Badge Drop #10: *STARSTRUCK*

Summer Game 2017 may have put STARS in your EYES, but stay tuned for some excitement from the STARS in the SKIES!

There's some AWESOME ASTRONOMY afoot on Monday, 8/21! The only thing that can eclipse the AWESOMENESS of the Summer Game is AN ACTUAL ECLIPSE!!! Join us at the Downtown Library on Monday, 8/21 from 1-3 pm for our SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING PARTY. There will be solar eclipse viewing glasses (the must-have accessory of the summer) available to share!

But BEFORE you look up, LOOK BELOW! Hey! BADGES!!!!

2017 Badge Drop #10

Now think of a number. NO, another number. Did you think of 13? Well, think of it now. THIRTEEN!!!!!! It's important because....

THAT'S HOW MANY DAYS OF SUMMER GAME REMAIN! Just 13 more days of CODE HUNTING and POINT GATHERING, SG hunter-gatherers! Gotta get out there and FORAGE for FUN while there's still FUN to FORAGE!

Time's a-tickin'! Collect those codes! Create those comments! Procure those points! BADGE THOSE BADGES!



"All For Nautical" - what a flag-flying fun badge!
There's a good reason for the difficulty level;
but it mostly takes time.
Waiting to do the last clue when I have more of that (time)!

@gardenfaerie, thanks for responding. I used the handbook and got I**** B**** # and tried the full and abbreviated versions as codes and category searches. Am I reading the flag key wrong?!

Surfgrape The cookbook code is on the second floor in the cookbook section. Look down near the ground.

I don't understand how to do the poison ivy badge.

feriep - re All for Nautical, 4th code:

Your answer is in the handbook - dig deep!
Your letters - and probably the "#" - are correct.
Scroll down - way down, and you should be able to figure it out.


Oh my!! So many new badges, but I am still so far behind with the other badges! How can it be so close to the end of summer already? :(

@teri: Hurray! Thank you so very much. I had only quicky scrolled through to see if there were other flag keys, and ignored the text.

Thanks, andrew, for making the nautical badge and so many other great badges over the summer, and for tweaking them as needed!

This is my first year playing the game, and it has been so much more fun than I expected! Addictive, too, in a good way. :)

please be my friend flip494

So little time left and so many badges to finish!

Yeah DROP!!!

The real McCoy

Stuck on name of the invention. I have tried the official name, common names, singular, plural,...

I know the answer, so frustrating!

For the real McCoy invention, I think the hint on the badge page has a number in it, right? Try that!

A friend asked recently what I was grateful for this summer. I said that I'm grateful for the summer game!

it's pretty fun-BLOOD337

How do I get the Fordlandia badge started? I got the name of the company, I----------- C------, and searched the first 20 catalog entries for a code. The company name isn't a code either. Maybe this is what badge burnout feels like.


For the first poison ivy code, you are looking for four words that fill in the blanks to complete the sentences. If you can't guess the words, just search for "poison ivy rhymes" and you will get a list. Also, use the hints. If you need further help, just let me know which clue you are having trouble with.

@ferielp: You're on the right track, but there's a proper name as the first part of the company name. That is both the code itself and found via a catalog search (though not all of the codes for this badge are exactly the same as the answers). Good luck!

Summer Game - can't imagine summer without it!

Nautical Badge Help!

I'm stuck on the second clue. Where can I find the old flags? Are the white flags spaces, or actual flags? I don't think my translation is correct.

@sara - I also couldn't figure that first batch of flags. If you just translate the second series using the flag alphabet you must have found already, it will be enough to lead you to the next code.

There are flags used in the second clue that are different than those in the standard alphabet used in the first clue. I found some of them, but not all. Googled, but couldn't find them.

I'm sorry, I'm not always very good at being clear when I'm trying not to give too much away.

The clue for the second code contains two groups of flags. After trying to figure out the first group with the white spaces, I gave up and moved on to the second grouping. That you can solve the same way you did the first clue of the badge. That should give you enough information to find the code.

I hope that makes sense this time.

Loved the "All for Nautical" badge!!

I might be a little late on cutting corners but can someone help me with the third clue? Thanks!


Thank you! I had enlarged the screen so much to see the flags, that I hadn't seen the second part! Now it all makes sense (as it should have with your first hint.)

I'll miss the Summer Game!

in poison ivy, I can not solve the last line of the first clue
please help

All the tips here for the Nautical badge helped me complete it. Thanks!

All for Natuical

I know the person to enter for code two, but can't enter it as a code, and looked though 45 items in the catalog using his last name only....nothing. Nothing with first and last names either. Now what am I doing wrong?!

@sara - my guess is you're entering the wrong name. You don't want the person who signaled the message, you want the person who devised the vocabulary. Again I don't want to give too much away, but if you search the catalog for just his last name, it will be in one of the three results you'll get.

I can't really earn any more badges, they're too hard :(

strong933, weird473

The Poison Icy badge was very informative. A couple years ago, I had tried to figure out if a certain plant I had come in contact with was poison ivy, but I couldn't find any good information. Now after this badge, I'm confident I could identify it if needed. Thanks to whoever made it!

@maywang, don't give up! Everyone here is super helpful, ask away. Maybe it could even help someone else stuck on the same clue :)

Ditto on the Poison Ivy badge. It's been a long time since I've read anything botanical, and that quiz brought back fond memories of learning phyllotaxy in school :)

Brand New Code...


...for a late-coming gamer who finally generated a code in hopes of getting a tshirt :)

so sad

@teri, you could definitely get one! Add me back for 150points :D

Does anyone else feel like they've learned a new language after completing the "All for Nautical" badge? Thanks, AADL badge creators!

Oh yeah I found it much easier than Morse code. These flags are such unique combinations of shapes and colors it would be quite easy to develop fluency. Unfortunately typing Morse code is easier but I can't seem to keep the alphabet straight Y_Y

Just finished Expiration Date chapter 7 gave me the most problems took three weeks because I was confused by the clues, I was looking in the wrong direction.

@SBNB and ferielp

Thanks for your comments about the poison ivy badge. I wrote it, and it was so nice to read that someone enjoyed it.

Monster Mashup was a nice badge -- very quick to do and not difficult, but a fun way to get the codes. All the wordplay is perhaps my favorite part of the Summer Game.

Badges are fun but honestly, some are very challenging for a 100 pts.

@sara, it was very well made! At first I was a little overwhelmed when I figured out I'd need to memorize some of those plants from the rearranging-slideshow, but that quickly dissipated because it was SO MUCH FUN. I've learned all manner of arcane facts from the other badges, but this one might actually save my skin one day ^.^

Oh, wow, just got a whole slew of master badges. Now I'll have to frantically refresh the homepage for the rest of the afternoon... :-D

Thank you for the poison ivy badge. I just had to put that knowledge to good use in my own backyard!

How long after today's Shop Drop will we be able to continue ordering items? If the Big Summer Blow-out is on the 31st, will there be a grace period to spend all those points?

You are all amazing! Thanks for putting this together every year.

Did the Ann arbor stories train badge disappear? I see people talking about it here but it doesn't show up on my badges page. the last stories badge for me just the zoo one (and I still can't get clue #2!!!)

Fun! I always look forward to what each week will bring with the summer game.

This summer has been somewhat stressful. I have almost all the badges, but the skyline badges are impossible to locate and I tried three times to make plans to go see the Wonder of Learning exhibit and every time I had to deal with family so I never got to see it. I don't understand how anyone ever gets 100% of the badges each summer.

@aunty, my guess is that most of the people who get all the badges are youth on summer vacation without too many responsibilities. Personally, I usually get everything that can be done on line from home, but not all of the event or explorer ones. I just got the last of the Skyline badges today. Sundays it's free to park in the structures so it makes it easy to either drive to the top or park somewhere and take an elevator. That would be my hint to you I guess - all of the "views" are from the top of parking structures. I'm sorry if anyone feels I shouldn't have revealed that.

I'm struggling with the first code of the All For Nautical badge. I think the message is IN**********************LS, but it isn't accepting the code. Any hints?

The poison ivy badge was great and informative. More like these!

Thank You to the creator of the Poison Ivy badge.
I will be sharing the links and resources with family members who need to know.

Well done!


Stuck on the last clue on the poison ivy badge. Tough one.

The Expiration Date badges were not my favorite, but I still did them. I liked the idea behind them and thought it was fun to try something new. I can't wait to see what's in store next year!

Ahh now I can't get the second code of the All For Nautical badge. I think it's N*****n, but it's not accepting it. Any hints?

Edit: I found it. Just had to go through a bunch of older comments. But now I can't get the fourth code. Any hints on that?

I can't figure out the last riddles on the "poison ivy" badge, which means I'm stuck with the first code. Help?

sad the game is almost over :(

Not enjoying the "Overly" series, but since I started, I must finish!

I am about done with trying to earn anymore badges at this point. Codes can't found or don't work.


Use the hints for the poisin ivy badge. Google "poison ivy rhymes" and you should find them -or email the staff for help. Good luck!



Thank you kellyc for the big hint on the nautical flag badge!

Help! Trying to finish the dessert series and am stuck on the first clue for Stacked Snacks. I get K***********R, but putting it in as a code or into the catalog comes up with nothing. :(

help on Wonder Woman clue 3

clues didn't expire yet :) ;) ( LOL)

@ferielp, sorry for the late reply! Thanks! I sometimes do need to give up because it kills time.

@bethlap, search up things. It's not late!