, I'm just in the habit of rating, tagging, and reviewing now - it's like a local!

Hey SMV, the deadline to qualify for the drawing was today. We'll be notifying the winners early next week.

Thanks everyone. The summer game has ended.

When's the drawing?

The drawing will be early next week, we'll be contacting winners directly. Stay tuned!

I wonder who won...

I wish they posted who won. I can imagine like a 5-year old playing a ipad :)

Yeah me too. (Although that might be intruding on their privacy.)
5-year olds can play iPads too!

Or like a 6 year old being addicted to a 3DS.

That would be extremely bad for their eyes.

Yeah. The DS producer people should make it safer and less harmful for your eyes.

I saw this thing--I forgot where--and they are like a pair of glasses. When you put them on and watch stuff (like T.V.) your eyes don't get damaged (as much).

The producer should do that.(Like the glasses the movie theaters give you for 3D movies!)

That would be really nice. If only they weren't as expensive...

How much do they cost?

A lot of money.

More than $50? $100? $200?

I dunno. Like $15-50? Don't ask me.

Fifteen to fifty dollars isn't that much money...

Do you want to pay 30-ish dollars for a pair of glasses that you can only use for watching 3-D movies?

It's not only for 3d movies (I think) but they look like a pair of sunglasses and seem flimsy.

But they do a valuable thing by protecting your eyes.
Plus, some designer sunglasses are WAY more expensive.

kind of sounds like RPO OASIS glasses

Kind of... Only instead of transporting you to an online world they just protect your eyes. :P I prefer the RPO OASIS glasses.

It is necessary to have your eyes protected.

Or everyone would have to get glasses. :(

Yea. That would be so weird though. I can't imagine a world where everyone has glasses.

That would be a LITTLE weird.

Just trying to imagine it give me the creeps. *shiver shiver*

That will probably happen soon, with all of the electronics and stuff.


Because a bunch of kids playing with ipads = A bunch of kids with glasses

oh riiiiiiiggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttt............................... but surely not THAT many people have ipads

Yeah, iPads are the most expensive tablets in the market right now.

That's true.......

And more and more people are buying them.

But now that the Nexus 7 came out...things are tough for the iPad.

Competition for Apple!

what's the Nexus 7?

I dunno. Welcome to the "what the heck are they talking about" club! :D

Turns out the Nexus 7 is like a kindle fire plus an ipad put together and a bunch of other random stuff.

Uh. Ok. Sorry Bookbird but you're the only one in the club now.