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We're almost there! Just one shop drop yet to come after tonight! But tonight we've got the long-awaited return of AADL LOGO CHOCOLATES by our friends at Schakolad Ann Arbor, plus some other NEW and NOT SO NEW items, plus more COFFEE and TEA!

With T-SHIRTS and the mysterious GOLDEN BUNDLES still to come in the final drop on 8/25! Stay tuned, and as always....



Yes chocolate!!

How neat! New prizes.
I am very excited about the flyer and the crayon.

Thank you for restocking the coffee!! :D

Can you please let us know now how many points the t-shirts will be as well as the Golden Bundles? I need to budget my points!! :-)

You know, I was thinking. One can never have too many pink knit hats. One might even want to wear a pink knit hat among a gathering of like-minded people. Could one even fold it a little bit at the top, to resemble ears? Perhaps...perhaps.

@SurfGrape -- ha ha ha I would not have looked at that twice, but I like your idea, though the fit looks too tight to fashion into ears. I just ordered the CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Woohoo! Fun to see new stuff :)


Very excited to grab one of the chocolate packages. Amazing.

Mmm, chocolate. Delicious!

Are all the hats fuchsia? The description says there's two options, grey or pink, but the item title says otherwise.

the bag looks cool

ferielp, this is just the fuschia sloucher. When it was first sold we had grey ones too, but only the fuschia are currently available. I've edited the description. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, Eli! I'm hoping for maxximum, smurf-level slouch :D

Picked up my Hibiscus Tea today - was delighted to see the totally-compostable bag that it's packaged in!

How big are the floppy flat flyers? Frisbee sized, or larger?

Thanks for making the chocolate expensive... Made me think twice, and we certainly don't need to be eating any more sugar! :P

The flyers are about the size of a frisbee but bend up into a small apple sized bag

I'm intrigued by the Golden Bundles -- how many points could they possibly be?? And also, how many points are those elusive t-shirts going to be? Could we perchance get a heads up, pretty, pretty please?

The hibiscus tea is lovely! It brews up a beautiful red color and tastes great. Nice choice!

Picked up coffee today. Thanks!

Oh Yeah! Chocolateee....

the chocolate is nice, but it costs so many points

Yeah, similarly surprised by the chocolate. I guess that tweaks the supply-demand-cost price situation just enough that there isn't a mad feeding frenzy :P

Wow that is expensive chocolate, I was really looking forward to that too. I'm hoping I can at the very least save up enough for T-shirt.

Looking forward to T-shirts this friday!!

I hope they will re-stock the tea.

The bag looks really neat.

That chocolate really is way too expensive points-wise!! (Looks yummy, though...)

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Cant wait for friday!@

I'm looking forward to the t-shirts this week. And I'm curious to see what's in the golden bundles.

love the crayon.. cute
Chocolate IS good!

There's been a real tight-lippedness on the points-value for the golden bundles. Is it 3 past items 10,000 each? 20,000 each? Will there be multiple combinations? Grownup themed (heavy on the caffeine) v. for kids?

We're still working on the contents of the Golden Bundles. They will not include any coffee, tea, chocolate, or any of this year's items, you'll be limited to one golden bundle total, and they will be substantially more expensive than anything else we've listed in the shop. I know it's hard not to know, but just stay tuned! The primary goal of these items is to give shop superfans with points to spare something rare and special to spend their points on. But don't indulge in flights of fancy, it's just more library swag... =)

The cray-cray will be sweet for the little one in our family.
And as for golden bundles - how is it any fun if you know what you're getting?
Use up points, take a chance, and have a laugh!

So excited for the golden bundles.

What day of the week are orders usually filled? Will an item requested today be available this Friday?

The cutoff for each Friday's deliveries is usually about 8 AM Thursday. However, when we have a ton of orders we don't always get through all of them, so it's best to wait for your pickup notification or check the status on your my account page.

Mmm I'll have to get those chocolates and then hide them from my family! :D

I'm hoping to acquire a Golden Bundle and a t-shirt... But who knows whether I'll have enough points to do so? Ah, the mystery!! LOL

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Wow - the shop STILL has chocolate!?
Is everyone holding out for Golden Bundles,
where there will be NO CHOCOLATE!???
Better yet, chocolate disappears, so you don't have to find a PLACE for it :)

I'm eagerly waiting for the t-shirts and the golden bundle!! :)

@ eli

Thanks for the info!

so eager for tomorrow

I was waiting for chocolate and my wish came true

The pink hat doesn't have quite that much slouch. Or maybe my head is just oddly shaped. Hopefully the sk8er kids will not hold it against me \m/

Waiting for the t-shirt..

my mouth is watering just thinking about the chocolate! thank you AADL and Schakolad!

Argh, holding out for the bundles! Hope it's worth missing all that chocolate!

Picking up my AADL swag this afternoon, the whole checkout area at Traverwood smelled like chocolate and coffee. Delicious!

Got my chocolate!


All the bags are gone!

Yeah chocolate!!

I get to pick up my chocolate today. Thank you.

Chocolate!!! One of my favorite prizes!

Thank you for ordering chocolate, especially dark chocolate