Badge Drop #2: IT'S OVER!

THAT WAS QUICK! I can't believe summer has come and gone already!! Seems like JUST LAST WEEK that we were dropping the first badges of summer! Well, GREAT JOB, everyone! Happy Summer Game! See you in 2018 and...


*checks calendar*

Oh dear.


Guess with ALL the excitement of last week, with the BADGES and the A2CAFs, and the CODES CODES CODES on BUILDINGS, and BANNERS, and BUSES, we got a little ahead of ourselves. LUCKY FOR US, the ol' AADL badge factory never stops working! So here you are, Summer Gamers, another set of HOT and FRESH BADGES!!!

2017 Badge Drop #2

Explore the catalog! Ride TheRide!! Visit the branches!!! Listen to Ann Arbor Stories, the ABSOLUTE BEST local history podcast that AADL has EVER sponsored!!!! Just SUMMER GAME IT UP IN EVERY WAY!!!!!

Oh wait, are you new? HI! You're just in time! Head over to our Get Started page to get your Summer Game on!



The Music Mobile badge clues are not showing correctly :-(

I love the summer game!!

Hey AADL, you might want to check the "Music Mobile" badge page. I think something went wrong there.

the second code in Letterpress Lowdown is not there

Music Mobile is fixed!

Oh dear.



Sir Paul the Walrus AND tardigrades? I can hardly wait!

How could I forget that today is Friday?!

Also having problems finding the second code for the Letterpress badge. :(

I really like them because the look like real life!

I too am having problems finding the second code of the letterpress badge. I feel like I have the right inventor, but I'm not getting the answer.

Two dentists involved with fairy floss from different hometowns. Be careful...

Yay new badges!

Ghostbusters 2 (whatever, I like it)

No. Just no.


Summer games are awesome!

These are so much fun, and if I'm not careful I might actually end up learning something...

What happened to the letterpress badge?

Ready to get these badges

I am having issues finding the second code of the Coo de Grace badge. I'm kinda surprised that I'm not able to understand the clue because I've done badges with the highest difficulty before. Maybe the badges have gotten harder this year...?

Awesome! I am so excited for the second badge drop.

@sharmas You are looking for a series of kids books with a pigeon. Mustard is a big clue when looking for the game code.

Need help finding fourth code for Die Another Day. I know who they are
Talking about, but when I put in date of real death, it's not accepted.
Am I missing something?

Never mind. I just got it. Format of date of death is MMDDYY not DDMMYY.

Yep, clue in Die Another Day is wrong.

Actual date sequence MMDDYY

@JoCeAn @BookNerd Thanks for catching that! The hint is fixed now. What would we do without you wonderful Summer Gamers!?

Super excited to get these badges completed!

Make sure you put your friend code in your nickname so everyone can add you as a friend. Mine is FALL649.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm definitely not ready for the Summer Game to be over yet... but I won't be ready in August either. I'm glad it was just a mistake. Check your calendars!

you know, even when I was a kid, I thought the animaniacs and alvin & the chipmunks were the cringiest pieces of cartoon shows that ever existed. Sure they had their good moments, but for the most part to me they were annoying and made me uncomfortable. Whenever they try to make a parody or satire out of something, instead of it being funny or interesting, they somehow manage to make it worse or uncreative.

Thank you

I guessed the last code for the legend of st ingalls badge and got it correct!


Were there two Just Desserts badges on Friday? I swear I finished one that disappeared.

I hope the Letterpress badge come back. It had good potential.

This friend code system is rather insane, just like it was last year. It seems to be the most efficient way to gain points without reckless spamming like back in 2011.

with that said my friend code is WEAR666

I mean seriously, if you look at the leaderboard, you can see that the top members have the majority of their points coming in from friend codes.

i'm stuck on the first code for how sweet it is can anybody help?

Now I'm having issues with the third clue for That Dude Did It! Not sure how to modify my search... :(

Five636, do exactly what it says to search for.

@five636 Look up the name of the bakery that holds the world record for the world's largest cinnamon roll

w h y d i d I s u d d e n l y l o s e 9 0 0 0 p o i n t s

re: never mind I figured it out...

a n d t h e n a n o t h e r 1 5 0 0 0 0 p o i n t s

Just have fun and don't stress about points!

Yeah new badges!!!!!!! Can't wait to try and get them

Looking forward to the new badges!

Is the 4th code for That dude did it related to the movie, T** S**** S****? because I can't find a poisoned ghost in the cast. Also it makes sense because of the hint. -MOST769

very excited about the new set of badges. What a great way to keep everyone engaged. Love the aadl summer games!

Xris - I'm also stuck on clue 3 of That Dude Did It. A further hint, anyone?

game on!

@Sara nope - only one Just Desserts badge! Maybe you were seeing the future.....*spooky music*

Hey all,

Letterpress Lowdown is back up and running! Thanks for your patience.

whatever happened to the letterpress lowdown badge?

It was so nice to see so many people waiting outside of the Malletts Creek library today, waiting for it to open. What a wonderful library we have. :)

That pigeon one was a doozy! Got it in the end though.

queenelizadeath2 - friend code SKIN996

Having problems with the last clue on the Coo de Grace badge. Not even sure what they're asking for - help!

Yes! New Badges.


nice, very fun

Soooo excited for summer game 2k17!!!

I love the Summer Games!!

Summertime in Ann Arbor is the best.

my motivation for this summer games has been drained

Trying to keep up but it's hard

@sasahh, the hint is Squit, an *animated* pigeon from a kids show...hope this helps!

So excited for the summer game again! Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together!

Has anyone found this in the catalog:

(By the way, this post has at least 8 quotes from a certain video game hero. If you're looking for another place to start your Summer Game, try searching the catalog for the solo outing he has coming out later this year!)

I think I know who it is, but can't find anything dated 2017.

I need s'more help on the first clue of the Sweet Treats badge. When I type in the scientific name, A ------ O------, I only get one book with no code. I also tried M......... Nothing. It seems simple, but I am doing something wrong. Help!

@sara - the name, after removing the space, is the code. You don't need to look it up in the catalog.

Btw, I need help on the third clue on That Dude Did It! Tried just about everything I can think of. Anybody have any hints?

@ illy

Thank you! It was so simple. I haven't done That Dude Did It! yet, or I'd help you out.

The badges are my favorite part of the summer game. :)


The last sentence of the clue + Google are your friends.

Wahoo! New Badges!

anyone have any tips for the 3rd clue in That Dude Did It! badge? I've tried googling various parts of the clue and just not finding it!

Also for the Expiration Date badge, I read the chapter on Arbor Teas, but have no idea what movie it's referencing...any hints there?

thanks in advance! WRONG697


It can be hard to keep up, so I've found that just doing what I can is the best way for me. I want enough points to get the things I want in the shop, but I'm not as obsessive about it as I was the first few years. :)

My Friend Code: STEP967
Mom's Friend Code: DREAM734


The last sentence of the clue + Google are your friends.

Also, are you searching what's said when Bram chimes in?

music mobile - can't get the second code to work. i've listened twice and still don't get it. I enter numbers, right? Not the words for the year, the actual numbers?


Yes it's just the numbers. There should be a hint in the audio.

Woo new badges to earn! These all seem so hard this year :)

So exited to earn badges

Love the badges!


I have twice counted the goblins in the cave incorrectly for the Ben Hatke Badge. Is there more than one cave illustration? Is the number spelled out, or entered as a numeral? I tried entering the total number of creatures in the cave down to one, and none of the numbers was recognized. I know this is easy, but...

So fun!! Thanks!

Hi - Does anyone know what the policy is about deactivating previous years' game codes? I never finished the Ann Arbor Stories from last year and some of the codes work and others don't. Just wondering why.


I'm excited!!

That Dude!

I, too, am now stuck on the third clue. Any hints?

@sara - I did finally get it after the last hint, but it's not the whole last sentence of the clue you want to google, just the last few words.


The code is the number spelled out, not in numeric form. I don't recall any ambiguity in which picture to count (my six year old actually did the counting).

Mallets Creek is our branch, too. We love it. I walked there Sunday for my weekly checkout.

Yep - put in Squit originally, but adding animated got me the answer. Thanks!

Yep - put in Squit originally, but adding animated got me the answer. Thanks!

I love the summer games! This is awesome!

On the MyAlerts badge, it's on the left side of the page, not the right.


Now I really feel stupid. I must have misspelled the number when I entered it the first time, and thought it was incorrect!

Excited for the new badges!

Help! I'm still stuck on the third clue of that dude badge- and it's getting creepy searching for murdered children. Any hints?