Badge Drop #1: Summer Game 2017 ARRIVES IN STYLE!!!

There's something to be said for being FASHIONABLY LATE, don't you think? Up here at Summer Game HQ we usually take our PUNCTUALITY pretty seriously. ON THE DOT? We INVENTED the phrase! RIGHT ON TIME? That's a thing people say to us with ALMOST NO SARCASM on a SEMI-REGULAR BASIS! TARDY? WHAT EVEN IS THAT? Is it a snack, a drink, an app--how could we POSSIBLY know when we're ALWAYS SO ON TIME!!!

But there's just something COOL and SLICK and STYLISH about making a GRAND, GRATUITOUSLY BEHIND-SCHEDULE entrance to a party... SUMMER GAME 2017 is KICKING DOWN the door to this party at HALF-PAST NOT-QUITE-THE-RIGHT-TIME O'CLOCK!!!

We'll pick that up later. Right now it's time to pick up this other thing we're putting down: SOME FASTIDIOUS and FASHIONABLE BADGES!!

2017 Badge Drop #1

You've waited LONG ENOUGH and THERE THEY ARE, so get into it, gamers, and start digging for those POINTLESS FACTS so you can win those NOT-POINTLESS POINTS! If you're new to the Summer Game, head over to our Get Started page to get your feet wet!

Now off you go! You don't want to be LATE, do you??? Then start the clock and GO!!!!




New badges!

also you didn't put in the code for the 2nd code of the GO badge.

The fun times are back at AADL once again, let's get this game started now! :)

I am working on the "Go" badge is anyone having trouble finding the second codeword

When I redeemed the H************E code for the Michigan to the Max badge it said I already redeemed it. Then when I went to it said I had all the codes but I didn't have the badge.

The second clue of the GO! badge is fixed!

@freopt The Michigan to the Max badge is fixed!

add me WEAR666

Hey Freopt, when it tells you you already redeemed the code, it means it! It usually means you found that code on a badge from a previous game. Keep looking to find the right item!

So excited! Love the summer game!

The badges are really cool and I like that we earn points from them.

yay it's finally here

And we're off and running


greetings friends and co-players! add me under "I Have a Game Code" button and we both get points

my code is VERY333

Nitpick: the book with the phrase that is the final code for the "High Moon" badge is from a different decade than the events described in the badge clues.

today I drew on the library!!!

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Monster badge and I need help finding the very last codeword to get the badge. I have looked everywhere to no avail so I am hoping some of you gamers can give me some more clues so I can get the very last codeword to get the badge.
Thanks so much for the help

And we're off!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to play as much as usual this year, but I'll be managing to get in some points even if I don't earn as many badges as I have in summers past.

Hope everyone has a great time. :)

Yay! The summer game has started again! :)

Halp? Hint for next to last clue on One For The Mummy. I have all the rest, and have tried both singular and plural forms

@BookNerd - search for just the descriptive word (the type).

can someone help please give a hint for the one for the mummy 4th code

The Monster at the End of This Badge is a Level 1, so what you're looking for is spelled out right there in the clue! Remember, you've got a bit of an unreliable narrator for that one, so you might want to try looking for the thing it tells you NOT to look for!

I know!!!!! So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drop it on us!!

Need some help finding the first game code for the Knit it up Badge. Not sure what I should be looking for. Thanks.

Hooray! More badges to collect! :D

OK, thanks.

What about the contributor's trophies and the branch explorers?

The knit it up first code is not on the fifth result.

It is a good way to spend time in the summer

Contributor's Trophy badges usually drop a few weeks into the game! The items you rate/tag/review until then will all count toward those, but for the badge you'll have to stay tuned until about week 4!

Thank you for the childhood flashback with the Monster at the End of the Badge homage to the book. That was one of my favorite books when I was little and we made sure to have a copy when my kids were born.

this summer, I return! ...for about a month. Let's see if I can play this while in China lol

Here we go. I don't have as much time as in previous years, but we'll see how I do.

I need all the help I can get. NICE696 and I'll friend you.

Hint in case someone else is stuck on Friend or Faux, hint 4: The catalog has an extra space before the colon.

I'm so excited for Summer Game!


Hooray! I love SRG!


Love it! Although i wish there were more badges.......

Found it! Thank you!

excited for the game to begin!

Yay!! The summer game is so fun!! :D

Yahoo! Love, love, love the Summer Game! I was counting down the days. So glad it's finally here!

Thanks for the helpful hint. Keep 'em coming!

This is fun to do. There's a lot to learn for a first time player.

so excited....

already got like 4 badges

add me STRAIGHT676


Hurray, welcome back to the Summer Game!!
Unfortunately, I'm a lot busier this summer than I've been in the past, so I probably won't have as much time to play, but I'm still definitely not entirely abandoning the game. (I could never do that.) Looking forward to a great summer!


hooray new badges!!!

I love to work on badges. Thanks for the great hints fellow summer gamers!

I thought the monster at the end of the badge one is funny. Look for the quotes.

Laughing at myself

As instructed, I found the distance to the moon and " rounded it up" (mathematically), then searched for that number and wondered why I couldn't find the code. My brain is not in summer game mode!

Thank you Sara! I did the exact same thing and would probably still be searching for the wrong number if I hadn't read your post. At least when I was looking for the wrong thing I discovered a book in the catalog that looked interesting a I requested it.....

Thank you for the Go! badge, which offers us a beautiful combination of fun and library instruction.

Gamification, indeed!

Working on my badges.

I need help getting started with the knitting badge....

I love summer game!

Looking forward to new badges.

can't wait to play!!

So excited!!! Add my Friend Code if you haven't already! FREE636

I always look forward to the first badges - they always draw me into the game!

I'm excited to do the Go! Badge. I'll go do it now! :)


Yes, the distance to the moon is truncated, not rounded. Being a math can I had the same problem.

My friend code is BEAUTIFUL667.

@Zekicmom and kathscott

Glad to be of help on the rounding up- and glad not to be alone in my mathematical interpretation!


The knitting badge threw me off as well. When it says, "search," it means the web, not the catalog. Wikipedia is helpful.


Thank you....I had visited Wikipedia and had the word but wasn't using it all makes sense now.....

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the monster badge and I am having an incredibly hard time finding the very last codeword to get the badge. I have looked it up so many ways to absolutely no avail. I am hoping some of you gamers out there could give me some extra clues to the very last clue so I can get the badge.
Thanks so much for the help

I am working on the first clue for the High Moon (wonder women) badge. I rounded up the distance to the moon to the nearest thousand miles. I searched these three digits. There were lots of choices, I looked through about the first twenty with no sign of a clue. I also rounded up to the nearest 10,000 and looked through several. Again, no dice. Any thoughts? Should I be limiting the search to a specific category? Is this broken. Have others had success? Any hints are much appreciated.

I see some one posted on this topic already! It is not rounded, but truncated!

Thanks again for great hints and questions. GASP666


The clue is literally telling you what to LOOK FOR in the catalog.

Quick question- Is it possible to delete our own comments?

@cinderellariley, @sara

For the Knitting badge, I found the Dutch word that knitting originated from (k*****n), but I am not getting any search results. Am I misunderstanding the clue?

I've never heard of the word tardy. I think I'm going to search it.

I'm so ready!!


Make sure you are spelling it correctly, or copying the entire word. Also, unless told differently, do the most general catalog search. (This goes for all badges). I think you have the correct word, and there is a code in the catalog.

This has been really fun!!!!

Cool! Can't wait to do the badges!

I am having a little trouble with the knitting badge. I searched the history of knitting and I found the first code (n***********s), but it says that it is the second code. Maybe I accidentally found the second code instead? If so, could someone help me find the first code? I appreciate any help!


I'm having issues finding the online community for the last part of the knitting badge...hints?

It's fun finding the bus code