Badge Drop #11: Master Blaster

Well, players, Summer Game 2017 is winding down, moving inexorably toward its inevitable end. It's sad, but we can take consolation in one thing: IT AIN'T OVER YET! And if it's FRIDAY and the GAME IS ON, that can only mean that tomorrow is Saturday...ALSO THAT THERE'S A BADGE DROP!

Since this is the FINAL BADGE DROP of Summer Game 2017, this is a very special drop, the biggest drop of the summer, the drop to end all drops: THE MASTER BADGE DROP! Every badge in this week's drop can only be obtained by earning other badges first, stacking them up, and seeing if they stack up high enough to turn into the MASTER BADGE for each series. If you've been keeping up with your badges all summer, chances are you just got a BUNCH OF NEW BADGES and BONUS POINTS just for your latest scoring event (Note: if you feel like you should have gotten a master badge and you don't see it showing up yet, try doing something to score some points (a tag, a review, a comment, anything) and it'll probably show up).

For those of your who haven't been keeping up with this year's badges, and we know who you are (seriously, we have a whole database behind this thing), we have GOOD NEWS! This year there are an unprecedented 6 DAYS after this Master Badge Drop before the end of the game! Nothing new is happening here, we didn't decide to just give you more days, it's just the way the Fridays fall (so if you've got a problem, take it up with Pope Gregory). But that means you have an extra 6 DAYS to try to get all of the master badges you can by completing as many series badges as you can. That means you've got to get on that catalog and get searching, turn on those Ann Arbor Stories podcasts and get listening, and head out to every library branch to get branch exploring and goblin gaming! You've got this!

2017 Badge Drop #11

What about AFTER you've earned all of those master badges? What else could you possibly do? How about taking a look in the Summer Game Shop and SPENDING SOME OF THOSE MONDO MASTER BADGE BONUS POINTS? What, you say you've already bought everything you are interested in? Have you gotten one of the GOLDEN BUNDLES? You haven't even heard of them? Guess you'll have to watch this space later today to learn about the INSANE and RARE items you can find as part of this year's exciting game end packages!

And after that? Once all of the points have been SPENT? HOW ABOUT A BIG HUGE PARTY WHERE YOU CAN HANG OUT WITH OTHER SUMMER GAMERS, GEEK OUT ABOUT YOUR FAV SUMMER ACTIVITY, and, oh yeah, EARN A WHOLE BUNCH MORE POINTS?!?!! This year's GAME OVER GALA happens next Thursday, August 31 from 6 to 8 pm at the Downtown Library! A special GALA-ONLY GAME, a photo booth, even COOKIES!

So let's finish Summer Game 2017 with a BANG and see just how many MASTERS there truly are out there! See you at the Gala!



Very happy to get a few master badges. I gave up on Expiration Date. I used my time doing the Sight Lines which I had avoided in the past. It turned out to be fun and made me think in a sort of geometric visual way. Thanks for all the fun AADL!


Oh no! Are you stuck on a certain "Expiration Date" chapter? Happy to help with some hints.

It can't possibly be time for the last badge drop already?!

Almost over!

Last day! Alas, another 9 1/2 months until we can play again. I hope the changes aren't too drastic.

Help with Overly Defensive ?

Stuck on the male who has ice magic powers. Have tried dozens of possible names. Can anyone help?

Game over gala today!

Will be here for sure. For now let's exchange our summer game code WHAT344

This was my first year playing, and I really enjoyed it! I know now for next year not to be such a spendthrift, haha. I had no idea about the golden bundles, and despite having tons of points I missed out on getting one! :) Hopefully they'll be around next year. For now, I'm happy to make it up to #8 on the leader board, woohoo! My daughter and I had such fun playing the summer game! Thanks, AADL for your hard work on this incredible program!


I wish I could attend the Gala, but we'll be too busy this evening. Oh well. Thanks for the great summer, AADL!

Will there be a game over gala badge

I'll be back next year, again thanks for another fun summer

keebs23 that is so kind of you to offer help. I am hung up in a couple of places: 1) the acronym for an insurance rider in Indiana (I believe) and 2) the British Theatre Residency coinciding with the ill-conceived experiment in Ithaca (I believe). Maybe I can get through this after gathering energy from a cookie or two at the Gala tonight. Again thanks.


If you wondering who this royal guy with winter magic is, try googling "Finn and Jake" to get an introduction.


1. The acronym for the insurance term is ADB but you need to enter all three full words as the code.

2. In the same town that Tyson met Sagan look for the name of the man behind operant conditioning chambers.

keebs23 Thank you so much for your help. I'll see where I can go with that now. My admiration goes to the 147 Summer Gamers who mastered Expiration Date!

To all the summer game members who went to the Game Over gala; how do the 9 codes work? We weren't able to get four of them, and the other ones we got aren't working.

Edit: I realized that I had to solve it like a sudoku. Even then, I cannot solve it. So sad :(

I didn't get to go :(

Thank you thank you, library staff! Summer game has been great!

Thanks aadl, see you next year.

See you next year!

it was such a fun event tonite

Less an 1 hour left of the game. : (

Thank you for another wonderful summer game! I especially enjoyed all the branch codes this year. The themes were great and the code puns were so clever. The goblin codes and riddles were a really fun addition.

game over...