AADL's Summer Game Shop: NOW OPEN!

Summer Game Shop News!Summer Game Shop News!
OH MY WOW! With HUGE thanks to the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library for providing all this great stuff, we are pleased to introduce the AADL SUMMER GAME SHOP! Now you have something to do with all those points you've been earning; spend them on COOL AADL PREMIUMS! Here's a price list for your perusal, but really, just click on over (there's a summer game shop button at the bottom of the menu to the left) and start shopping! You even get points just for browsing the shop. Thanks for playing, and just contact us if you have any questions or trouble!

Standard items:
Summer Game Sand Pail: 2000 points
Summer Game Silly Putty: 2000 points
AADL logo hat: 3500 points
AADL summer game tshirt: 4000 points
AADL Travel Mug: 5000 points
AADL Square Tote: 4000 points
AXIS sport pack: 3000 points
AADL-GT sport pack: 3000 points
AADL water bottle: 4000 points

Bonus items: (new items will be revealed weekly)
????? : 8000 points
????? : 10000 points
?????: 12000 points
????? : 15000 points
????? : 20000 points
????? : 50000 points
????? : 100000 points



I can't wait to get prizes! They all look so cool!

I can't wait!

I wonder what the 100,000 prize is....

Now I need to plan my strategy for spending my points. can't wait!

Very cool - but is there an actual physical location for the summer game shop or can you redeem points at any branch?

Thanks for asking sdunav! The Summer Game Shop is online only, and you'll specify at which branch you'd like to pick up your order. Then you'll get a notification when it's ready! Let us know if you have any other questions.


Can we still earn points? Or is it closed?

My kids and I are all on the same account. Do we simply 'cash in' our points one at a time when they accumulate enough points for an item when
logged on to their account or see their name and point summary?

Thanks -- we are enjoying this program!

You can still earn points! The Summer Game goes on all summer long; you can earn points until Sunday, August 28th. The Shop will also stay open until mid-September to allow you to spend your points on premiums while supplies last.

And koolfish, at today's launch, you'll only be able to place orders for your main player, but we will roll out orders for extra players as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing!


Yay!! I'm excited!!

Is it possible that you run out of some items (so that we should be sure to redeem early) or is that not really a concern?

Sounds terrific! I can't wait!

That's cool. I need to get lots more points if I want to get something cool.

Well, adimarzo, it is possible, and all items are while supplies last, but you'll be able to see exactly how many of each item are left when browsing the shop, so you'll know if supplies are running low on something you're interested in. But there are a LOT of premiums in stock, thousands and thousands as you'll see later today, so you should have all the information you need to make your decisions about when to redeem your points. Thanks again for your feedback, and for playing the Summer Game!

Thanks for your quick replies. . .we will all learn together! :)

Thanks! That's very helpful. Looking forward to the shop opening.

Yay! I need a new water bottle!

or maybe a tote bag. :)


cool! is the 1st bonus prize going to be revealed today?

could you please put this info to the web page of prize? it would make sense when people go to the page to see the prize and find out how many points for the prize. thanks!

me 2 i think its like an iPOd

I wonder what the new ones are?

Woo hoo! The Summer Game Shop is open! I can't wait until all the items are revealed!

Hope you guys all saw the shop is now open! And belal, while I applaud your optimism, I can assure you that nothing like an iPod will be found in the summer game shop at any price. The big point value prizes are cool, symbolic, and more than a little bit silly, but they will be scaled appropriately to your achievement. As an aside, if you complete the paper teen game, you can be entered in a drawing that includes an iPad, an iPod, and a Nintendo 3DS; just visit the desk at AADL for details on that!

Me too! I know I'll blow my points before I get that many, but I can't wait to see.

This is what we've all been waiting for!

Can't wait for the bonus items

@buttercup smiley: Stop writing cool

Same thing @blingo

Thank you Pareenaz9!!

I commend the Summer Game folks for the highly entertaining item descriptions. Well done! I wish I had enough points to buy everything!

this is so cool im going to try and save up my points for one of those mystery things

wonder what the other items will be. they will probably be good sence there worth so many points

Nice, the store is finally open!

i love stuff!! i really really want to know what the mystery ones are to!!

I second the comment about the entertaining item descriptions--it was just what I needed after a long first day back at work after the holiday!


this is very entertaining

i honestly cant wait to know what the mystery prize is this is so cool

i really cant wait to read new moon i started on it like yesterday or something

this game is so cool and so rewarding i cant wait

this game is amazing

i really like this game so much its so rewarding and it encourages you to read more and all that

i love this game what else should i say im mean its so rewarding and cool

this is good i love reading

a.a.d.l rules!

Hey Buttercupsmiley, sounds like you've said what needs to be said! Why don't you lay off on this post until someone else comments. If you make a bunch of comments in a row without giving others a chance to comment, your comments might get deleted. If you're looking for quick ways to earn points, try rating items or reading posts around aadl.org! Thanks for playing.... now take a break! =)


i love this game i mean there ARE three things i would like to buy and i am on my way

i like this game

Pls let's know what the other prizes are.

this game is so awesome

i can't wait

this is so cool

i wonder what the mystery prizes are could it be an ipod

this game is really cool

really cool game ............ lots of prizes

a rewarding game with tons of cool prizes and is encouraging especially when it is summer break finally there is something to do

come on already show us the other prizes

I can't wait to see what the 100,000 point mystery prize is!

what could possibly by 100,000 points?


I've got my eye on that tote... but might have to wait until the mystery prizes are unveiled. When will the first weekly bonus announcement come? This week, or next?

i really want to have 100000 points

Hi wictory, we will be announcing the first bonus item this friday, so stay tuned!


this game is beyond cool and ffun

this gAME is so cool and courages

Looking forward to seeing the first mystery item tomorrow. Will there be any more "standard" items released later or just mystery items revealed? Just trying to budget my points!

This sounds really cool! It is also really fun!

Roar. Don't have many points for this thing. Want to buy 2 travel mugs.

Wow! I can't wait until the first prize is revealed!! This Friday!

Adimarzo, these are all the standard items available for this Summer, but there may be some cheaper bonus items as we go depending on how stock & points work out. Stay tuned!


Great. Thanks!

I bet that the 100,000 point prize is a badge for earning 100,000 summer game points, and you get a 200,000 point bonus. You now have whatever you had, +100,000, so you can buy the rest of the items, and something else would be in it. AADL Watch? AADL MP3? iPod with AADL paint or cover/case? iPod Touch 4th generation with AADL paint or case? iPad with AADL paint or case? YOUR NAME IN THE AADL HALL OF FAME(That rhymes)? The prizes get bigger and bigger.

Note: AADL is welcome to use my ideas.


do you spend points on the bonuses?

The suspense is killing me!

P.S. I like your ideas baifamily2, although I doubt I'll get to 100,000 points . . .

this summer game is really cool and i still wonder what the mystery prize is

i like how they have mystery prizes it makes everyone wondering.............................

I can barely stand the suspense!!

Oh man! To buy now or to save up points for an ultra-cool bonus item?

Ooh, must win bonus items..

I can't wait!!!

Shooting for 100,000 points!!

can't wait

I can't wait to get prizes! They all look so cool!

What are they?!?!?! THE SUSPENSE.


I'm trying for the first mystery prize! 5000 more points to go!!!