WHOA! You've never seen something quite like this in the Summer Game Shop... it's the astounding AADL MICRODRIVER MINISET! Come follow AADL on our ADVENTURES IN TOOL LAND with this amazing item! There are still several more amazing new items waiting to be revealed, so stay tuned, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


never done this before: FIRST!

[also: the tools look cool, and the writeup is quite entertaining, as usual]

I'd have given more points for a remote controlled toaster......

This is such a cool prize!

cool! I can't wait until more things arrive!

As always, the description is wonderful!
But it does make me wonder ... are the glasses included?
Or the cat?

These are SHINY and CHROME! Okay, maybe not chrome, but they are definitely shiny by any standards. Alas, neither are they sonic. But these are pretty tempting.

Saving up my points for the theremin choir, though. ;)

This is VERY tempting!!!

Or teaching a robot to IGNORE YOUR CAT! Can it teach my dog to ignore my son?

very cool!


I would say the answer to your question is "yes". Behavioral conditioning - poke the dog with the tools every time it doesn't ignore your son.

... that pesky balloon has been drifting around for days.....

@ SBNB, no, that'll cause aggression in her. Maybe she has a screw loose that we can tighten.

Very cool prize! I was just gonna buy a screwdriver set to take apart my laptop so this is perfect!

these will be excellent to have in my quest to make robots that fight other robots

@LatitudeB - A worthy goal! Let us know when you are on the circuit (no pun intended). Or combine with the Brick Banks and get Brick Battle Bots?

OR...the minifigs could operate mechs. AADL Pacific Rim! Summer Game Voltron!

There is too much good stuff this year. I can't decide. I've been obsessively checking the summer game shop to see if the things I'm considering still have enough left. Look at all the stress the summer game causes!

@SBNb, I'm doing the same thing. There are things I want but I don't know if there are going to be any bundles, so I'm waiting to buy but constantly checking to make sure nothing I want gets sold out. I wasn't expecting the tools, now I'm so excited to see what comes out next!

Only 50 left, wow!

heyyyy.. wait a second -- these are TINY USABLE TOOLS, unlike the TINY UNUSABLE TOOLS from last year?


[I will keep you updated on the Fighting Robot plan. I have 1 (one) Raspberry Pi, so I'm already on the right path. Probably they will not be operated by minifigs, though. Just remote controlled.]

WHOA is right. Cute AND useful - it's a twofer. Thanks for another great item!

very useful

I love how useful the prizes are this year!

yay!!! now i can fix my glasses when they break ;P

Ordered mine!

Maybe I'm not the only one that wondered:
The theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist. It is named after the Westernized name of its Russian inventor, Léon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928.

I agree!

order mine too!

update: my robots that fight other robots are ON HOLD for now, because the MICRODRIVERS are SOLD OUT!

i should not have waited so long. alas.

@LatitudeB Oh, that is a shame! Maybe there will be some in a bundle. I only ordered 1 set, otherwise I'd offer a trade.

Let us know when you do complete your remote-controlled Terminators, because who isn't always up for a Robot Rumble?

(If you're using Raspberry Pi, are you going to name one Raspberry Die?)

Cool. It's useful for tightening glasses or opening watches to change the battery.

Missed the tools, dang it!!

Just picked mine up today. It's a very cute little bundle. I just have to make sure everyone knows these are MOMMY's tools. No more searching the house for a screwdriver for me!

someone in the family will find it useful

This year you have to snap up items quickly- no considering what you want- or they are sold out. Guess that means they are great prizes!

glad i managed to snag one of these. --ol' 4 eyes

Another handy tool set.

More people, more points earned, and YES some of the best prizes yet!

grrrr, just missed it

Cool prize!

I was finally able to change the batteres in my handheld game! Thank you AADL!

Really nice kit - hope I can "buy" it with my points!