Badge Drop #3: Raindrops Keep Falling on our GAMES

We here at Summer Game Headquarters have been raising out periscopes periodically this afternoon and have repeatedly discovered a disturbing fact: IT'S RAINING. Now we are not, as a rule, anti-rain here. Some of us rather like it (puddles and coolness and lifegiving), and most of us prefer it to awful, oppressive heat. But it can be a bummer when you're in the middle of a thing called the Summer Game to not have anything even resembling summer weather. But instead of letting it stop our fun, we decided there's just one thing to do: BADGE DROP!

See, rather than let the rain get us DOWN, we decided to step UP and we've spent the last few days creating--nay, CRAFTING the FINEST set of badges in at least a WEEK!! What kinds of badges? Oh, just your usual assortment of STUPENDOUSLY INTERESTING and DEEPLY ENTERTAINING badges!! We've got some HOT SPRINGS and some LADIES WITH SNAKY HAIR. We've got some DELICIOUS BREAD and some GREAT MICHIGAN INVENTIONS. Some GHOSTLY PHOTOGRAPHS and some UTTERLY UNNECESSARY SEQUELS. AND AND AND (if it ever stops raining) we've got the very first ever ANN ARBOR STORIES WALKING TOUR badge and the first of this year's ARBOR EXPLORERS: Ponder Barton Dam! TAKE A LOOK!!

2017 Badge Drop #3

So until this rain lets up, get to work on these shiny new badges! And don't forget to tag/rate/review everything you've ever loved/hated (hopefully mostly loved) in the catalog! And when the DROPS DO STOP, get out there for the walking tour and check out Barton Dam! And, rain or shine...



anyone have any ideas for the first code of the Baking Bad badge? My usually formidable search skills are failing me somewhat.

Oops! That badge went up with only half the clue! It should make much more sense now!

I'm having some trouble w with the 2 code in snake charmer. Some help please?
Also, please friend
and EARLY999

Can you check the Ann Arbor Stories Walking Tour badge? I'm not sure the clues are lining up. Specifically, the second clue can only be one place, but when I enter the name of the bar, both with and without the word "the" it doesn't work.

I also am. Priestess is showing me nothing. Should I search for something else?

Yay! I'm planning to do the Barton Dam badge tomorrow as I'll already be in the Bird Hills area. Can't wait!

Try again - system maintenance is being performed tonight and some codes might not have been showing properly. I have just given it a second shot and found it no problem. :)

finally the rain is over!

For the Ann Arbor Stories badge, is there supposed to be a sign in the window of the Alley Bar with information for that code? We found the codes in the other two locations from signs in the windows but there was nothing at the Alley Bar (and I'm assuming you don't have to enter the bar to get the clue).

Thanks for the clarification!

Search 'p*****n'. good luck!

I feel bad adding a comment just because I want a badge.... Whatever

I'm having a hard time finding the right search terms for the third code in the Drawing the Line badge. I know what the answer to the questions is, but variations on c****r l***s or p*****d l***s aren't working.


It's one compound word.

I have the same question about the Alley Bar clue. I hope it's not inside the bar or kids will have a hard time getting it.

ETA: Happily I was able to figure it out with some thought and Googling.

I love the Barton Nature area. I can't wait to go exploring for the Barton Dam badge!

So much to do, so little time. Already terribly behind.

Same! At least now I know how to comment!

The Alley Bar clue should be in a front window - visible from the street, so no entry is required. We'll double check to make sure it is where it belongs, sorry for the inconvenience! If you've already made your rounds and collected the other walking tour codes, feel free to do a Contact Us and we can help you fill in the gap.

Yes! I'm so glad the Arbor Explorer badges are back! Those are our favorites.

Anyone know if the walking tour is wheelchair accessible?

The game's a lot harder this year!

So excited!

Thank you for taking the time to create these badges and making the summer game happen!


The Exploration Badges are my favorite

So excited to do explorer badges

This looks like another great group of badges. I cannot imagine how much work it must take to put these together, but please know that it's much appreciated! I hope they are as fun to out together as they are to solve.

Can someone help me with the baking bad 4th code

Do not go to the catalog - use word as a code word.

We get so excited for badge drops!


Has the The Alley Bar clue been fixed? We were there yesterday (July 2nd) afternoon but nothing was on the front window of the bar. Just checking..

I keep forgetting the Summer Game and then remembering it. It's like a nice surprise over & over again!

Hey, how about some eclipse-related badges?


I agree 100% April!

Yes, I agree with the others that tons of work must have gone into the creation of these badges.

Can someone help with the first code of unequal sequels 2

Still not in the window at alley bar as of 7/3 evening

That first clue to Baking Bad had me literally laughing out loud. :) Frosting on my forehead, indeed.

Put your friend code in your nickname so everyone can add you as a friend. Mine is FALL649.

I'm having trouble with the Alley Bar, too. I don't find any sign. I see that 20 people have earned the badge so there must be another way.....? GASP666

I need help with Unequal Sequels 2. I've tried Lauren Hill, Fugees, and Roberta Flack - nothing! I'm out of ideas!

Lawrencekl57, did you try it spelled Lauryn? (I can't get past the second clue...the surname they give in the hint doesn't turn up anything.)

Three friend codes for you all (posted last year, but not yet this year):

If you add any of them and your friend code is in your nickname, I'll add you back as soon as I get a chance.

Xris, the surname in the clue is the last name of the character from the movie, but you need the actor's last name.

How about vanillaextract

SBNB, I've tried both separate and together, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. :(

Okay, got it. Look again and it says "SINGULAR" surname. I was using his real, plural surname.

I was doing the same thing for a while until the "singular" part finally clicked.

Yes! I am so glad there are new badges to work on!


Has anyone noticed that we tend not to share friend codes in person / at library events, but we do share them online? I wonder what the intent of the friend codes was?

Pretty much the opposite of that, Sara, but this is how it turned out! Friend codes are friending are some of the many things that will be revamped when Summer Game is rebuilt for 2018. Stay tuned!

I have been using the friend system to gain points, so I can't cast too many stones here, but I can see how it might not be serving its initial purpose. That's the law of unintended consequences for you! It's been interesting to see how the summer game has otherwise evolved since I last played (2011!). I'd be really interested to see how players tend to get their points.

And to reiterate, I am continually impressed by how mich thought and effort goes into putting all of this together. It is beyond amazing and so much fun.

For the 12 of you who have earned the Body Electorate badge by attending/viewing the Board of Education Meeting on June 28:

Was the sign posted at the meeting? I can't find anywhere on the tape where someone held up the page with the code.

We're excited to do some local exploring!


I'm having the same problem. I saw it on YouTube, but I'm not sure I have the right video. Is there a link to it?

Can someone help with the second code of unequal sequels 2

@Experation Date

It is difficult to read the chapter as, on my device, the banner takes up half of the page. Is there a way to get rid of the banner? No matter how far I scroll down, the banner follows along.

Loving all the new badges!

Yay! This game is so fun!

PSA: There's a 1000 point code on the side of the AADL delivery truck.


The actor's last name is a plural word, but you need to search the singular form of the word to find the catalog item with the code.


Thanks for letting us know! I'll be on the lookout for that truck :)


I have the same gripe about the banner height on the Arbor Teas Summer Reads page. You might want to send some feedback directly to Arbor Teas since they're publishing the story on their site.

I do have a pro tip for you. Click (or tap) the Print button to get a nicely formatted, mostly text, bannerless view of the chapter.

thanks, I had the same problem.

I love the exploration badges, also last years sight lines. Will there be any of those this year?

BookNerd, I had the same problem with the A2 Board of Ed meeting. I watched it from the CTN site and never saw nor heard the code (at the council meeting for the first badge, they held up a sign and read it aloud).

Having trouble starting the drawing the line badge. Any help would be great I'm coming up with p**** r****

Thanks for creating something fun every summer.

I enjoyed exploring the Barton Dam area. I'm looking forward to more explorer badges. Thanks.

Yeah, new badges
My friend code is coffee734 and shook737

Fun new badges! Researching the "Ghouls on Film" was so creepy.

I am completely stumped on the third clue of COO de Grace. I have tried everything I can think of but can't find the code. I know I must be missing something obvious.
Any hints? Thanks!


@chrisp35: There's some text in that clue (specifically, the second half of a sentence) that is a bit of a non sequitur, and it's a reference to a song. I hope this helps without giving too much away!

I'm not sure where the best place to ask this is-- I was following up on an old, old badge and it looks like the catalog item in question must have been withdrawn. Should I just forget it and be grateful I was able to cobble together the other parts of the badge?

The badge is 2013's Bluth Bonanza; it's the first clue. I've checked everything in the catalog I can find associated with that singer (G**** M******), and nothing seems to have a tag. Thanks!

I can't believe it is already week 3. I am so behind!

@tristana: look for before his solo career

I love how the Ann Arbor stories badges are helping me get to know my new home town.

@BookNerd, I had the same problem with the Broad of Education meeting. Your assumption must be correct, it was posted somewhere and not shown on the video feed.

We're still stuck on Baking Bad 1! searched "Gl----" but there was no Teen choice. Help please!

@logista Of course! Thanks!

(While we're on the subject of old stuck badges, you wouldn't happen to have a clue for the first code of 2015's Cool Kids? Since the name of the magazine appears to have just been their names, I've tried entering all sorts of iterations of those without spaces as a code to no avail.)

@cinderelly For the first clue you're looking for the organization, not the action.

@RowanEMH That one tripped me up too. The obvious-seeming answer isn't actually the right one! I managed to find it with some googling, but it took me a while to find it.


I too had trouble finding it. However, it's quite simple- just read the hint, and search one of those words in the catalog. Hope this helps!

So fun!

Yay! Can't wait!

I too was stuck on the second clue in the Unequal Sequels badge. I thought the movie I was looking for was Heathers, but it wasn't.

This page was a useful reference for finding what movie it actually is:

Also note that the clue says the *singular* name of the actor is your clue. So the actor's name ends in "s" and you need to remove the "s," then search the catalog for what's left of the actor's name, and ta da!