Badge Drop #1 COMING IN HOT!!!

Oh, hey guys. How's it going? How ya been? How's your family? Your pets doing okay? Is the weather nice where you are?

That's nice.

Now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way...

IT'S TIME FOR THE VERY FIRST BADGE DROP OF 2016!! And we're pretty sure you're all ready to COMBUST, so let's skip the small talk and get right down to BUSINESS! Because as you all know SUMMER GAME is the most SERIOUS BUSINESS out there and we're laying it on you IMMEDIATELY RIGHT NOW! PREPARE FOR TAKEOFF!

2016 Badge Drop #1

WOW. I mean, look at those BADGE-TO-THE-BONE badges just waiting to get EARNIFIED! To be RECEIVERATED! To be ALL-LIT-UP-ON-YOUR-BADGE-PAGE-ERIZED!

This very first badge drop brings you ALL the goodness you've come to know and love! Badges about DAHL, DINOSAURS, and DANGEROUS TRAINS! Badges about MUPPETS and NARWHALS and WITCHES!

But this year we're also bringing you a WHOLE NEW, BETTER-THAN-EVER badge-getting EXPERIENCE! Now each badge series comes complete with its very own DIFFICULTY LEVEL, for those of you who like to take it nice and easy, or for those of you who are SO EXCITED that your brains have LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN. Difficulty levels are marked by handy-dandy QUESTION marks, from one to four and NOTHING MORE because anything higher would be ROCKET SCIENCE.

And not only that, but BADGES THEMSELVES have been given levels of their own! You never know when one of those badge series might have a ROGUE BADGE that's just a bit harder or easier than the rest, so check the badge levels to find a badge that works for YOU!

What this all means is that now you can decide just how INTENSE you want your Summer Game to be!

Now, if you have NO CLUE, what's going on (maybe you're just wandering around on the regular site and you are ALARMED by the amount of CAPS LOCK you see), head over to the GET STARTED page for clarification and possibly even SNACKS*!!!

(*There are no snacks.)

PHEW. That's a lot of talking right? Maybe it's time to just get on with it, yes?




Well. What are you waiting for??? GET TO IT and...



Will there be codes at the comic arts fest this weekend, and badges to go with, like there was in the past for KRC?

Also, by any chance, is there a slight glitch in the badges? I'm pretty sure I found the book for the first code of the Rudyard's Roots badge, but there is no code with the book. Additionally, I got the Narwhal in All badge, but didn't get the badge bonus points for it.

I think the rudyard code is missing. I tried entering the author's name, that didn't work either

I have been waiting for 9 months for this!!! I'm so excited!!!

the rudyard roots and boy badge have glitch

Sorry, everyone. The Rudyard badge should be all set now! Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the fix on the Rudyard badge! Just earned it - looking forward to moving on to the next one. ;)

How can someone already have 26740 points!?! The game is oonly hours old!

A2CAF will be LOADED with awesome comic book artists, great programs, and tons of GAMECODES & BADGES!

We're working on the glitch - thanks for your patience!

There will be codes, I'm not sure if there will be badges.

Thanks for fixing the codes for those two badges so quickly!

Thank you for this great scavenger hunt!

Thank you for making it easier for families to participate together!


We enjoy this game all Summer long!

Thanks for fixing the badges! Loving all the punny humor and creativity with them this year.

Ready to enjoy all the fun Summer Game activities!

Can't wait to figure out the badges!

I've been looking forward to this all summer! Thank you so much for another exciting year!

Off to a strong start!

Wow awesome badge series!!!! Can't wait to work on them. I like the Dinosaur series and the under the sea badge series the best. I love the new badges!!!

So excited for more badges!!! I love the summer game, you guys are great!

I'm hooked- 'Curse you, Summer Game Staff' for making this so much fun!

So excited for the summer game! SO fun to go out and get codes.

I already have the narwal badge, dinosaur badge, Rudyard's root badge, the muppet badge and the greg's boy badge! But I need help on the train badge. I need the 3rd code. I found the characters and there names but I don't know how to get the code. Please tell me how to get the code.

I'm so excited the summer game is starting! My friend code is BEAUTIFUL667. If anyone enters this code, we'll both get 100 points. It's a great way to have fun and earn points easily.


My friend code is: FRIEND499. Nice to "meet" you!

Summer is always my favorite time of the year, for all the great things to do inside and outside. Add The Summer Game to the list!

Already having a great time with this! I don't know how some people already have 40,000 points though... I must not be doing it right.

I'm so excited about the badge drop and getting new summer game points, but I was wondering how people got thousands and thousands of points already. Is there something they are doing to get that many points that I missed?

I love the summer game!


I think most of the people with thousands of points, have completed many badges, including visiting at least one branch. All the branches have a code outside worth 1000 points.

Hello my friendship code in RELATIONSHIP949

If you know the characters then you'll know the name of the old lady who vanishes in the movie. Look up the cast for The Lady Vanishes and you'll be able to see who plays this old lady. They'll give you two words, her first and last name. Don't forget to put this DAME's official title before her name. Search that up in the catalog and you'll find the code.

So excited the summer game is here!

I am working on the It's a Frame up badge and I am having trouble with finding the very first codeword.
I am hoping some of you gamer's out there could help me with an extra clue on where I can find it.
Thanks so much

I am having trouble with the second code of the Vexing with Hexers badge. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you lgobrien for giving me the directions to getting that code. Does anyone need help on a badge maybe I can help.

There is no "right" way to do the summer game! Some people enjoy being on the leaderboard and are trying for first place. They are the ones doing ALL the badges, and getting ALL the codes. Others just have low key fun and don't try to race to the top. Don't forget to read everyday and enter those points!!

Lmd3577: Search the catalog for a book about the event described in the clue.

sharmas: There are some odd misspellings in the clue, aren't there?

Thanks so much @keebs23! Figured it out and got the badge!
Now I am having difficulties finding the second code for the Dangers on a Train badge. Any suggestions?

We love park badges, too.

It may be the heat, but where is the question in this clue for the Its A Frame Up badge:

One night in 1990, two men wearing police uniforms rolled up to Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, handcuffed the guards, stole 13 works of art worth $500 million dollars, and disappeared. RUDE. Though rewards have been offered and leads have been followed, the case remains unsolved and the art is still missing. It sounds implausible, but truth is stranger than fiction. Forge ahead to earn your B.A. in Isabella Stewart Gardner heist history.

the anwser for the code has to do with what this badge is about who was the owner of the works of art

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Its a frame up badge and I am having great trouble finding the third codeword for the badge. I am hoping that some of you gamers out there can give me one more clue so I can find the third codeword.
Thanks so much

@sharmas - try searching just the first 2 words of the 3 word answer.

My friend code is LIVE979. If you enter it, then we both get some points.

Hey folks -- I just found the "Lowdown of the day" -- -- and that you can earn points by figuring out the clue, finding, and downloading it. Coolness!!

I am slightly confused on how to do the third code of the It's a Frame Up badge. I know I found the person, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Any help?

WELCOME BACK SUMMER GAME!! Thank you so much guys!

To all the summer gammer's

I am working on the " All Framed Up Badge" and I need help finding the fifth and final code word. I have have looked at all info about this theft on Wikipidea and i still can't find the possible anwser they are looking for to find the fifth code word. I am hoping that some of you gamers out there can help me by giving me one more clue as to where I could find the fifth and final codeword.

Thanks so much

I love the summer game!

I don't quite get what the friend codes are for, but hey, it's worth a try. Please enter my friend code and we'll each get 100 points! QUIETLY463

The summer game gets better each year!

Thank you for putting the summer game. I've ben exited to play it. The badges are awesome!!!

Think geographically rather than about the theft itself.

His name + the words used at the end of the clue (alluding to something found at his house) helps you find the item with the code word.

YESSSS!!! Badges are pretty cool, although I usually never get to finishing all of them each year.

Love the summer game!

Need help with finding the third code for Its a Frame up. I know the persons name and the bird reference.
But not sure how to find the code in the catalog. Many thanks in advance.

i went to subject search

So excited to get going!!!!!!

I love it when new badges get unveiled!


Anyways, I'm anticipating for video game related badges.

I also have about 2-3 years worth of unspent points.

Got it. Thank you :-)

A2CAF was AMAZING! So thankful to be able to meet so many artists! Have to head back today. 2 of my codes I wrote down are not working....

I went to the Artists Alley yesterday and got all the artist codes except 1! Ahhh! I think the one I am missing is Jess Boudrie. Did anyone get that one? I'm going back today, but I don't even remember if he was there. I really want the badge with the poptart rainbow cat!

We got there too late to catch the Kickoff code, so I'd be more than happy to swap a code for that one if anyone's willing! :)

Thank you for sharing the updates! Can't wait to play the Summer Game!

My friend code is children946.

Love the dinosaur badge best so far!


Love the Summer Game! When will the Park badges start?

I was trying to make the 3rd clue to Frame-Up more difficult than it needed to be. Once I left it simple, I found it right away.

The CAF award ceremony is so funny!

It's so fun.

I am having trouble finding the last code of the It's a Frame Up badge. Any hints? Thanks!


If you find you've missed any Alley Catcher codes at A2CAF after putting in ALL THAT WORK, no worries! Send us a Contact Us message and we'll get you the code you missed!

Off to a fab start! So excited for my first summer game!

I love summer game!

to all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the dangers on a train badge and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the second code word. I have looked at wiki about the movie in mention and I have yet to find the anwser to the second code word. I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me out by giving me one more clue as to where to find the second code word.
Thanks so much

to all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the no rest for the wicked badge and I need help figuring out the first code word. I have typed in the anwser I think is right everyway imanagable and it still says code not regonized. I am hoping that some of you gamer's out there can help me out with one more clue as to what theye are looking for.
Thanks so much

We are stuck on the last code for vexing hexers we have tried ossified and fossilized but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Never mind!!!! Much easier than we assumed!

I had this problem, too, @Lmd3577. Read the clue carefully, and don't skip the final instruction. Good luck!

YAY I am so excited that the summer game is back!! My favorite parts are the park badges and event badges :D

Summer Gamers,

I need help with finding the fourth code for the vexing hexers
Thank you.

Awesome. Way to go!

Check review of North by Northwest.

I am having trouble with the second code of the Dangers on a Train badge? Any hints? Thanks!