The 2017 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN! New items coming almost EVERY WEEK!

SG Shop is OPEN!: Open Sign in a BadgeSG Shop is OPEN!: Open Sign in a Badge

OH MY WOW! It's the moment that your fevered dreams have circled around for weeks -- the culmination of nine months' worth of ANTICIPATION and SLACK-JAWED WONDER.... the 2017 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN for an activity that models the basic tenets but eschews the fundamental underlayment of BUSINESS! We've got some of our brand-new 2017 items in there now, with many more to come as the summer goes on, including some great prices on older items and even some legendary GOLDEN BUNDLES for you Summer Game Plutocrats.

While there are no limits on purchases from the Summer Game Shop, it is possible for your orders to be edited and points refunded during the fulfillment process, so remember that Summer Game is all about the fact that LIBRARIES ARE POWERED BY SHARING, and not so much about PANIC! At the COSTCO.

Orders are filled weekly, on Fridays, and you'll get a notice when your order is ready for pickup. Remember that all Summer Game Shop orders are Final, and if you have any questions about your order or anything else, why just Contact Us! It's the fastest way to get the answers you crave.

Thanks as always to the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library for providing the funding that powers the Summer Game, and stay tuned for more great Summer Game Shop items all summer long!



I'm really excited about the canvas cooler. My black AADL cooler started leaking from over use, so this will be a great replacement!

A nice start of "prizes" at the "shop". I hope they do coffee again this year!

Nice summer game shop items!


Also there's one thing you've never put in the shop that I want to see:

a sketchbook.

Don't worry, Naverick, we've narrowed the FIELD and taken a lot of NOTES about what's the coolest little notebook out there, and we think you'll be happy with a very special item coming later this month. Thanks for playing!

THE SUMMER GAME SHOP IS OPEN!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA BUY A LOT OF STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Also please friend my family:
And best friends:

Thanks for friending if you did!!!!! Also, its more important to friend my friends cause my family already has enough followers!!!!!!!!

SQUEEEE! Just placed my first SG order of the summer. Can't wait to get my 'cool loot'. Thx AADL & Friends!
Tammy (LINE393)

I hope my son doesn't see that fidget spinner!

Thank You AADL and FAADL for that cooler - I mean, Kooler.
The black one has been great, but my family needs another, and I've been waiting...

... and now I only have to wait about a week. Hooray!

Thanks again,

( HERE949 )

I love it when the game shop opens. Add me as a friend!


yesss so excited!

Will they stock new items over time?

Thank you AADL and Friends of the AADL, the summer game brings families together!

I was hoping the shop would open soon! I can't wait to go over and take a look as soon as I finish typing this!

jduffy12, yes, each Friday, there's new stuff added to The Shop!

oh now I'm excited!


Does anyone know if the lid to the commuter mug can be closed so that there is no opening for the coffee to slosh around my car? LOL

My love of shopping and lack of impulse control has resulted in the purchase of many of the newly released shop items (and consequently, the almost complete depletion of my 2017 point balance).

Will the shirts will be back soon? I need some more for the family.

All the descriptions are MEGA LONG with lots of ALL CAPS, and the mug is "It's a mug." Er...

Please have umbrellas this year.


I agree that last year's shirts were awesome. I loved that there were shirts designed for women and that there were different sizes. I hate the one size fits all. I still use my umbrella from last year as well as my pizza slicer.

I'm so glad I've been able to add some points this year to my leftover balance so I can get some of this awesome Summer Game loot!

Ordered a fidget spinner so I can find out what all the fuss is about.

I laughed out loud when I saw the mug description.


super cool that the shop is open

We love the summer game. Great way to encourage kids to read and then get fun rewards.

Is it weird that I'm an adult and I want a fidget spinner? They look like fun.

Hey, previous generations had yo-yos....

Laughing at the item descriptions has startled me with how much I laugh like my mother. How distressing.

also: I honestly came into this wondering why anyone would need a library pennant. I shall WONDER NO MORE. To the composer of these descriptions: you have truly moved me and I now feel certain that I require a library pennant.

- GLAD499

I love the summer game!

Fidget spinners are a great addition to the shop!

My kids were very happy to see the shop open for the summer, and they were especially happy to see the fidget spinners.


I totally agree about the t-shirts! I know that my family and I would love to get t-shirts! We really loved the ones from last year :)

I love the shop items but I love the shop item descriptions EVEN MORE. I, too, looked skeptically at the library pennant. But now that I know what it TRULY is, I feel I must have one and every English teacher I know must have one. HUZZAH to you, Summer Game Shop author.


Love code sharing. Ours is consider434! Great list of prizes

Love the mug description!

Ah these all look so cool

How exciting!!!!

Looking forward to the chocolate showing up in the game shop.

Don't forget to add your friend code to your ID.


Creative prizes. The write ups are really appealing

Great prizes! Thank you very much! We have the best library :) ELSE444


I'm in total agreement with you about the mug description.

Wow. So many great options already, yet with the promise of more to come! I hardly know whether to spend my points now or hold onto them...

I love the summer game shop

So very excited to play the game this year, this is our first year playing! Lots of fun stuff to earn. Thanks AADL for such a fun summer program! Hey everyone please be sure to add me as a friend! SHOULDNT366

@ Naverick22

I totally agree. Fidget spinners are taking over the world! My teachers got a lot of them from students having them out during work period.

Kudos to whoever wrote the descriptions. Hilarious!

I love the mugs available this year!!

Fidget Spinners, really?

Can't wait to spend those hard earned points!

Item description for the mug is absolutely hands down the funniest description you guys/gals have ever posted with an item!

The pencil set looks awesome.


"It's a mug." -- I love it





Thank you for the fun. I'm saving up my points to get something special. :) If anyone wants to follow me use SENSE767.

This is a good start:) Love the pencil and mugs..

Love all the new stuff that's out so far. :) :) Can't wait to see what's coming up in the next few weeks too! That fox is just adorable. But I love the picnic cooler too. So much to choose from!

My Code: STEP967
My Mom: DREAM734

Always excited for the shop drop!

same lol

I am having so much trouble with clue 4 on the Baking Bad badge about the other term for Dutch cocoa. I have tried many combinations. I am entering things directly as a code for this one (I think that is right for this clue.). Can someone please give me a hint so I know if I'm on the right track? Thanks!

That cooler looks awesome!

The codes for my family are: drink676, beautiful793, couch469
Thanks to all who've shared their codes. Thanks so much AADL for orchestrating this amazing event!


It begins with an A...

Question for staff and people who have done the walking tour: Is it mobility aid/wheelchair accessible?


I love the new items. I love Foxypants. So adorable SUGGEST764

My son is stoked for the fidget spinner!

AADL, thank you so much for organizing Summer Game! APPEAR797

Hi mickplu,

Yep! The travel tumbler with the green lid seals pretty completely and our SLOSH TESTERS have determined that you're pretty safe from accidental spills. There is, however one of those tiny, pin-sized holes for steam to escape from the lid, so if you turn the mug completely upside-down liquid can escape a tiny bit at a time.

Hope that helps!

PANIC! at the COSTCO is my new suburban soft rock cover band.

The mugs look really nice. I'm ordering one of each.
Friend code: BOOK447

Thank you very much Valerieclaires! I will order one pronto!

aadl RULES

Help with the Little Bots..I am having trouble with the second clue. I have the name of the website but nothing seems to be popping up in the catalog. And when I type it in as a code it doesn't work there either.

Took me a while to understand what a spoonsaver was. Anybody want to friend my family? CHICKIBEE2011

yay! Im so excited for the tote bag and the mug!!

Thanks, keebs23!

"It's a mug" I LOVE this description more than any other!!! LOL!!

Dear SGW (Summer Games Writer) I love you.

Thanks AADL!
With all the random thunderstorms lately, I hope you will add umbrellas soon so I can keep my library books dry.


RE: walking tour/exploration badges: I've done the downtown walking tour and it is completely accessible. However, (for everyone) there is a lot of construction going on so be careful.
For the 'I Spy' badge and the 'Art Walk' badges, both are accessible. HINT: the 'I Spy' will require you to drive or take an elevator to find the correct spot.
The Barton Dam badge is NOT completely accessible.

Hope this helps. Have fun!

Yesterday my youngest kid and I did the badge where you find various pieces of art around the outside of the Art Museum. I had no idea that this art was there and really enjoyed getting to see it. Thanks for sending me there!

My first order, my fifth Fidget Spinner

I'm a kid LOL

Friend code- Love674

I like the cards and ice cream scoop.

love the bag

Thanks, valerieclaires! That helps a lot!

@ purchasingqueen

Thank you so much for the accessibility info.

Summer Game staff: Going forward (wordplay!), can accessibility info please be included in the descriptions for relevant badges?

The canvas cooler is cool. I have an older one that has been a great to take on trips. Thanks for offering again.

Me toooooo etc

Thanks for the fun clues! CLASS947

LOVE the fidget spinner!


I was also glad to see the cooler again. I have two of the black ones that I've been using all the time especially for grocery trips in the summer. I love them. They're so useful.